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260 sheet vs 330 brass tube

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(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)

PVCIntroduction and production of sheets

260 sheet vs 330 brass tube(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)

one、PVCBrief introduction to the sheet

  1. according tocolourIt can be divided into native,Slightly blue light,Various colored pieces;
  2. according totransparencyTransparent sheet,Semi-transparent sheet,Opaque sheet;
  3. according toSurface treatmentCan be divided into a light sheet,Scrub(Thick),single、Double film,Mute(black);
  4. according togradeCan be divided into new materials and ordinary new materials;
  5. according toFunctionAnti-static sheet and ultraviolet;
(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)Product specifications:Cross line thickness 0.15mm-0.55mm,width≤680mm

(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)Extrusion line:thickness 0.18mm-3.0mm,width≤1300mm

Features:Wide range of applications,Flame retardant,High quality and low price。

Currently widely usedVarious types of tools,Fishing gear,Toy,electronic,Pharmaceutical packaging,Clothing of clothing and other industries、Carton、Package、print、Cards and other fields。(PVCMaterial has good processing performance,Manufacturing cost,preservative,Good characteristics such as insulation。)

(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)two、PVCSheet machining process

PVCResin conveying system→Ingredient→High-speed mixer→Cooling high speed mixer→Extruder→Double roll open machine→Cave unit→Peeling roller→Embossing roller→Cooling roller→Thick device→Roll→manufactures

  1. Material mix:FirstPVCResin、stabilizer、Inner lubricant added in a high-speed mixer,Stir up80-90℃,Add to processes、Impact modifier,Continue to heat up to100-105℃Add lubricant、Colorant, etc.。After stirring(120℃),Complete mixed drainage into the cooling mixer。Mix cooling in a cooling mixer to40℃When,Drainage to extruder additive。
  2. Extrusion process
  3. Cylinder temperature 110-140℃
  4. Screw temperature 100-130℃
  5. This process is the main plastic chemical process,Must ensure good plasticization。Need ideal state is long strip,If it is a group of styles, it is not conducive to exhaust.,Products are prone to bubbles。If a powder is plasticized, it is difficult to prevent the crystal point.。
  6. Two-roll mix
  7. temperature 170-190℃;Nip 2-4mm
  8. Two-roll to four rolls supply,Good stress plasticization,Surface brightening。
  9. Fourth roll machine temperature and speed
  10. Roller1: 185-200℃ 8m/min

Roller2: 190-205℃ 9.5m/min

Roller3: 195-210℃ 12m/min

(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)Roller4: 183-195℃ 12m/min

The temperature is warmed to100-105℃Joined lubricantsPEwax,A small number of paraffin and oxidation wax(OPEwax)The quantity and quality of the added lubricant have。

(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)The added products may be precipitated,Surface flora,Less and unfavorable,Lubrication effect is not good;joinedPEWax melting is too low in quality,Sliding agent becomes unstable during the process of rising temperature rise,Phenomenon of migration,Even the effects of directly swinging。

260 sheet vs 330 brass tube

PVCAnalysis of compound transparent sheet production problem

(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)PVCDelayedHardPVCOne of the main varieties,Usually produces conical twin screw extrusion production,The problem of common encounters in the production process is:bubble、More crystal dots、Sheet color yellow, etc.。

1Color yellow problem

Causes and solutions have been generated:

  1. PVCIt is a stable difference。If it is newPVCResin manufacturer,maybePVCIt is a stable difference,Can changePVCtry it。but,Even useful brands usedPVC,It is also possible thatPVCResin itself,Because even if the same manufacturer is producedPVC,Different batch,Quality may also be different。
  2. Insufficient stabilizer
  3. Temperature controller problem,Display temperature is lower than actual,Temperature is too highPVCbreak down,Yellow。At this time, you need to retrieve the quasi-temperature controller.。Method is simple,Accurate with mercury thermometer。In actual production,Due to the loose thermocouple、Bonding materials, etc.,Will cause the temperature controller to show temperature and actual gap。

2 Sheets have small bubbles


1. PVCExcessive moisture in the raw material,Such as rainy day in summer,Raw material,That is, it may not be fully discharged in the barrel.,Thermally expand,Then form a bubble in the sheet。

2. In addition, additives may also be high in water.。

Comprehensive,Solution can be used:Appropriate extension of the mixed time of the hot mixing machine,And cool mixing machine。Can effectively remove the moisture of raw materials。

3 The number of crystal points in the sheet exceeds the standard,Also known as fish eyes

Common causes of crystal points:SomePVCResin particles are not mediated,Or plasticize is not good。Formation reasonhave:PVCThe resin itself is not good。

(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)Do not replacePVCUnder conditions of resin,Solution:

First,Advantageously extend the mixing time and improve the mixture temperature,Promotion of the auxiliary。And high quality mixer group,Hybrid sets to materials preoperative,Is it irreplaceable。

(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)second,Mixed raw materials can be placed for half a day or day,Make it mature,reuse。

(260 sheet vs 330 brass tube)third,Can improve the set temperature of the barrel,Increase screw speed,Increase the head pressure and the like,Further improve plasticizing performance。

第四,fourth,一定要慎重选择合适的助剂,in terms of recipe,目前助剂市场较为混乱,Be careful to choose the right auxiliaries,要认真选择,and dosage of additives。

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