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brass condenser tube brush

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The condenser conduit is prone after long use between the phenomenon of the formation of scale,If not disposed of in a timely manner,The scale will affect the effect of heat transfer,Cause condensation temperature of the unit rises,Leading to reduced cooling capacity、Unit power consumption increases。Therefore, the condenser should always be clear scale。

(brass condenser tube brush)brass condenser tube brush

Methods to prevent and remove scale generally have the following three:

1、Mechanical descaling method:Mechanical descaling method of the washing tube is flexible shaft with a steel cooling tube of the condenser descaling,Particularly suitable vertical shell and tube condenser。

Operation is:

1、The condenser refrigerant extracting。

2、Close all valves and a condenser connected to the cooling system。

3、Normal supply of cooling water condenser。

4、Washing tube is flexible shaft with a bevel gear coupled to the blade shape in a vertical condenser is rotated roller cleaning blade top down,And with the circulating cooling water to cool the blade and the wall friction heat generated,Meanwhile clears down the scale、Rust and other contaminants into the rinsing basin。

brass condenser tube brush

In the cleaning process to determine the appropriate diameter length selected according to the age and the wall thickness of the corrosion degree of fouling of the condenser and the hob has been used,In the first pass but the cleaning of the selected hob to the appropriate diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the cooling tube of some,To prevent damage to the wall,And then choose the second time cleaning the inner diameter of the cooling tube closest hob,This will be cleared twice cleaning condenser95%Dirt and rust scale above。

This mechanical descaling method is rotating in the cooling pipe using a feed bevel gear-shaped hob Hob during rotation and vibration,Condenser cooling pipe scale removed rust and dirt,After completion of the cleaning condensate pool all the water deprived,From bottom to remove dirt down、Rust and dirt to clean,And re-injection。

2、Chemical cleaning pickling method:Condenser was washed with a weakly acidic detergents formulated,Off the scale,Improve the heat transfer efficiency of the condenser。

brass condenser tube brush

Operation is:

1、Good preparation descaling solution in the pickling tank,Pickling pump start,That the detergent solution is circulated through the condenser, condenser24After hours,General case24After hours of basic scale cleaned。

2、After acid washing pump stops working,Tensile steel circular brush within the brush back and forth condenser's wall,And the dirt with water、Rinse rust。

3、And then repeated washing with water remaining in the tube a solution of detergent,Until thoroughly clean,。Chemical pickling method is suitable for cleaning vertical and horizontal shell and tube condenser。

3、Water Flux cleaning method:Electronic magnetic water works is calcium cooling water through the condenser、Magnesium and other salts at ambient temperature and the state of positive and negative ions dissolved in water。

When the cooling water at a constant rate of flow through a magnetic field transverse water trap,Dissolved calcium、And magnesium ions obtained inductive power,It changes the state of charge,Electrostatic attraction between ions is disturbed and destroyed,This changes its crystallization conditions,That the loose crystal structure of,Tensile、Under pressure to reduce,We can not form a strong bond hard scale,Become loose sludge with flow of the cooling water is discharged。

brass condenser tube brush(brass condenser tube brush)

This cleaning method can effectively prevent the generation of a new scale,But also to clear the existing scale,Because the use of electronic magnetic water,Ion lost the ability to scale,This original scale loss of protective effect。Further magnetized the cooling water has a certain inductive power,And because the expansion coefficient of the steel pipe and condenser different scale,So that the original scale cracks occur gradually,Continuously magnetized water and its fracture intrusion,Destroyed the original scale adhesion,So loose and gradually to fall off and cooling water is circulated continuously carried away。

brass condenser tube brush

The method of cleaning an electronic magnetic easy water trap、Low labor intensity,Prevent fouling and descaling and without affecting the normal operation of the cooling system。

(brass condenser tube brush)The significance of energy conservation and cleaning:

Once the condenser end of the scale,The thermal resistance increases,So to increase the thermal resistance,It is necessary to reduce heat transfer coefficient,Since the condensation temperature and heat transfer coefficient is inversely proportional to,It caused the condenser temperature rises,Condensing pressure increased accordingly,And the more serious the condenser fouling,Condensing pressure increased more significantly,This allows the refrigerator power consumption increases,And causing a corresponding increase in the power consumption of each device operating a refrigeration system,Resulting in waste of energy。

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