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brass quick connect tube fittings

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(brass quick connect tube fittings)Large-diameter metal pipe holes are commonly used in exhaust ports and other parts,Due to the larger diameter,Temporary connections are required for air tightness testing or operational testing,The traditional hose and clamp method is cumbersome to operate and the seal is unstable,So you need to use the corresponding quick connector solution,Simplified operation and enhanced sealing performance。

brass quick connect tube fittings

Large Bore Fittings

(brass quick connect tube fittings)Shown above is an inner diameter over50mmthe round hole,According to user instructions,The connection was made through a self-made pipe before.,very troublesome,And it leaks easily,lead to seal instability。For such round holes,Only use the tube ID sealing solution,Also required to be able to breath test,Smooth wall。

For pipe diameter in30mmThere are a variety of specifications of the standard model quick connector,Such asG15series andG25series for low voltage testing,G35series for high voltage testing。Due to the above application,It's an air tightness test,pressure800Kpa(0.8Bar),Just use the low pressure sealed connection solution,Manual operation。So chooseG25series quick connector,handle operation,Push-in lock seal。See previous articles for more details,

brass quick connect tube fittings

Grayhill Quick ConnectorG25series

under test pressure、Operating environment、The operation mode and other aspects can be satisfied,However, for the above applications, the pipe diameter exceeds50mm。The larger the diameter of the pipe,The larger the sealing ring structure required。To ensure that the sealing ring forms a good seal with the pipe wall,need a certain pressure,The larger the diameter of the pipe, the larger the contact area,So the more pressure is needed,The higher the requirement for the expansion of the sealing ring。therefore,It has a great influence on the service life of the sealing ring,Therefore, it is necessary to find a more suitable sealing solution。

brass quick connect tube fittings

Metal tube quick connector

As shown in FIG,Improvements have been made to the front end of the quick connector,Installed metal inner ring,Then put the sealing ring on the metal inner ring。This allows the metal inner ring to withstand the pressure of multiple parts,Thereby reducing the deformation of the sealing ring。Not only the damage to the sealing ring is reduced,The sealing performance is also more stable。

brass quick connect tube fittings

Custom Quick ConnectorsG25series

There is a ventilation line inside the quick connector,Can be used to fill with test gas。Simple operation design,Insert the fitting inside the fitting,Bend handle,Push the seal out of shape,The press tube wall forms a seal。Then the air tightness test can be done,After the test is completed,straighten the handle,Pull out the connector to complete the test。

There are many sealing connection methods for metal pipe hole quick joints,Matching according to actual application scenarios,Only the right way is the good way。