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brass instrument that looks like a bigger tuba

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brass instrument that looks like a bigger tuba

Length( Trombone)Also known as“Pull up”。Used in the modern band is the secondary sound length and the bass length.,They are the secondary sound and low musicians in the copper pipe instrument。

brass instrument that looks like a bigger tuba

Structure and composition:Mouth,USleeve(Tube length2.75Meter),Hidden,Tube,Trumpet(The bass is also with a rotary four-degree piston and a four-degree additional tube.)。

Use material:Phosphorus copper tube,Copper plated or gold plated,Golden color;Nicked or silver plated pipe,Color silver white。

The length is the only unique technology perfect.,Few improved copper tube instruments。It changes the length of the number and the pitch of the pitch through the sliding pipe.。The history of the long period can be traced back15century。About1700As a sak fabric。17-18Multi-natural scenes in church music and opera in the century。arrive19century,Magnpet becomes a fixed instrument in a symphony band。The length is also an important instrument of the military band.,At the same time, it is also used in Jazz bands.,is called“Jazz king”。

The long number can play halftone instruments due to the inventions.,So is the actual pronunciation memory,No need to transfer。Generally spectrally。Three long numbers in the orchestra。First sound of each tone(Basic sound)A bottom sound。In theory, it should be able to play the bottom sound on all seven tones.,But actually available basic sounds with the first two tones(Large word groupbBandA),PlaybAHave no grasp,GOf completely caught。The second fluncy is different from the first flungery.,Crack,Strong pronunciation,Dark hoar,The voice of the third pruning to sixth flungery is bright,Mercign in play,Soft song when weaken;The eighth flungery also has a round color;Ninth,Especially the tenth flungery,Sound depression,Periodism。When the length is added with a mound, the pronunciation will be high.,Pull the telescopic tube to get accurate tone。

The telescopic length is not as good as the piston musical instrument pronunciation and accuracy,It is not as good as the truth when the play is class,Nor like a round number。In continuous exercise,I often have a sluggish and make pronunciation is not clear enough.。The length of the broken sound is slow,“Double vomiting”and“Three spit”Not flexible,Musical pronunciation is slow,So generally do not use。However, the length can be played with a quick sliding tube.。But the grade intake can not be greater than the five degrees on the sound(That is, the distance between the first to seventh),But not any kind of grade intake in the five degree sounds can play out on a long number,If the start of the grade spring is not able to play in the same fliment.。In use“Four-degree piston”You can only play a pure four-degree grade into the slide。