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brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

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1 pipe cutter

The pipe cutter is specially used to cut copper pipes、Tools for metal pipes such as aluminum pipes

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

The cutting diameter of the pipe cutter is generally3~35mmIts structure is shown in the figure,by cutter1、Support roller2and adjustment knob3composition,By turning the adjustment knob,The distance between the cutter and the support roller can be adjusted,To accommodate pipes of different diameters。

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

How to use the pipe cutter

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)●Place the tube between the roller and the cutter,The side wall of the tube should be close to the middle of the two rollers,Adjust the knob so that the edge of the cutter is clamped perpendicular to the pipe,Then turn the adjustment knob,Make the cutting edge of the cutter cut into the pipe wall;

●Then evenly rotate the cutter around the pipe,Rotate the adjustment knob after making one turn,Causes the cutter to cut further into the pipe wall,The amount of each feed should not be too much,Just screw in the adjustment knob1/4circle,

●Then continue to turn the cutter,Then turn tight,until the tube is cut。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

●After cutting, the nozzle should be neat and smooth,No burrs and necking。Some pipe cutters come with a deburring trimmer,for trimming the nozzle after the copper pipe has been cut。Be careful not to let metal chips fall into the tube when trimming。

●Special capillary forceps should be used to cut the capillary,Or use sharp scissors to hold the capillary and turn it back and forth to make a mark,Then break it gently by hand。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)2 Chamfer

The chamferer is to install three evenly distributed and angled scrapers in a section of plastic pipe。The three scrapers form an obtuse angle at one end,Acute angle to each other at the other end,as the picture shows

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

Nozzle cut by a pipe cutter,There is often a constriction at the end of the nozzle、There are defects such as burrs,Generally, although it can be corrected with a file,but inefficient,Metal shavings caused by files are not easy to remove

Insert the scraper tip from one end of the chamferer into the end of the tube,Rotate left and right several times,Insert the other end of the scraper tip into the end of the nozzle,Rotate left and right several times,remove burrs,Trim the shrinkage。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

Be careful when using a chamfer:

●①Orifice facing down as far as possible,to avoid metal shavings entering the pipe

●②If metal chips enter the pipe,need to be cleaned

●③Do not hit the chamfer with a hard object

●④Remove swarf from the chamfer after use,And add anti-rust oil to the blade

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

3 expander

Expanders are used to make flares and cups for copper pipes(Cylindrical mouth)special tools

Flared orifice shape for threaded connections or connections not suitable for mating connections,The purpose is to ensure the sealing and strength of the interface part;The cup mouth is used when two copper pipes of the same diameter are connected,Use one tube inserted into the diameter of another tube。The shape of the bell mouth and the cup mouth is shown in the figure。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

Flare and Cup Mouth


The picture below shows both the bell mouth,A pipe expander that can expand the cup-shaped mouth;Mainly by fixture、Composed of bow frame and expansion head。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

Clamp divided into two symmetrical halves,One end is connected with a pin,Tighten the other end with a tightening nut and bolt。The round hole formed by the two halves is made into a thread shape according to different pipe diameters,The purpose is to facilitate a tighter clamping of the copper pipe。Hole made of catch60。the chamfer,In order to facilitate the expansion of the appropriate bell mouth。

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

How to use the expander:

●When expanding the pipe, first anneal the flared end of the copper pipe and trim it with a file,Then place the copper pipe in the fixture of the corresponding pipe diameter,Tighten the clamping nut on the clamp,Clamp the copper pipe firmly。

●When flared, the nozzle must be higher than the surface of the fixture,Its height is slightly larger than the length of the hypotenuse of the chamfered hole,Then screw the cone head on the top pressure screw of the bow frame,Fasten the bow frame to the jig,Make the cone head and the center of the copper pipe on the same line;

Then turn the handle on the top pressure screw clockwise,Make the cone head against the nozzle,Tighten the screw evenly and slowly,Rotate the cone head down3/4lock up,reverse again1/4lock up。

●so repeatedly,Gradually expand the nozzle into a bell mouth。

Be careful not to use excessive force when tightening the screw,To avoid cracking the side wall of the copper pipe。When bell mouth.You can apply a little refrigeration oil on the cone head,Easy flare lubrication。

●The final expanded bell mouth should be rounded、smooth、no cracks。

■Cup mouth expander

Special tube expander for cup mouth:It consists of two parts: manual lever and expansion head

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

(Left)manual lever (right)bulging head

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)●When expanding the cup-shaped mouth, select the required expansion head according to the diameter of the copper pipe,screw it onto the lever

●release the lever,Put the annealed copper pipe on the installed expansion head

●tighten the leverage,Expanding head automatically opens,The copper tube forms a cup-shaped mouth

●After the cup mouth is swollen,Release the lever,Remove the copper pipe,Observe whether the cup mouth meets the requirements

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

Tube expander expansion cup mouth

4 pipe bender

Tube benders are used to bend diameters smaller than20mmSpecial tools for copper pipes,The structure is shown in the figure,Bending radius should be

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)not less than the pipe diameter5times

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

The pipe bender can process copper pipes of different diameters according to the size of the guide wheel and the guide groove,Corresponding to the copper pipe, the pipe bender is also divided into metric and imperial,

Its common specifications are

●Metric:6 mm ,8 mm,10mm ,12 mm,16 mm ,19 mm

●Imperial:1/4 in ,3/8 in、1/2 in ,5/8 in ,3/4 in

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

●When bending the pipe, put the annealed copper pipe into the guide groove of the fixed wheel,Hold the copper pipe with the fixing rod,Then use the guide groove of the movable rod to cover the copper pipe。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

●Hold the fixed rod and movable rod handle with both hands,Rotate the movable lever clockwise smoothly,The copper tube is bent into the desired shape in the guide groove,The angle of the bend should correspond to the fixed wheel display scale。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

●Pay attention to the even force when bending the pipe。Avoid dents and cracks。In order to ensure the quality of the elbow,The copper pipe can also be filled with fine sand,The copper pipe is clamped at both ends。

●For pipe diameters less than8mmof copper pipes。Can also be bent with a spring bender。Use a spring bender to bend copper tubing into any shape。

when bending,Hold the copper tube part with your thumb,Bending radius as large as possible,Avoid squashing and deformation due to too small radius,even broken and scrapped。

5 sealing pliers

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)Sealing pliers are mainly used in refrigerators、Used when the air conditioner is closed for repairing the nozzle。

The shape of the structure is shown in the figure,The picture on the left shows the sealed coinφ4mmSealing pliers for left and right copper pipes,When the diameter is larger or the pressure is higher,Use the sealing pliers shown on the right。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

●The sealing clamp is adjusted according to the thickness of the tube wall before use.,Make the clearance of the jaws from the thickness of the copper tube2Multiplication,Over large, closed is not strict,Copper tube is easy to cut。

●Adjustment, clamp the copper tube to the head of the jaw,Hold the handle of the handle and hold the two handles of the sealing pliers,The jaw is flattened and the inner hole of the copper tube is also crowded by the side wall.,Enclosed role。

●Copper tube sealing,Turn the handle of the jaw,Under the effect of the jaws on the opening spring,automatically open。

●In pressure pipeline,For example, refrigerator、Air conditioning and other refrigeration systems are filled with refrigerant,Two times on the pipe on the pipe when changing。First in the distance cut position20~30 mmPliers,Loose pliers,Rear cut position50~60mmSpirate,At this time, the sealing pliers should not loosen,Cut pipe cut,Clamp,Welding after the test,Finally, release,Remove the sealing clamp。If you have leaks, it is absolutely not welded.

6 Connector

The joint trimmer is a special scraper,Generally used in the repair of steel pipe joints,Its structure is shown in the figure

When repairing the pipe joint,Will wear the machine to take the tube joint nut,Press the inclined surface of the nut joint,Turn the trimmer,Until the wear ramp repair。

Of course,Difficult pipe joints with severe wear and repair,Should be new

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od


1-Ripestler 2-Tube joint

7 Square wrench

Raw wrench is also known as a ratchet wrench,It is a tool designed for all kinds of valve rods for rapid swirling refrigeration units.,Structure is shown。

One end of the square wrench is the active square hole,Its outer circle is a ratchet,There is a bunch of spring support next to it.,Make the wrench only one-way swirling。

when using it,Simply put the square hole into the square rod of the end of the stem,Will the square wrench swings in a reverse,You can turn the valve stem to open the valve。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

To close the valve,Need to pull out the wrench,Turn over the side and then put the valve stem to swing。Rotate,I can hear the wrench“Gray”Sound。The other end of the wrench has a large small fixed square hole,

Can be used to regulate the valve stem of the expansion valve。

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

1-ratchet; 2-Active square hole;3-Fixed square hole;4-Teeth

Square wrench

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)Torque wrench

Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment maintenance in repairing torque wrenches as shown

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)Torque wrench should pay attention to:

●①Hand holds the central location of the grip

●②When using a torque wrench fastening nut,The torque wrench should remain vertically with the nut axis

●③In the fastening nut,Turn the wrench in the direction of the arrow on the torque wrench,Detached torque wrench“Clicker”Sound

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

Torque wrench

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

9 Vacuum、Quantitative filling refrigerant equipment

■Vacuum pump

The outer shape of the vacuum pump is as shown,Take the vacuum when the refrigeration system is installed and repaired

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

(1)Refrigeration system to extract vacuum

●①Pull out the gas inside the system,Exhaust the internal moisture and noisy gas,Keep dry

●②Leak by refrigeration system,If the system does not reach the required vacuum when vacuuming,Be

The absolute pressure is not less than133 Pa,Indicates that the system has leaks,Leak detection

●③Vacuum throughout the system must be vacuum before the refrigerant

(2)Vacuum pump use precautions

●Environment that places vacuum pump should be dry、ventilation、clean

●Vacuum pump and system connection with a short pressure pipe

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)●Before starting the vacuum pump, carefully check if the connecting is close and the weld is intact.,Whether the exhaust port of the pump is opened

●When you stop the vacuum, you should first turn off the switch of the direct valve.,Separate the refrigeration system with vacuum pump

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)●Close imported in a rubber pump without using a vacuum pump、exhaust vent,To avoid dust and dirt into the pump●Normal work of vacuum pump。Keep the vacuum pump neat,Observe the oil level high and low mark on the vacuum pump window at any time,Vacuum pump oil should be injured in time when it is too low

■Quantitative filling

Measurement of the toner

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)It is a refrigeration system filled with refrigerant and accurately controls a special appliance of the addition.,The shape structure is as shown

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

When the refrigerant is charged,First, according to the type of pressure meter value and the type of refrigerant, the corresponding scale is adjusted to the position of the liquid content observation tube.,The refrigerant is then charged to the refrigeration system through a three-way switching valve and a heating pipe.。

■Vacuum filling

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)Vacuum filling is a leak、Special combination equipment for vacuum and filled refrigerant,Mainly caused by vacuum pump、Quantitative filling、High pressure pressure gauge、Low voltage pressure gauge、Vacuum table and combination valve, etc.,The shape structure is as shown。

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

It can complete it through the connecting tube, including leaks、Empty and filling refrigerant work。

10 Duplex repair valve

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)Duplex repair valve is the pressure of refrigeration system、Vacuum、Special tool for charging refrigerant,Both table repair valves and two types of double table repair valves。

■Single table repair valve is made in the straight-through valve,as the picture shows

There are three interfaces on the valve body.,A pressing vacuum table,interface4Connect to the refrigeration system,interface3Connect with vacuum pumps or refrigerant cylinders。

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

Single table repair valve

1.Pressure vacuum;2.Valve switch;

3.4.Pick up

When the valve is closed,interface4Still in touch with the pressure vacuum,That is, the pressure vacuum table still indicates pressure in the system.。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

This repair valve structure is simple,Easy to carry,However, the interface to the vacuum pump and the refrigerant cylinder is used to operate.,That is, first vacuum pump,After the vacuum operation is over,Rotate the vacuum hose,Repair refrigerant steel cylinder hose,Filling refrigerant,Operation is more troublesome。

■Double table repair valve is also known as special combination valve,Its structure is shown in the figure

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

Double table repair valve

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)1.Pressure gauge;2.Pressure vacuum;3、7.Valve switch;4.Low voltage interface;

5.Intermediate interface;6.High voltage interface

Two tables in the valve body

●Pressure gauge:Used to monitor the pressure in the refrigeration system

●Pressure vacuum:Used to monitor the vacuum of the vacuum,Can also be used to monitor the pressure within the refrigeration system。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

There are two valve switches and three interfaces on the valve body.,Inner interface5connected to refrigeration system,Low voltage interface4Connect to vacuum pump,High pressure interface connected to refrigerant cylinder,Open the valve3and7(The valve on the refrigerant cylinder is closed)Can be evacuated;

close the valve3,Open the valve of the refrigerant cylinder to charge the refrigerant。This makes the vacuum、Continuous charging of refrigerant,more convenient to use。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

11 Thimble switch valve

Thimble switch valve is a kind of vacuum pump used in refrigeration system、Special valve for charging and recovering refrigerant,Its structure is shown in the figure。

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

Thimble switch valve

1.refrigerant piping;2.lower valve;3.screw;

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)4.upper flap;5.Bonnet;6.thimble;7.Special service valve;

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)●When recovering refrigerant,Remove the fastening screws connecting the upper and lower flaps,Fasten the upper and lower flaps on the pipe that will be connected to the valve,Then tighten the fastening screws。

●Open the bonnet of the thimble switch,Install special maintenance valve,Insert the knife edge of the valve stem of the special service valve into the notch on the upper part of the switch valve,Then tighten the valve body of the special service valve。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

●Turn the special service valve handle clockwise,valve tip of on-off valve(thimble)was then screwed into the pipe,Press out a conical circular hole at the top of the pipe wall of the pipe;

●Rotate the special service valve handle counterclockwise.The valve tip of the switch valve exits the round hole in the pipe wall,The refrigerant is sprayed out,It flows into the refrigerant container along the interface of the special maintenance valve。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

This valve is very convenient to use during field repairs,Eliminates welding operations

have to be aware of is:After the operation is completed, rotate a special maintenance valve handle counterclockwise,Make the valve tip of the on-off valve close the round hole opened,Then remove the dedicated service valve,Tighten on-off valve bonnet,The entire thimble-type on-off valve is permanently retained on the piping of the system。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)12 Quick Connector

Quick connector is a kind of leak detection、Quick connect tool for operations such as charging refrigerant,Its structure is shown in the figure。The quick connector is divided into two parts: male head and female head,And each has a self-sealing needle valve。

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

Quick Connector

1.Compressor Process Tube;2.handwheel;3.cushion cover;4.rubber sleeve;5.protruding head;6、12.Self-sealing needle valve;

7.jacket;8.sliding sleeve;9.locking ball;10.sealing ring;11.Sliding spring;13.Connect the hose

in use,When the male head is inserted into the female head,Two valves open to the top,connect the pipeline;When the convex and concave parts are separated,The two valve needles automatically close the pipeline by the action of their respective springs。

when using it,Push the sliding sleeve to the direction of the convex head,Make the locking ball lock the convex and concave parts。when leaving,Push the sliding sleeve towards the female head,Disengage the locking ball from the slot,The two parts of the convex and concave head are separated。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)13 Fin comb

Air-cooled heat exchangers such as window air conditioners、Condenser and Evaporator for Split Air Conditioners,Their fins are spliced over copper tubes with aluminum foils.。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

due to transportation、maintenance, etc.,when subjected to a small external force,The fins are deformed。To keep the fins straight,for proper air circulation。Deformed fins greatly reduce heat transfer efficiency。

Fin comb is a special tool for finishing deformed fins,by tightening the nut、Comb leaf and handle are composed of three parts,as the picture shows。

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

Combs are made of plastic,Shaped like a flat hex nut,Equally spaced grooves on each side,Slot pitch varies from side to side。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

This means that,A fin comb to comb6fins of different distances。when using it,First select the groove edge with the same spacing as the fin to be combed,Carefully insert the comb from the place where it is not deformed,Move along the groove to the deformation,Gently pull the comb out from the inside out,Restore deformed fins。

Care should be taken when using a fin comb:such as large-scale deformation,Apply copper sheet、Preliminary finishing of bamboo chips;The number of fins deformed by each combing cannot be more than3piece。

14 cleaning watering can

Use a cleaning watering can,Air-cooled heat exchangers can be cleaned of dirt。

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

air conditioner condenser,due to several reasons,Its fins are covered with oil and dust,form thermal resistance,Obstructing heat discharge from the condenser,wash with water、air blow、Mechanical scraping cannot effectively remove oil and dust。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

Use a cleaning watering can,Spray the cleaning fluid evenly on the oily parts of the fins,waiting3-5min,Let the cleaning solution fully react with the oil stains,until the oily surface foams、fever,When there is white fog, etc.,Rinse with clean water in time,to remove oil。·

Cleaning the watering can by the air pump、lid handle、switch、sprinkler、mixing chamber、Outlet tube、The body of the kettle and other components,as the picture shows。

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)

when using it,Pour the cleaning solution into the pot first,Screw on the cover,Push the air pump up and down by hand,A certain pressure is formed in the plastic pot body,lightly press the switch,The air is ejected at high speed from the nozzle。High-speed flow of gas creates a vacuum,The cleaning liquid is sucked from the kettle body into the mixing chamber to form a misty mixture with the gas and sprayed from the nozzle。

Pay attention when using the cleaning watering can:

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)●①Do not push the air pump too many times,by6~8next time,In order to avoid excessive pressure in the pot,even damage the air pump

●②Wear glasses when operating,wear rain boots、work clothes,wear a mask、plastic gloves etc。If you accidentally get on the cleaning solution, please wash it with clean water in time.

●③Should be in an upwind position when working

●④Rinse with clean water after cleaning

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)●⑤The time for spraying the cleaning solution on the surface to be cleaned should not be too long,Otherwise it will corrode the metal surface,Affect the service life

15 impact drill

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)Impact drill is used to punch brick walls、Wall holes in buildings such as concrete,Ducts for expansion bolts or air conditioners、wire、Use of drain pipe through wall。

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

rotary drill

Applicable materials:wood、slate、iron plate、Mortar and Bubble Concrete, etc.

rotational speed400~600r/minmost suitable

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

(brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od)Vibration drill

brick、watt、slate、Mortar and bubble concrete, etc.

旋转转速400~500 r/min ,Rotating speed10 000~14 000次/minVibration number

brass tube 1 2in id 5 8 in od

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