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old brass lipstick tube

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makeup market from2016year start,All kinds of make-up products are booming in the market,therefore,Driven the overall market of upstream packaging material factories for color cosmetics,Lots of makeup categories,In this issue, we mainly introduce the packaging material of the lipstick tube category.,For reference,Some time ago, a review of lipstick packaging products was released,But it's all superficial things,Only a preliminary understanding of the lipstick tube packaging material,Today, let's talk about some more comprehensive knowledge about lipstick tube packaging。

The lipstick tube is the most complicated of all cosmetic packaging materials,The lipstick tube is a combination of multiple components,Functional packaging made of different materials,In terms of material,Also divided into volatile and non-volatile(airtight/not airtight),Plus most of the filling is automatic filling by machine (before filling、post filling、direct filling, etc.),Including how the lipstick tube is filled,Combination of different parts,Poor tolerance control,or unreasonable design,Even if the lubricating oil is applied in the wrong way,cause downtime or malfunction。

(old brass lipstick tube)old brass lipstick tube


(old brass lipstick tube)1、basic materialLipstick tube is divided into full plastic lipstick tube、Aluminum-plastic composite pipe, etc.,The most commonly used plastic materials arePC、ABS、PMMA、ABS+SAN、SAN、PCTA、PPWait,The aluminum model is commonly used1070、5657Wait。There are also users in order to show that the product temperament is consistent with its brand tonality,Zinc alloy、Sheepskin and other materials are used as materials for lipstick tube accessories。2.MoldingThe plastic material of the lipstick tube is mainly injection molding,such as cover、Base and related accessories in the beam core。3.surface treatmentThere are many treatments available on the surface of the lipstick tube,For plastic fittings,can be sprayed、plating、Evaporation、laser engraving、Surface treatment process such as inserts,The aluminum products are oxidizable electroplating、Anodizing process, etc.。4.Graphic printinglipstick tube cap,The base can be customized according to user needs,Use silkscreen on it、bronzing/silver、pad printing、Thermal transfer、Processes such as water transfer printing to process graphic information。

two、product structure

(old brass lipstick tube)1、product category:By component:cover、end、center beam(middle beam、bead、Fork and Spiral)Wait,The middle beam is generally made of aluminum,Better hardness and metallic texture after anodizing,There are also plastic injection molding。Bead inner diameter:8.5mm、8.6mm、9mm、9.8mm、10mm、11mm、11.8mm、12mmetc.;Bead Ribs:4rib、6Rib and8Ribs, etc. by product structure:Traditional lipstick case ,slender,lipstick/lip gloss box、lip balm、vermicelli、lip oil etc.。filling method:bottom pour、top is pouring

(old brass lipstick tube)2、coverLipstick tube caps are generally aluminum caps or acrylic caps、ABScover etc.。

3、baseThe base is generally acrylic orABSplastic,There are also aluminum as the base material。There are also some suppliers in order to increase the feel,Iron will be added to it,But there is a problem with the heavy iron glue,It is equivalent to adding a risk in the lipstick tube,Plus the shock of transportation In case of degumming, it will form a quality accident,Make the customer experience worse。

(old brass lipstick tube)4、center beamThe middle beam core is the core component of the lipstick tube,Equivalent to the heart part of the product,Whether the lipstick tube product has a good customer experience,The basic functions are in the experience of the middle beam core,It carries the torque of the entire lipstick tube product、smoothness、Blocking force、insurance、Bead bearing capacity and other functions。

The beaded snail is generally a double helix structure,Its pitch is longer,The bead travels a greater distance after one spin,Therefore, some users also call it a quick screw。The bead fork is the core component of the lipstick tube,just beads,fork,spiral,Beads and lube form the heart of the lipstick tube,bead(cup)It is the part of the cup that is in direct contact with the lipstick flesh.,fork(fork)The trajectory of the beads in a straight line,spiral(Spiral)The trajectory of the bead in the upward spiral,Fits with a fork,reach the rotation process、The purpose of the beads going up。

(old brass lipstick tube)The ball fork screw is a bit like a pump core,But more complicated than the pump core,Some manufacturers also say that the lubricating oil-free ball fork screw design,However, it is not widely used at present。Standardized drawings of bead fork snails must be standardized,otherwise,I can't figure out my size,after assembly,more complicated factors,results can be expected,Injection molding materials must pass material compatibility verification,Otherwise, compatibility problems will occur,It's not good if there is a problem with the screw up and down,The beaded snail is the top priority。

three、Cosmetic application

lipstick tube as the name suggests,is applied to lipstick、on lipstick products,But with the lip stick、lip gloss、The rise of lipstick products such as lip gloss,Many packaging factories have fine-tuned the packaging structure of lipstick tubes,Formed a full range of applications,We will describe in detail later。

Color cosmetics packaging materials are mainly two bases in China,A Guangdong Shantou,Second, Ningbo Yuyao and surrounding Shangyu area,Others such as Guangzhou、Suzhou、There are also some suppliers in Shenzhen and other places。Such as Shantou Xingu、Zhejiang Yongsheng、Guangzhou Yongyi, etc.。

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