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8mm brass pen tubes

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Eight、octopus、Ink fish,squid,squid

(8mm brass pen tubes)There is also a bunch of"octopus"


Is there a Qingdao small partner to look stupid??

In many people's eyes,

Fish、squid、Squid, etc.

All being hit"Multi-claw"Label

But what is eaten every time?,It's totally stupid.

Xiaobian finalize this article and look at it.~


The octopus is octopus,A lot of Qingdao silver is called eight ,Invertebrates,Soft animal door,Body is short egg,Flush。There is a born on the head8Wrist,Therefore also known as"Octopus"。Type of octopus in the world650kind,Their size varies greatly。

Characteristic:Head round,Legs long

(8mm brass pen tubes)8mm brass pen tubes

Common octopus has:Short and longShort,Is one of the ingredients of the local very popular,Wrist12centimeter,Qingdao silver is also called"Windmaker"、"Sit"。LongWrist48.5centimeter,The length of the general wrist is equivalent to the body2~5Multiplication。Octopus usually crawled with wrist,Sometimes the membranes between wrists are swimming,Or use the funnel water spray in the head to quickly retreat。

8mm brass pen tubes


8mm brass pen tubes


Octopus has neither shells and there is no thorns.,Whole body is meat,Have a very good"Bite",The most wonderful thing is to use the garlic or soy sauce after it is cooked.,Sometimes I can bite a bite、Or bite black ink。

=Recommended practice:Onion explosion=

8mm brass pen tubes


squidAngangou squid,Body elongated,Long tapered,More than a dozen touch,Two longer。A suction cup in front of the wrist,Hornic tooth ring in the suction cup,When predating food, use the gilder to swallow it.。

8mm brass pen tubes

Summer is baked in the streets of Qingdao, it is it.。

The small pieces on both sides are the favorite,The taste is also a relatively demon。

(8mm brass pen tubes)8mm brass pen tubes

=Recommended practice:Chives=

8mm brass pen tubes

Ink fish

8mm brass pen tubes

Ink fish,That is, we usually saysquid,Professional name is Wuyi。CartrustTen-way,The body can be distinguished into heads、Three parts of the foot and torso,Torso is equivalent to the internal organs,Muscular membrane,Stone gray housing,The inner casing of the drug。The shape looks more than the squid。When the ink fish encountered a strong enemy"ink jet"As a method of escape and waiting for the departure,Therefore"squid"、"Ink fish"Waiting for the name。Ultra-high inkfish protein content,The shape is except for fat.,There is also a hard shell with squid.,Remove before cooking。

= Recommended practice:Blackfish =

8mm brass pen tubes


Peniren,Some places are called"Ziwu",Small head,It's different from the squid.,A small squid!There is a transparent soft sheath inside,Don't remove it when cooking。Qingdao silver eats the pen tube to eat two kinds of rice。

8mm brass pen tubes(8mm brass pen tubes)

=Recommended practice:笔管炖豆腐=

8mm brass pen tubes

Peniren,对章鱼,Stupid,乌贼是不是有个大概的了解了呢?nonexistent:章鱼To see multi-map detailed solution,八条腕直接连着头,Accompanying practice,腕短的是短蛸(having said so much、坐蛸)。Octopus,墨鱼有十条腕,squid,并且鱿鱼更为细长!!

Is there a probably understanding??

(8mm brass pen tubes)下次再见到就能分清楚了吧

(Xiaobian is simple to sum up:本文由ioctopus制作,Usually the head is rounded,如涉及版权问题请及时联系处理。)

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