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polished brass tub faucet

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I believe that many people have met the newly installed faucets for a while.,The plating layer appears in the surface、Drop or even rust,Some merchants may explain because the use environment is too moist.,In fact, the root cause of this performance is that the surface treatment process of the faucet is poor.。

polished brass tub faucet

Brass and stainless steel commonly used substrate for faucet,Treatment after machining the molded surface。

Brass faucet surface usually make electroplating treatment,304Stainless steel faucet for brushed treatment。

polished brass tub faucet

plating,Mirror effect

polished brass tub faucet


one、Why do the leading surface treatment

1.Improve beauty

The surface of the electroplating process exhibits a crystal lens,Can be used as a mirror,Clear。

polished brass tub faucet

Brushed treatment surface,Forming thread by grinding,Similar silk satin effect,Although the brightness is not as plated,But the surface of the drawing is not easy to leave,Convenient and subsequent cleaning。

(polished brass tub faucet)polished brass tub faucet

2.Improve corrosion resistance

Regardless of the surface treatment of plating or matte,The most practical purpose is to prevent faucet substrates from being water、Air corrosion,Result in damage to the substrate,In turn affected water quality。

polished brass tub faucet

two、Electroplating process

(polished brass tub faucet)Electroplating is a metal or alloy plated with a metal surface using electrolysis principles to prevent rust,Process for improving wear resistance。

(polished brass tub faucet)polished brass tub faucet

1.Three-layer plating

internationally,The brass faucet produced by the well-known kitchen and bathroom brand uses three-layer electroplating。

That is, a semi-light nickel plating on the sperm body,Bright nickel and chromium layer three layers。

polished brass tub faucet

Nickel layer(Semi-nickel and bright nickel)Play to resist corrosion。And because the nickel itself is soft and dark color,therefore,Will be plated with a layer of chrome on the nickel layer,Enhance the role of hardening surface while improving brightness。

Low-end electric plating faucet generally nickel plated layer5Micron,Chrome0.1Micron。High quality faucet plating nickel layer15Micron,Chrome-plated layer0.3Micron。

polished brass tub faucet

2.“Five-layer plating”Routine

Some merchants mentioned during publicity“Five-layer plating”,At first glance“Three-layer plating”Be more,But in fact, three-layer electro-plating can be realized,Why do you want to do five-layer plating??

usually,“Five-layer plating”Hydrogenated copper、Pure copper、Copper and other three-layer copper、Then nickel plating、chrome。

polished brass tub faucet(polished brass tub faucet)

The problem is on the substrate,Three-layer electroplating is a niece copper substrate,And the copper materials used by the five-layer electroplating contain more impurities,After the surface of the polished, there is still a pit.。

therefore,Need to be on this copper substrate,Electroplating copper layer again。As if we use putty to smooth the wall,Position the outer layer,Reaching electroplating standard,Then nickel-plated chrome plating。

“Five-layer plating”The essence is due to the defect of copper substrates and manufacturing processes,Remedy for the use of remedies,But often by some merchants as selling point sets consumers,Because of the speech,Non-industry people are easy to be confused by the trend,Pay attention to distinguish when buying。(Pay attention to the authority of the text)

3.Electroplating test

How to distinguish the leading electroplating quality is high?

There is a professional test in the industry:Acetate fog test(AASS)。

Use specialized salt spray test chamber,Simulated high concentration of acidic salt。Compared with the natural environment,Salt concentration of chloride in salt fog used in the test,It is a few or more times that of the general natural environmental salt fog,Make the corrosion speed,Ability to quickly test the corrosion resistance of the electroplating layer。Salt foam test for products,Faster、Accurately get test results。

polished brass tub faucet

Electroplating product salt spray test standard can be seenGB/T 6461《Metal matrix on metal and other inorganic caps of samples and test pieces after corrosion test》,Dragon head product plating is mainly based on protection rating,That is, the percentage of the corrosion area and the total area is divided into several levels according to certain methods.,As a result of a level as a qualified judgment。

polished brass tub faucet

According to the existing national standard,Faucet electroacharmonic salt fog test24Hour9Level is qualified product,Some technical plants can maintain the plating effect10class。

Notice,Salt fog rating is not the test time,The better the electroplating effect,The key is to reach the rating。for example24Hour10Level and48Hour9class,So the electroplating effect is good10class,Time meets national standard requirements。

If the product can reach the test duration and the highest protection rating required by far super national standard,Then explain the high electroplating quality,Corrosion and corrosion after installation,Can keep light and bright for a long time。

polished brass tub faucet

three、Brushed process

Stainless steel as a faucet,Especially the base material304stainless steel,Corrosion resistance of itself、Rust resistance,Never need additional electroplating treatment,Instead, the drawing process is performed on its surface.,Make it more less likely to reside and traces。

Brushed treatment is also called sand,By abrasive material,For metal surfaces, mechanical movement and chemical corrosion,Enable the surface of the workpiece to a layer of thick distribution。

polished brass tub faucet(polished brass tub faucet)

Brushes can be divided into handmade brushed and mechanical brushes。

(polished brass tub faucet)Common mechanical brushes with flat pressure abrasive belt brushed、No woven roll brush、Wide sand belt brushed、Cooperate, etc.。

polished brass tub faucet

Brushed wheel is unforgettable on the surface of the sink

(polished brass tub faucet)Different drawing mode,The threaded lines generated will also be different.,Usually the drawing line can be divided into straight grain、Ripple、波纹、Ripple。

polished brass tub faucet

Electroplating layer,预处理砂带应达400Surface rust,对于由纹理要求的,Revealing the secret of surface treatment of faucet600目。

polished brass tub faucet

要注意的是,Objective,除个别高档品牌为了产品美观而特别增加电镀处理,For the texture requirements201Surface of stainless steel faucet products, such as plating作为基材。Abrasive belt should be reached201不锈钢耐腐蚀性较差,Objective,才需要进行电镀处理,Electroplating layer。

(polished brass tub faucet)消费者在选购不锈钢龙头时要特别注意这一点。

Surface rust。

想要了解水龙头材质相关干货,Revealing the secret of surface treatment of faucet:

揭秘水龙头材质!To be careful of“黄铜”、“不锈钢”知多少?

In addition to individual high-end brands, in order to make an electroplating treatment:文中图片均来源于网络,Some products may be used in cheap!

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