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brass 3 16 tube male compression fittings

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The last small series introduced the commonly used threaded interface,The mainstream is an inch system and a US standard system,With the development of domestic industries, there are also some national standards.,Currently, it is more widely used in inches.。Next, give you a quick sealing method of threaded interface.。

one、Two common tube threaded joints rapid sealing

Effect of fluid pipeline joints for product equipment,First, join line,The second is to ensure fluid seal。In theory,Two categories,First, rely on the thread itself seals,Second, the sealing of the sealing surface and sealing of non-threaded seals。Non-threaded seal joint,The thread itself cannot guarantee seal。Non-threaded seal is used in mechanical connection,Not disassemble、Under low pressure,There are many ways to seal,As commonly added、Coated sealant, etc.。Thread seal,Refers to the thread、Tight fit to ensure seal。Rely on threads to seal the thread,Dimensions required、Teeth、Roughness、Shape tolerance、Metallimation tolerance、The deformation performance of internal and external threads is relatively high.。Due to economic conditions and processing levels,Some of the threads manufactured are still unclear to ensure sealed,This type of thread、External threads can be added to plastic sealing filler(But some cases are subject to temperature、pressure、Limitations of chemical stability)。

brass 3 16 tube male compression fittings

Quick ConnectorG80Internal thread series

two、The advantages and disadvantages of the rapid sealing of two tube threaded joints

Threaded threads,Due to the combination type,Sealing property is also different。1、When the inner thread is fitted with a cone external thread,The thread is in contact with the side of a ring。Torque is concentrated in this ring。Teeth、Tooth is easy to deform and generate close fit,Easy to seal,Easy to use。However, due to the large contact area,In impact load,Sealing is easy to damage。This combination type is suitable for low-voltage static loading occasions,Such as water in daily life、Gas and other pipelines。

2、Conicone thread combined with cone external thread,It is a combination of internal and external thread forming a conical surface。Contact,Only to ensure each tooth、Teeth、Pacing fit。Inner and outer teeth、Tooth plastic deformation is not easy,Sealing is not easy to damage,Can withstand load and higher pressure,But as long as there is a seal is not in place,It will produce leaks。These two combinations,Each has a favorable、Can you say who is better than anyone?。

(brass 3 16 tube male compression fittings)brass 3 16 tube male compression fittings

Thread quick connector

Tube thread sealing,And the elasticity and plastic deformation performance of the material。Steel external threaded cast iron internal thread is better than、Copper thread;Steel external thread with copper、Aluminum internal thread is better。

GripSealseriesG80、G85、G60Both thread quick connector,Fast plug design,316Stainless steel,Very good stability。After continuous improvement and application scene experience,At present, most of the standard models of threaded joint connectors have been produced.。I hope to help friends with threaded joints.。

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