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1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass

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Introduction device、Technical data from foreign-related and Sino-foreign joint venture technology renovation project,I often have to come into contact with English words。Due to pipeline installations involving multiple engineering technologies,Not from any engineering branch,Therefore, its technical nature has certain specialty,Many English vocabulary gradually formed in practice,It is difficult to find their exact intention to find their exact intention to find their exact intentions.。There are more words in the pipeline installation engineering.,If you can get familiar with these words,Effect of reading the English figure paper。

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)one、Professional noun

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)design diagramlayout; design

Gross weightgross weight

Construction mapfinal

net weightnet weight





Axle map、perspectiveisometric drawing; detail drawing


Detail、Large drawing、Contact maprecord drawing

spacingdistance; clearance; spacing

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Modify map completion drawingas-completed drawing; as-built drawing


image nametitle


Picture numberdrawn No.

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Weldweld; welding seam; bead


Asbestos cement interfaceasbestos-cement joint

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)temperaturetemperature

Galactic interfacelead joint

set tempreturedesign temperature

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Entrance、Big headhub; bell; socket


jack、Small headspigot


Pressure testpressure test

Flow rateflow velocity

hydrostatictesthydraulic test

Celsiuscentigrade scale(℃)


℉Fahrenheit scale(°F)


Nominal diameternominal diameter(DN)

model、Types oftype; model

Outer diameteroutside diameter(OD)

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)size、volumesize; volume

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)the inside diameter ofinside diameter(ID)


Listlist; breviate; catalogue

Rotating speedrotating speed

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)weightweight

two、Material equipment

Galvanized steelgalvanized steel pipe

Overflow pipeoverflow pipe

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Welded steel pipewelded steel pipe

Circulating tubecirculation pipe

Seamless steel pipeseamless steel pipe

Water pipeajutage

stainless steel pipestainless steel pipe

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Gas tubegas pipe

Cast iron water pipecast iron pipe for water

Compressed air tubecompressed air pipe

Cast iron draincast iron pipe for waste

Liquefied petroleum tracheaLPG pipe

Copper tubecopper pipe

OxygenO2 pipe

PVC plastic tubePVC pipe

Acetylene tubeC2H2 pipe

Hard polyvinyl chloride plastic tubeUPVC pipe

Vacuum tubevacuum pipe

Clay tube、Cylinder tubevitrified pipe

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Underground pipelineunderground pipe

Prestressed concrete tubeprestressed concrete pipe

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Top tubejacking

Thread connection pipescrewed pipe; thread pipe

Depthplacing depth

casing、Protective tubecasing pipe; casing protected pipe

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Trenchtrench

Pipe accessoriespipe auxiliaries



Installinstall; erect; fit; fix

Manual valvemanually operated valve

Installation workinstallation

Pneumatic valvepneumatically operated valve

Assemblemake-up; assemble

The electromagnetic valveelectromagnetically operated valve

Hot water heatinghot water heating

Electric valveelectrically operated valve

Steam heatingsteam heating

gategate valve

Automatic fire protection systemautomatic fire system

Shut-off valvebreak valve

Sprinkler systemsprinker system

Check valve、One-way valvecheck valve; back-pressure valve


Ball valveglobe valve; ball cock

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)General tubemain pipe

Decompression valvepressure reducing valve

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Riserstack; riser

Hydrophobic valvesteam trap

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Mannerhorizontal

Safety valvesafety valve

Horizontal Pipehorizontal

Float valvefloat valve

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Branchbranch pipe

Corner valveangle valve

Go upto above (T/A)

Butterfly valvebutterfly valve

Go downto below (T/B)

Bottom valve、Water-absorbent valvefoot valve


filterstrainer; filter

Absolutely highabsolute elevation;absolute level

Aqueous mouth、Faucettap

Relatively highrelative elevation;relative level

Rush valveflush valve


Bypass valveby-pass valve

Find a centercentring

Cuffcock; plug cock

Installation errorinstallation deviation

Fitting fittingpipe fitting

Absolute pressureabsolute pressure

Metal iron fittingmitis iron fittings

Relative pressurerelative pressure


design pressuredesign pressure


Operating pressureoperating pressure


Blind board、Flange coverblind

Fixed core、Inside and outsidebushing


Tube jointcoupler; socket


Live joint、By anyunion



Play root、Sealing packingpacking

Short connector、Wirenipple

Hose jointconnection

Locked mother、Nagonnut

UShaped screw、UShape rolling headstirrup

Tube block、Pluckplug

wash basin、Basinwashbasin; lavatory


Stool、toiletcloset; water closet; lavatory bowl

Bend tubebend tubbath tub

Die tubeoffset

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Urinalurinal

UShapeclose return bend

Lotus head、showershower; shower nozzle


Floor drainagefloor drain


Saladsiphon trap; trap; running trap

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Proofreadingcheck

Sanitary equipmentplumbing fixture; sanitary fitting

person in-chargechief


General leaderproject chief

Water towerwater tower

tendertender; bid

Water meterdisc meter; rating meter

Estimatebudget estimate

Centrifugal pumpcentrifugal pump


Fire hydrant、Fire faucetfire hydrant; fire plug

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Final accountactual budget

Indoor fire hydrantindoor fire hydrant

specification、standard、Criterioncode; standard

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Outdoor fire hydrantoutdoor fire hydrant

Underlyingground floor(Britain); first floor(beautiful)

Fire in the groundpost fire hydrant

Second floorfirst floor(Britain); second floor(beautiful)

Underground fire hydrantflush fire hydrant

Three-storysecond floor(Britain); third floor(beautiful)

Fire boxfire box

Boiler Roomboiler room

Foam fire extinguisherfoam fire extinguisher

Pump roompump room

Halogenous extinguisherhalon fire extinguisher


Carbon dioxide fire extinguisherCO2 fire extinguisher


Dry powder fire extinguisherpowder fire extinguisher


Water fire extinguisherplain water fire extinguisher

basementbasement; cellar

Fire equipmentfive apparatus;fire-fight extinguisher

Topgroof; ceiling; top floor


bedroom、living roombed room; living room

Water tanktank




Compensator、Expansion festivalcompensator; expander


heat sink(piece)radiator



skills requirementspecification

Heat exchangerheat exchanger

Visual inspectionvisual inspection

Human holeman hole; hatch

acceptance、Recognizeaccept; acceptance

Air conditionerair conditioner

on sitesite; job site, working site

Gas Metergas meter

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Work periodcompletion period

gas stovegas cooker

Sweep awayjob clean up

Insulating bridge wirebridle wire

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Completioncomplete


Water pipeinlet pipe

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Oil separatoroil separator

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Water pipeoutlet pipe

Anti-rust paintrust protection paint

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Upper water pipewater pipe;feed water;water supply

Insulationinsulation; insulator

Water pipedrain pipe; waste pipe

Pressure gaugepressure gauge

Waste water pipewaste pipe

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)thermometertemperature gauge; thermometer

Manure sewage tubesoil pipe, sewer pipe

Level gaugelevel gauge; level indicator

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Ventilation tubevent pipe

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Water welldrain well

Rainproof tubestorm drain pipe; storm sewer

Sewagesewer man-hole

Cold water pipecold water pipe

Septic tankseptic tank; anaerobic tank

Hot water pipehot water pipe

Valve wellvalve well

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Vapor tubesteam pipe

Frozen water pipefreezing water pipe

Condensate pipecondensate pipe

Return pipereturn water pipe

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Cooling water pipecooling water pipe

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Crossover: Span;Crossover

(1 in o.d tube compression x mnpt brass)Brass Comp F: BRASS COMPRESSION FITTINGS Brass card accessories

Socket: socket

Brass Comp N: brass compression nut Brass card set nut

Brass Comp Plate Wall Elbow: Brass card set wall elbow

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