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since this year,The global scope of scope has caused the focus of all walks of life to wafer foundry.。Throughout the mainland local wafer foundry,In addition to the leading company,Huahong Group also lifted,In recent years, it is constantly、Expand capacity。


born in“909”project

Huahong Group was born in the history of China's integrated circuit industry.“909”project。

“909”Engineering means20century90Ninth five-year plan,National Development of Microelectronics Industry Key Project。1995year12moon,Premier Office of the State Council determined to start“909”project,Put investment100100 million yuan construction8inch、0.5Microscope large scale integrated circuit production line。1996year3moon,State Council officially approved“909”Engineering project。

3 8 in brass tube(3 8 in brass tube)△ Source:Huahong Group official website

As the largest national project in China's electronic industry,“909”Engineering location,Undertake unit Shanghai Huahong Microelectronics Co., Ltd.1996year4Month is formally established。1996year11moon,Shanghai Huahong Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is held in Jinqiao Development Zone, Pudong Jinqiao Development Zone.。

Work team has been set up,The contractor has been established,Factory also puts the construction,But at the time“909”Project also faces a series of issues,Including lack of core technology、Management experience and technical personnel, etc.。to this end,By the State Council,Shanghai Huahong Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and JapanNECCompany conducting technical cooperation。

3 8 in brass tube(3 8 in brass tube)△ Source:Huahong Group official website

1997year5moon,Shanghai Huahong Microelectronics Co., Ltd.NECJapanese Electric Co., Ltd. officially signed a joint venture contract,Decided to set up a joint venture company。same year7moon,Shanghai HuahongNECElectronic Co., Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as“HuahongNEC”)Officially established,become“909”Engineering body bear。at the same time,Series of serving this project have also been established,Including Shanghai Hong Da International、Shanghai Huahong International、Beijing Huahong Integrated Circuit Design Company, etc.。

1998year10moon,Shanghai Huahong Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is renamed Shanghai Huahong(group)Co., Ltd.(华 华 虹 集),Become a series of investment management enterprise groups of subsidiaries,But the main body and the landmark are still HuahongNEC。1999year2moon,HuahongNECPut into operation,Size month2Ten thousand pieces。

3 8 in brass tube

△ Source:Shanghai Huayuan official website

2003year5moon,Huahong Group recovered Huobo from JapanNECEntrusted management,TransformFoundy,Self-acting operation。2005year7moon,By the State Council,Huahong GroupNECEquity to Huahong International(Cayman)company,And established Huahong Semiconductor Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong as HuahongNECparent company。

2000year11moon,Shanghai Hongli Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. opened(Now Huahong Three Factory)。2013year1moon,HuahongNECComplete merger with Hongli Semiconductor,Founded Shanghai Huahong Hongli Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.。

Hereby,HuahongNECStay in history,And Huahong Group seems to be, the farther the road at the foot is more and more wide.。



data shows that,Huahong Group's controlling shareholder and actual control artificial Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission,Shareholders are constituted:Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Holdings51.59%、Shanghai Sheng(group)Limited18.36%、Shanghai International Group Co., Ltd.18.36%、Shanghai EM(group)Limited11.69%。

As an investment management company,Huahong Group has Huahong International Co., Ltd.、Shanghai Huahong Combina Technology Co., Ltd.、Shanghai Hongzhi International Electronics Co., Ltd.、Shanghai Integrated Circuit R & D Center、Shanghai Huahong County Intelligent System Co., Ltd.、Shanghai Huayi Microelectronics Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as“Huayi microelectronics”)Waiting a series of subsidiaries。

3 8 in brass tube

△ Source:Dazzling

in,Huayi microelectronics joint national fund、Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Fund established Shanghai Huayi Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as“Huayi Integrated Circuit”)。

3 8 in brass tube

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also,Huahong Group is also Hong Kong listed company Huahong Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as“Huahong semiconductor”)Parent company and ultimate holding company。

Huahong Semiconductor is also an investment holding company,Have owned by the original Shanghai HuahongNECElectronics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hongli Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Newly combined wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Huahong Hongli Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as“Huahong Hongli”),And Huahong Hongli and the National Fund and other joint builds established Huahong semiconductor(Wuxi)Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as“Huahong Wuxi”)。

3 8 in brass tube

△ Source:Dazzling

In general,Huahong Group's business sector includes integrated circuit manufacturing、Electronic components distribution、Intelligent system application, etc.,in,The integrated circuit manufacturing business has two major platforms in Huahong Semiconductor and Shanghai Hua Li.,Specifically by Huahong Hongli、Huayi microelectronics、Huayi Integrated Circuit、Huahong Wuxi4Companies responsible for construction and operation,Have a gold bridge、Zhangjiang Base、Kangqiao base、Wuxi base4Production base,Run3strip8Inch production line、3strip12Inch production line。

3 8 in brass tube(3 8 in brass tube)△ Source:Global semiconductor observation

2017year8moon,Huahong Group's Huahong Hongli、Huayi microelectronics、Huili Integrated Circuit Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Factory is named,Huahong 1(HH FAB1)、Huahong Second Factory(HH FAB2)、Huahong Three Factory(HH FAB3)、Huahong Wu Factory(HH FAB5)、Huahong Six Factory(HH FAB6),The Hualhong Wuxi factory, the Huahong Wuxi factory is Huahong Seven Factory.(HH FAB7)。

Huahong Hongli(Huahong、two、Three plants)

(3 8 in brass tube)Huahong Hongli currently has three operations in Jinqiao Base and Zhangjiang Base in Shanghai.8Inch production line,That is, Huahong 1、Huahong 2nd Factory and Huahong Three Factory。Huahong Hongli Process Technology Coverage1Micron90Nano node,Including embedded non-volatile memory、power component、Simulation and power management and logic and radio frequency and other differentiation process platform。

· Hua Hongyi Factory(HH FAB1)

3 8 in brass tube

Hua Hongyi is located in Shanghai Jinqiao Base,1997Year start construction,1999year2Month construction production,This is the first Chinese mainland8Inch integrated circuit production line,The most advanced process is95Nanometer。According to Huahong semiconductor2020Annual newspaper,Hua Hongyi Factory2020year8British wafer month production capacity65Monologous(65000piece)。

· Huahong Second Factory(HH FAB2)

3 8 in brass tube

Huahong 2nd factory is located in Zhangjiang Base, Shanghai,2003Year start construction、2007Year-old,2007year9Monthly production。Huahong Second Factory8Inch production line,The most advanced process is0.18Micron。According to Huahong semiconductor2020Annual newspaper,Huahong Second Factory2020year8British wafer month production capacity60Monologous(60000piece)。

· Huahong Three Factory(HH FAB3)

(3 8 in brass tube)3 8 in brass tube

Huahong Three Factory(HH FAB3)Located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Base,2000Year start construction,2003Annual completion,Also8Inch production line,The most advanced process is90Nanometer。According to Huahong semiconductor2020Annual newspaper,Huahong Three Factory2020year8British wafer month production capacity53Monologous(53000piece)。

· Huayi microelectronics(Huahong Wu Factory)

3 8 in brass tube

Huayi microelectronics(Huili Phase I)Construction operation Huahong Group's first automatic12Inch integrated circuit production line,华 华 五(HH FAB5),Yes“909”Engineering upgrade project。

(3 8 in brass tube)

Huahong Wufang is located in Zhangjiang Base, Shanghai,2010year1Month start construction、2011year4Month construction tickle,Process technology coverage55-40-28Nanometer node,Monthly production capacity3.5Ten thousand pieces。

· Huayi Integrated Circuit(Huahong Six Factory)

3 8 in brass tube

Huayi Integrated Circuit(Huali Phase II)Construction Operation Huahong Group's second12Inch integrated circuit production line,That is, Huahong Six Factory(HH FAB6),Yes“909”Engineering secondary upgrade project。

Huahong Six Factory is located in Shanghai Kangqiao Base,2016year11Month start construction、2018year10Month construction tickle,Process technology coverage28-14Nanometer node,Design month energy4Ten thousand pieces。

· Huahong Wuxi(Huahong Seven Factory)

3 8 in brass tube

Huahong Wuxi is established by the joint venture between Huahong Hongli and the National University Fund,The first phase of the project construction Huahong Group's third12Inch integrated circuit production line,华 华(HH FAB7)。

Huahong 7th is located in Wuxi Base,2018year4Month start construction、2019year9Month construction production,Process technology coverage90-65/55Nanometer node,Design month energy4Ten thousand pieces。According to Huahong semiconductor2020Annual newspaper,Huahong Seven Factory2020year12British wafer month production capacity20Monologous(20000piece)。


Hua Hong Eight Factory?

According to the official information of Huahong Group,2020Year of the Group revenue159Billion,Year-on-year growth21%。in,Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Main Revenue19.25One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year growth18%。2020Annual group12Inch business revenue first exceeded8Inch business revenue,12Inch capacity has exceeded50%,Production capacity(Convert8inch)More2015Annual turn。

It is worth mentioning that,Huahong Group that has six factories seems to have still intended to further expand capacity。This year1moon,Huahong Group Chairman Zhang Suxin in Huahong Group2021Year's global supplier annual meeting,This year is“十四五”fourteen five,华虹争取年内启动建设华虹八厂。(The first year of planning:全球Hua Hong strives to start the construction of Hua Hong No. 8 Factory within the year观察;Arts)

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