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brass push to connect tube fittings

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Aluminum-plastic composite tube,A very common in our home improvement pipe,Outer layerpprFloor,Inland layer is aluminum layer,Features of both plastic tube temperature resistant totrum resistance and corrosion resistance,There are metal tubes easy to bend、Flexibility、Advantages of service life。As a professional production of aluminum-plastic composite pipe,All-aroundEHome Xiaobian Today, I will share the tube of aluminum-plastic composite tube card sleeve.。

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is aluminum layer due to the inner layer,So it is different frompprTube and other plastic tubes,It usually uses a threaded way,Pipe parts are copper parts。Our most common aluminum-plastic composite tube connection method,One is the card sleeve connection,One is the card pressed connection。

Card sleeve connection,Common have an isometrical three-way、Isometric elbow、Inner wire elbow and outer wire elbow,They useH58Bronze thickening,National standard precision design,Corrosion resistance is not easy to burst,long lasting。Card socket interface,No need for professional tools,Convenient installation,Connection is closely assured,Main specifications are16-32。

brass push to connect tube fittings

What are the aluminum-plastic composite pipe connection?Aluminum-plastic composite tube card sleeve connection pipe classification

Card pressed pipe fitting,Common have an isometric direct、Isometric elbow、Isometric three-way,They use58Brass,Three sections of zigzag loop in the core,Forming a three-stage maze closed structure,Strengthen the sealing effect。

(brass push to connect tube fittings)brass push to connect tube fittings

Aluminum-plastic composite tube

(brass push to connect tube fittings)Aluminum-plastic composite tube except for card sleeve and card pressure even outside red connection,Flange connection,welding,Insert connection,Trench connection, etc.,ifpprAluminum plastic tube,I have to be hot melt.。

above,All aluminum-plastic composite tube connection methods that may be required to use。In short,Our decoration in new housing,Not only want to choose the pipe,Pipe fittings are not horses,Generally,Pipe fittings are better than one brand,Avoid different materials used in pipe fittings and affect pipeline quality。

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