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brushed brass tub faucet

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-10 17:04:11

Speaking of the bathroom decoration,I must not open the faucet,Don't look at it is just a small hardware.,But it is us“Life source”Main channel,Important is self-evident。

and,Once the faucet occurs、rust、Clogging,Simply crazy!

If you come to a dishwash, wash your hands.、Wash your face、The sink corner always has water...There is a mood that washing a stove.。so,So a small faucet,But every moment is about our lives。

brushed brass tub faucet

but,Nowadays, the faucet category is very much.,And various style,Quality is also uneven,It's easy to step on the pit one if you are not careful.。Therefore,I will share something to buy a faucet today.,Don't just look at the appearance of the value,These places are more important。

Friends who are ready to decorate or interested in decoration can take out small books.。

  1. Faucet structure and working principle

The faucet is mainly composed of three parts.,Respectively:main body、Spool、surface,The relationship between these three is like organs on people's body.,Closely,If there is one of the quality of the link, it is not in place.,Or a problem,Then directly affect the result of the result。

brushed brass tub faucet(brushed brass tub faucet)

1、main body

Because the faucet is the channel of water circulation,If the material is not good,It is easy to cause a variety of heavy metals in water.,These metal polluted water,Nature will have a certain threat to our health。as far as I can tell,The common main body of the market is stainless steel、copper、Zinc alloy、plastic,The mainstream material is copper,The most balanced performance,Including the mainstream material of foreign countries is also copper。

To be careful of,There are some faucets claiming all copper and prices and cheap,Don't be cheaper。On the current copper price,A normal copper faucet is less than 100 yuan.,Do you do tens of money? Can you be a good copper?。

  1. Spool

If the faucet in the home, if there is a water leakage,Most of the material is not good because the material of the spool is not good.,It is like a leader“heart”,Want to accurately control water flow,Its quality directly determines the life of the faucet。as far as I can tell,Common materials in the market are ceramics、Stainless steel、roller,The performance is best,The most cost-effective is the ceramic spool.。Comparison in the industry and sanitary ware,Its faucet is a high-performance ceramic spool,Precision control,Experience。

brushed brass tub faucet(brushed brass tub faucet)

  1. surface

There is a doctor saying it is good.:Human clothes horses,The faucet is no exception。After all, people are picking things.,All are preliminary by the first value,Don't like the appearance,Performance can no longer choose。

Generally,Brass's water dragon head surface will be plated,And stainless steel is brushed treatment,These two are the feeling of bright skin and matte,Naturally, it is more exquisite。And the faucet after electroplating,More not easily corroded,Ability to keep light, such as new。

  1. Water faucet experience and scene

Due to different water pressure,The size of the water dragon head is not easy to control,So sometimes when you wash or wash your vegetables.,Regular splashes are water,After the late cleaning and time。Generally,Mainstream faucet,Will have a bubble device in the outlet part,So similar to the bathroom,This multi-air honeycomb design of a bubbler,Can reduce the impact of water flow,Make it soft and splash。

brushed brass tub faucet

in addition,Washhead faucet,It is recommended not to be too filled with Hu whistle.,It is convenient to choose a simple low height faucet.,If you take into account your head,Adjust the height,Otherwise, when the face is used later,Extremely inconvenient。Kitchen,Can consider loading with360Rotary adjustment faucet,More convenient for our kitchen。

(brushed brass tub faucet)In general,The selection of the faucet is generally these points.,Put these points to control,Use experience absolutely no problem。The last is the color value,It is recommended to consider the style of your own decoration.,Go to pick the style of style faucet,This will make home more harmonious uniform。