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brass compression tube support 1 2 od

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Pipe support:

A kind of structural member used for overhead laying pipeline support on the ground。

Divided into fixed brackets、sliding bracket、guide bracket、Rolling brackets, etc.。

Pipe supports are used wherever pipes are laid,Also known as pipe support、pipe department, etc.。It acts as a support structure for the pipes,According to the operation performance and layout requirements of the pipeline,Pipe racks are divided into two types: fixed and movable。The place where the fixing point is set becomes the fixing bracket,The pipe rack and the pipe rack cannot be displaced relative to each other,and,The deformation of the fixed pipe frame under stress is compared with the deformation value of the pipe compensator,should be small,Because the pipe frame must have sufficient rigidity。Where intermediate supports are set, movable pipe racks are used,Relative displacement is allowed between the pipe and the pipe rack,Thermal deformation of unconstrained pipes。

According to the purpose, it can be divided into movable brackets(Supports that allow displacement of the pipe on the support)and fixing bracket(Brackets for fixing to pipes)。Fixed brackets are used where axial displacement of the pipe is not allowed。

1.guide bracket:Mostly used for pipeline installation projects。

definition:The guide bracket is used to ensure that the pipeline is displaced in a certain direction,Limit displacement in other directions。Guide bracket according to use function,Also subdivided into only allowing pipelines in one direction(Axial)Linear guide brackets for movement and flat guide brackets that allow the pipeline to move and rotate in one plane。Different from sliding bracket。

is when the bellows compensator is used,Guide brackets to prevent the bellows from becoming unstable should be installed on the pipeline。

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2.sliding bracket:English entry name:sliding supports。

Generally used for pipeline installation works。

definition:Brackets with sliding bearing surfaces,Can constrain the displacement of the pipe in the vertical downward direction,Does not limit the horizontal displacement of the pipeline during thermal expansion or contraction,Withstands vertical loads including self-weight。Different from guide bracket。

brass compression tube support 1 2 od

3.Fixed bracket:

definition:The fixed bracket is to limit the displacement of the pipeline or equipment,is a bracket form。

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4.rolling stand

(brass compression tube support 1 2 od)Rolling brackets only add rollers or balls between the pipe slip and the bracket,Make the relative motion between the pipe and the support a rolling,so that sliding friction becomes rolling friction,This type of stand is called a rolling stand。Rolling friction is less than sliding friction。

brass compression tube support 1 2 od

Different types of brackets:

1.The fixing bracket is to fix a certain part of the pipe section at one point,either in the axial direction、The pipe is not allowed to move in the radial direction;The guide bracket is different,It allows the pipe to be displaced in the axial direction,The sliding bracket is more flexible,Allows the pipe to be radially、A certain amount of displacement occurs in the axial direction,In layman's terms,The sliding bracket only plays a supporting role for the pipeline,The pipe can slide with its own thermal expansion and contraction,During this process,Sliding the stent will not produce a reaction force on the pipeline in the direction of expansion。

2.Guide bracket is a kind of sliding bracket。Sliding stent pipe axial、Radial is not restricted,i.e. allow pipelines before and after、about、Displacement up and down;The guide bracket generally only allows axial displacement of the pipeline,without allowing radial displacement。

3.Sliding brackets and guide brackets are different in use,The sliding bracket can slide freely when the pipeline is thermally expanded or contracted,The guide bracket is limited by the direction。Therefore, there should be a certain difference in structure between the sliding bracket and the guide bracket.。

(brass compression tube support 1 2 od)The setting of the load-bearing bracket is not standardized:

brass compression tube support 1 2 od

brass compression tube support 1 2 od

brass compression tube support 1 2 od

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