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American hardware retail giantACE Hardware2021Annual revenue up to544One hundred million U.S. dollars,How domestic enterprises can seize business opportunities,Do business with big buyers?

Ace Hardware2021Annual revenue up to545100 million

spawned by the epidemic“home economy”,Overseas consumers have、gardening、The demand for kitchen supplies has increased significantly,Promoted the sales growth of the hardware industry。According to a large US hardware retail chainAce Hardwareposted2021Annual performance report shows,That2021Annual revenue up to544One hundred million U.S. dollars,Compare2020yearly increase8.315One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year growth10.7%。

The good news is,Ace Hardwarewhile sales continued to grow,Net income continues to grow。Financial report shows,Ace Hardwareearn net income3.3One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year growth4.1%。also,and2019year over year,2021Total annual revenue growth38.6%,net income growth129.8%。Ace HardwarePresident and Chief Executive Officer John VenhuizenExpress:“Part of the reason for the big increase in revenue is that the company opened its doors globally within two years.407Driven by a new store,which in turn facilitates a surge in business。”

2021year,Ace Hardwareclosed in the US78home store,but added182home store。as of2021end of the year,Ace HardwareThe number of stores in the United States reached4751Family,Compare2020end of the year4647stores increased104home store。

Outside the US,Ace Hardwareexist2021year closed86home store,but added206home store。as of2021end of the year,Ace HardwareThe number of stores worldwide has reached5583Family。

brass tubbing site acehardware.com

What to Look Out for When Doing Business with Big U.S. Buyers

The United States has the world's largest home furnishing market,Industry concentration is high,Among them, the representative household supermarket leading enterprises are:Home Depot、 Lowe’sandAce HardwareWait,As an established American hardware retailer,Ace Hardwarespeed at checkout、price、goods in stock,And in-store cleaning has advantages,Favored by American Consumers。

Ace Hardware CorporationPurchasing their private label products from specific suppliers by specific items。by various means(Including factory site visits,Third-party laboratory testing of certain products and specific standards for imported products)to ensure consistent quality of private label products。Becoming its supplier has a complex process,Just the factory inspection process requires social responsibility、quality、Anti-terrorism and other aspects meet the requirements。For export companies,After passing the factory inspection,Enterprises can obtain international certification,Can improve the company's position in the international market,Involve more buyers,It is also a self-improvement。

ACEThere are three main modes of procurement:

  • ACEGlobal distribution(China)——Factory direct international product sourcing offers more product choices and competitive prices;
  • Regional warehouse(Shanghai,Panama and Dubai)——Provide product assortment that meets regional customer needs;
  • ACEUS warehouse——Leverage strong American brands to deliver high-quality products。

It is worth noting that,Its suppliers are not set in stone,When product quality or price has improved,Suppliers will change from time to time。

also,Doing Business with U.S. Buyers Also Needs Attention,The first thing they care about is the quality of the product,followed by packaging,Last is the price。Therefore, the quality of products is the key to entering the American market。

In the United States,Every season has a sales climax when the goods change seasons,as annual11~12month is Christmas holiday season,People are taking the opportunity to buy supplies,buy christmas gifts,Sales during this period accounted for1/3about。Chinese exporters should pay attention to the preparation and delivery time。

Doing business with big US buyers,No matter how much you want to gain profits or become bigger and stronger,Don't be too hasty。Although they are not easy to switch suppliers,But once in their procurement system,That means long-term stable cooperation and continuous orders。Pandemic disrupts global supply chains,For exporters,Now is the opportunity。

(brass tubbing site acehardware.com)also,Export enterprises should strengthen the cultivation of internal skills,Enhance your ability to provide all-round value to customers,Can no longer rely on low prices as before,but to create its own unique advantages,to win in the international market。

aboutACE Hardware

since1924years since,ACE HardwareConsistently the largest home improvement franchise in the world,in about70countries own5500multiple stores。ACE HardwareProvides its international retail partners with the necessary conditions to build a solid business——The foundation and market exclusivity of a globally recognized brand,Business models that provide operational flexibility and market localization。

ACEThe brand ranks among the most recognized in the world100list of brands。in pursuit of,be the best in the world,The most useful hardware store for vision,ACE Hardwareand its retail partners remain committed to serving customers,Core Values of Convenience and Quality。