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8 inch tub spout polished brass

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-10 16:42:51

After more than ten years of development,The brass polishing compound has been updated several generations。Now,Brass polishing agent is already efficient、Environmental friendly、easy to use、Go fast、Powder of cost, etc.,Can be applied to the vast majority of brass products polishing、Shining。

8 inch tub spout polished brass

Brass polishing agent has a good brass chemical polishing effect,Compared to traditional strong acid polishing agents,Brass polishing agent is weakly acidic,Will not cause corrosion phenomenon on brass。Brass polishing agent can peeze the surface of the brass surface,and,Reach the surface leveling、Polishing role。

8 inch tub spout polished brass

Brass polishing agent has a wide range of applications,now,Brass polishing agent in electric power、electronic、High-speed rail、car、 air conditioner、Appliance、cooling system、Precision electronic components、Aerospace、 Communication equipment and other fields,Play an important role,Especially the complex brass pieces of various structures。

(8 inch tub spout polished brass)8 inch tub spout polished brass(8 inch tub spout polished brass)

Brass polishing agent is simple,Normal temperature,No need to warm。After the brass polishing agent treatment,Can get bright as new appearance。if,Use a brassivator,Can keep12Monthling or more。


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