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brass tube sconce

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(brass tube sconce)All copper process

Continuing nobility without losing elegance,

Introverted yet decent temperament,

Soft light under the contrast of copper color

gentle and restrained,

(brass tube sconce)A gorgeous sense of space。

brass tube sconce(brass tube sconce)

(brass tube sconce)wall lamp,Although not necessary lamps for space planning,But compared to hanging paintings、Decoration such as wallpaper,The wall lamp is more advanced and beautiful,products that can build co-planning。

(brass tube sconce)

Lighting is one of the primary effects of wall lamps,The second is to enhance the interior decoration effect。Generally speaking,Wall light suitable for installation in living room at home、corridor、bedside、Dinning room、in front of bathroom mirror。

(brass tube sconce)

brass tube sconce

(brass tube sconce)Variety of backgrounds,all-match brass

(brass tube sconce)

Brass element is now in“Internet celebrity”Jumping on the stage for nearly ten years,However, the momentum has not weakened at all.。This bedside wall lamp for the bedroom is made of brass。

Not only the beauty visible to the naked eye flows in it,At the same time there is no lack of practicality,The lamp arm is a rotating universal head,were able360degree rotation、90Degree up and down scheduling,Elegant and self-contained on any wall。

brass tube sconce

The wrought iron paint and frosting process is used in the hardware lamp body,long-lasting,combined with intelligenceLEDlight source,Release the full energy after the combination of classical and modern。

brass tube sconce

(brass tube sconce)The evolution of lights。From the Shang and Zhou Dynasties recorded in historical records to the present,lamp,always evolving,constantly transform,History goes on,attributable to our country's unique civilization,not engulfed in the tide of history,It always follows the changes of the times,Continuous innovation and innovation。

brass tube sconce

(brass tube sconce)Ingenuity in seeking details

(brass tube sconce)Made with all-copper craftsmanship

Repeat polishing the details of the light fixture

traces of time

All are precious family echoes

brass tube sconce

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