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antique parker brass optical tubes

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First explain

I crash very~

Original pair51Just know a little one or two

Previously seen in the domestic website

Both is the introduction of zero

Did not find a introduction51Special complete article

So I plan to try to get an integration version.

After a series of deep-in-depth learning

The result found that the number of this product version

And more details

Elementary degree!!!!

I feel a self-abuse

Eventually summed up today's content

If there is any error, welcome to correct

(antique parker brass optical tubes)The following content is a single referring to the beauty51

Contains from the first year51Listed

arrive51Various versions of the discharge

But do not include those rare demonstrations

And a dazzling dozens of cattle

in addition,Some non-harmful elegant thin branches

It is also ignored in this article.

Ink, such as air pressure51Production cycle

Has been adjusted to all kinds of small details

Anyway, there is too much content.,

I really can't finish it.

This article belongs to Pike51Getting started knowledge

If you are interested in people

Slowly update in the future

Pike Vacuum ink First year51(the first year)1940-1941

First year51,That is, the first batch of listed51

Produce1940At the end of the year1941year

antique parker brass optical tubes

This version of this version51Can be identified by several characteristics

“Double bead”

(antique parker brass optical tubes)The so-called Shuangshu version refers to both ends of the pen

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Each has a gemstone ornament

These“gem”Most of them are aluminum

(antique parker brass optical tubes)But also produces plastic materials

Even silver

First year51Most of them are double-bead version

However, there is a very small single-bead version

These single-bead versions should be produced

(antique parker brass optical tubes)1941The fourth quarter of the year

antique parker brass optical tubes


First year51Most of them will be in the end of the pen tube

Engraved“MADE IN USA 1 ”Word

(antique parker brass optical tubes)this point is very important,

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Because this is the first year51unique

But there are also some first years51

not at all”1”Date imprint

Some collectors speculate this pen

maybe1940Annual production test version

Some people think that it may be caused by wear

Because this imprint is actually very shallow,

It is easy to be grinded

(antique parker brass optical tubes)antique parker brass optical tubes

There will be a small part thereof.

Produce1941First year in the fourth quarter51

Engaged near the middle of the grip


First year51Plock cap is more special

Clip on blue rhombus sign

Be bigger than after the version

And the color is more bright

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Arrows on the strip also and later versions

Some differences

antique parker brass optical tubes

Parts in the cap

Different from the following versions

First year51Will be longer

And is4Holes,

Not common5hole

antique parker brass optical tubes

The left brush interior photo is schematic,The cap is not51

Vacuum ink

First year51Vacuum ink member

Two kinds of aluminum and plastic

Most first year51

Using aluminum vacuum ink parts

even1942Part of the pen

Aluminum parts are also used

However, some use it.

Plastic material components

(antique parker brass optical tubes)antique parker brass optical tubes

First year in the initial production51

Brass button at the top of the ink

Sometimes there is no mark on the rhombus

antique parker brass optical tubes


First year51There is no tag on the tip


I started to mark on the pen tip.

But you need to pay attention to,

The pen tip is a pen on a pen

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Most often replaced parts

(antique parker brass optical tubes)antique parker brass optical tubes

Recognize a one“First year51”

First of all, do you want to see if it is in the end of the pen tube?

Then see other features one by one

(antique parker brass optical tubes)In short, it is necessary to combine a variety of characteristics.

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Single feature does not explain what

Someone said,Currently circulated on the market“First year51”

More than the actual production of Pike。。。。

So be careful

Pike 51 Vacuum ink 1942-1947

1942year51Started under the grip ring

42The first quarter of the year and the beginning of the second quarter

Still maintaining a line of engraving

But from a second quarter,

Demolition is changed to two lines

antique parker brass optical tubes(antique parker brass optical tubes)

1950Previous year ago51Always use

Digital representative produced year

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Binary“MADE IN USA 1” of“1”

represent41year ,Simultaneous number 2 Representative 42year

Digital periphery usually occurs”Dot“mark

Take the four quarters of the year

3Point:the first season

2Point:Second quarter

1Point:the third quater

No:Fourth quarter

(antique parker brass optical tubes)antique parker brass optical tubes(antique parker brass optical tubes)

43Year Pike begins to add on the tip,

Origin,Time and material logo

The material identification is started.OS-PL

(Osmiridium Plathenium)

43Changed in late yearRU-PL

(Ruthinium Plathenium)

(antique parker brass optical tubes)47Changed the yearRU,

51I changed it again in the year.PU

(antique parker brass optical tubes)antique parker brass optical tubes

Period of this period51

At the same time there is a single-bead version and a double-bead version

And brand new color matching,

Shuangzhu version of the four colors of the four colors

antique parker brass optical tubes

The three colors below the single-bead version are fewer

according toParkerInternal information at the time,

Single-bead version of these three colors is for export only。

In single-bead version,

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Buckskin BeigeThe color is the most hard to find

antique parker brass optical tubes(antique parker brass optical tubes)

Pike 51 Red ring 1946-1947

from51Start after production,

Parker has been collecting

Various problems of the ink ink

And try to improve

Among them

One of them is

antique parker brass optical tubes

But the fact proves

This design is defective,

The red part is very easy to rupture

so,I have not produced for a long time after listed.

48Replaced by air pressure ink after year

This pen is large is black,

There is also a small number of other colors but very rare.

And most of the pen

(antique parker brass optical tubes)There is no blending

Both is blended1946year

Is a thin out of stock,Inappropriate price

antique parker brass optical tubes

Pike 51 Vacuum ink

Ordinary arrow clip 1947-1948

47Year due to the US Federal Trade Commission

For the revision of the lifetime warranty bill

51The blue diamond logo on the cap is canceled.

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Parker redesigned

Blue diamond sign is canceled

Instead, it is one

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Pure arrow pencil

antique parker brass optical tubes

But when47At the end of the year48Year

There are also some stocks with blue diamond symbols.

Pike 51 Vacuum ink Demi size

Ordinary arrow clip 1947-1948

47The year is launched.

Vacuum in the vacuumDemisize51

(antique parker brass optical tubes)It should be designed for female users

Size than routine51Short

Especially the size of the pile is very obvious.

This pen has been produced48year

(antique parker brass optical tubes)DemiThere are only two caps,

One is no strawless steel,One is gold plating

antique parker brass optical tubes

Occasionally I will see it on the market.

Conventional size vacuum ink51Pen

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Match Demi size 51Brush cap

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Or opposite combination

Although it seems to be very suitable

But it is certain that this is not the original combination.

It should be assembled together with different parts.

This seems comparison“generic

demiSize cap1948Discontinued

(antique parker brass optical tubes)New versiondemiCap

No longer applicable to routine sizes

Vacuum in the ink


Vacuum ink51Color

In fact, there will be more colors than these

For example, the test version before listed

And some unpublished R & D samples

There will be some special colors,

Usually these rare color colors,

The price will be more expensive

antique parker brass optical tubes

Pike 51 Air pressure ink 1948-1969

(antique parker brass optical tubes)48The year is a new design51

Decisive-The air pressure is officially debuted

antique parker brass optical tubes

Named at first“Foto-fill Filler”

Soon change“Aero-metric Filler”

The new ink is used.

Glass fiber material ink bladder

Compared with ordinary rubber more corrosion

To know the original rubber inkil

Correction of the ink is often leaked

So the Pen Company at the time

A special department is responsible for processing

Compensation for dirty clothes because of leaking ink。。。

antique parker brass optical tubes(antique parker brass optical tubes)

Ink bladder

The material of the metal set is

48Year50China has changed3Second-rate

48year Aluminum

49year chrome

50year Brushed stainless steel

antique parker brass optical tubes

According to the official description

New51I have made a number of improvements

And can also be used on the plane

Advertising claims30year

In fact, it is really like the advertisement.

Most of these pens until now

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Can also use it normally

antique parker brass optical tubes

New51Due to changes in structure

Make Parker more easily

Full metal pen tube

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Because the production process will be simpler

(antique parker brass optical tubes)There is1948Year1949Years

Pike launched three full metal materials51


1948year Vectors Signet

(antique parker brass optical tubes)(1958More than the year Insignia)

(antique parker brass optical tubes)antique parker brass optical tubes

1949year Scrubstick Flighter

antique parker brass optical tubes

1949year Pure gold Presidential

antique parker brass optical tubes

These three all metal

only Signet have full (Regular size)and

demi(Small size) Two sizes

New version of color

Official is new air pressure ink51

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Match8Aprotic new color

antique parker brass optical tubes

antique parker brass optical tubes

Pen change

(antique parker brass optical tubes)48Year50Years

51The arrow clip on the cap is relatively long.

from51This length is shortened by this year.

Length is similar todemiSize clip length

This is uniformly continued1969year

This model is discontinued

antique parker brass optical tubes

In addition to the early days51Can choose

Falling on stainless steel caps with gold strokes

1950In this year, this cap is canceled.,

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Specific reason unknown

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Grid silk cap before the previous

Also disappeared in the ink version of the air pressure

Explicit change

exist48Year or49Yearn,

In addition to the engraving of the pen

“Parker 51”Word

only left with “Made in USA ”

And representative year digits


The number of years is also changed to two digits.

52Cancelled the engraving on the pen tube during the year

antique parker brass optical tubes

51 Special Special version

50Yearned 51 Special

This is a relatively cheap version.

Steel pen tip,

(antique parker brass optical tubes)And stainless steel cap with black top beads

51 Special Almost you can find

All colors of the air pressure on the ink

Apart fromPlum,This color is only existing in


antique parker brass optical tubes

Air pressure51,

From the worlddemiSize can be purchased

But with the old vacuumdemidifferent

The new pile is no longer suitable for


51 SpecialAlsodemiSize can be purchased

(antique parker brass optical tubes)butSpecialVersiondemiInk bladder

It seems that I didn't hit it.SpecialWord

(antique parker brass optical tubes)In addition to the initialdemiThe ink bladder is closed

50The year begins slowly changed to a semi-open open

This seems to be the same as the normal size.

(antique parker brass optical tubes)I saw it when I was looking for a picture.

Many examples

(antique parker brass optical tubes)If it is not the accessory being changed

(antique parker brass optical tubes)That should be Pike

51One update of the ink bladder

(antique parker brass optical tubes)demi Size production period to1960Annual end

antique parker brass optical tubes

Pike 51 Jotter Ballpoint pen 1954-1969

54Year Pike famous ballpoint penJotter Be available

In the same year51Version Jotter (Ballpoint pen)

(antique parker brass optical tubes)This51There are two pins

Stainless steel and golden cap with decorative line

Initial production 51 Jotter

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Relatively concatenate and durable

antique parker brass optical tubes

Pike 51 Converter on the ink 1961-1963

1960The year is launched.

Parker in ink on the converter45

Welcome after the listing

(antique parker brass optical tubes)so,61The year is also launched.

Converter version51

antique parker brass optical tubes

But unfortunately45Successful,

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Not copied51On

It seems that everyone is this

Fresh gadgets don't have a cold

So this version1963The year is discontinued

It is very short in production time,

Therefore, the quantity is less.

If you like it, you can try it to find it.

antique parker brass optical tubes(antique parker brass optical tubes)

Pike 51 Air pressure ink MKIII 1969-1972

69The year is the last redesome.51

This pen is generally known asmkiii

antique parker brass optical tubes

This51Cap with61very similar

The end of the pen tube is changed to a flat flat shape

Holding the ring becomes more thin

No longer actual function

Only as decorative

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Budding component in the hood

And adopt a softeous plastic stripe

Can be strong together

antique parker brass optical tubes

And there are more than two colors

Rage RedandVista Blue

antique parker brass optical tubes

HereinafterRage RedComparison

antique parker brass optical tubes(antique parker brass optical tubes)

This pen continues to produce72Discontinued

Will continue in Britain

Beautiful51Basic this is like this.

(antique parker brass optical tubes)It is some details again.

For example, some special versions

Various high-grade pins, etc.

Anyway, this is too much.

(antique parker brass optical tubes)Compared with me, I still prefer my big black.

antique parker brass optical tubes

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