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brass plated tube

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one、Chemical plating principle

(brass plated tube)Chemical immersion plating(Chemical plating)The principle of technology is:Chemical plating is a kind of no need to power,According to redox reaction principle,Using a strong reducing agent in a solution containing metal ions,Method for depositing metal ions into metal to form a dense plating layer on the surface of various materials。

brass plated tube

two、Process characteristics of chemical plating

Chemical plating is an electrical deposition plating,Choose a suitable chemical plating solution,Put it directly in the surface of the plated parts to remove oil。Determine the time of dipping according to the set thickness。Generally, as long as there is a plastic or polytetrafluoride container,Heating is flexible,Prepare(Steam、Oil furnace、gas)Boil the water supply!These three methods are obtained in the coating,There is no significant difference in the combined strength and hardness of most metal plating.!

The advantages of chemical plating are:(1)Simple process,Wide adaptation,No power,No need to make an anode,As long as the general operator can operate。(2)Bonding strength of the coating and matrix。(3)High yet,low cost,Solution can be recycled,Side reactor。(4)Non-toxic,Conducive to environmental protection。(5)Less investment,Hundreds of yuan,Fast。

(brass plated tube)Chemical plating is not plated、Brush deposition speed!The anode shape of the brush plating is more flexible,Particularly suitable for local plating and workpiece repair;Electroplating on anode material、The shape requirements are relatively high,Thick plating,Suitable for mass production。Electroplating、Electric sedimentation plating!Need 10,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan,Process complex。plating、Brush plating、Zinc、Silver, etc. use cyanide drama drugs to varying degrees,Three waste treatment is more troublesome,high cost!

three、Chemical plating technology

Application of chemical plating in surface metal material

(brass plated tube)Aluminum or steel materials such as non-precious metal substrates can be chemically nickel-plated technology protection,And avoid the use of difficult stainless steels to improve their surface properties。Relatively soft、The non-wear-resistant substrate can be used to give nickel plated surfaces.。in many circumstances,There are many advantages to plating hard chrome with chemical nickel plating.。Especially part of the internal coating and a complex shape,And the hard chrome layer requires the mechanical processing of plating。Some substrates use chemical plated nickel to make it easily brazed or improve their surface properties。

(brass plated tube)1、Chemical nickel has excellent uniformity due to chemically nickel plating layer、hardness、Comprehensive physical chemical properties such as wear and corrosion resistance,This technology has been widely used abroad。The proportion of chemically plated nickel application in various industries is approximately:Aerospace industry:9%;auto industry:5%;Electronic computer industry:15%;food industry:5%;mechanical industry:15%;Nuclear Industry:2%;Petrochemical:10%;Plastic industry:5%;Electricity delivery:3%;Printing industry:3%;Valve manufacturing:17%;other:11%。If the power plant of the power plant is condensed, the surface chemical nickel plating of the brass tube can greatly improve the corrosion resistance.,Extending the life of the condensed tube;Aluminum alloy plating nickel,Improve aluminum alloy hardness and protection performance。Improve the surface properties of aluminum alloy,Expand the application range of aluminum alloy。

(brass plated tube)2、Chemical nickel alloy

(1)nickel-Phosphorus binary alloy plating:hardnessHV550~600,Good conductivity!Good welding,Corrosion resistance,UsefulICTop cover,Lead frame,Mold,Button, etc.;

(2)High-piper nickel alloy plating,Magnetic,A large number of electronic instruments,Semiconductor electronic equipment to electromagnetic interference shielding, etc.。

(3)nickel-boron-Phosphorus three yuan alloy,Plating hardnessHV680,Piezoelectric ceramic electrode,transmission,valve。

(4)nickel-B-WhardnessHV800,Electronic mold,Contact material, etc.。

(5)45#Steel toopically brush-plated nickel phosphorus and nickel-cobalt metal metal,Can improve significantly45#Steel gear contact surface、Fatigue life

Application of chemical plating in surface of non-metallic materials

(brass plated tube)Non-conductors can be plated with chemical nickel plating or several metals,In decoration and function(For example, electromagnetic interference mask)Two aspects of the part。In many cases,Many engineering plastics have considered as a metal substitute。Some of them have good high temperature resistance。All these plastics are light than metal,And more resistant to corrosion,These include polycarbonate、Polyarylene ether、Polyetherimide resin, etc.。Requires conductivity or electric shielding occasions,Plastic needs metallization,Available chemical plated nickel reaches this purpose。

1、Nylon surface silver plated、Copper copper、Nickel plating:Nickel-plated nickel surface、silver、Copper is used instead of metal or decoration;New processes using chemical plating will be plated on a special nylon base fabric,Make nylon cloth with good anti-electromagnetic radiation performance。

(brass plated tube)2、Plastic workpiece surface decoration,Button、Fastener on the vehicle、Guard, etc.。Adopt chemical plating is simple and convenient,Can meet the needs of the market。

3、Polypropylene fiber chemical copper,Industrial filtration such as chemical pharmaceutical textile、Protection, etc.,Polypropylene nonwoven coated copper plated composites increase the conductivity of polypropylene materials,Can eliminate electrostatic hazards,Can be used to make anti-static protective clothing packaging materials、Decorative materials, etc.,Have extensive application prospects。

(brass plated tube)4、Chemical dip coating:Copper plating with high strength plastic,Replace metal copper,Can obtain copper as surface performance and effect,Beaming、Forging process difficulty,And reduce equipment investment,Save a lot of copper。High strong plastic plastic plating,Improves resistance to plastics,Eliminate the electrostatic dust control of plastic。

brass plated tube

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