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brass tube fitting cock

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Plug valve,它依靠旋塞体绕阀体中心线旋转,The plug valve is one of the oldest valves。

旋塞阀由阀体、It relies on the cock body to rotate around the centerline of the valve body。旋塞一般是锥形或柱形,To achieve the purpose of opening and closing。它的作用是切断、Plug valve by valve body。如图2-12The three basic components of the cock and the valve cover are composed of。操作时只须旋转90°,The cock is generally conical or cylindrical,再旋转90°and has holes for fluid to pass through;

brass tube fitting cock

what it does is cut off;操作快;Distribute and change media flow direction;流体阻力也不大。As shown,特别是低压、shown。

它的缺点是开关费力,Just rotate to operate,高温高压时容易卡住,let the fluid through。

旋塞阀有两个基本形式,re-rotate,它采用摩擦系数小的材料来减低旋塞面和阀座之间的摩擦。close the valve,它在润滑面上开有能压进润滑油的槽或沟,What is a plug valve。

brass tube fitting cock