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antique brass wall mount tub fill and hand shower

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-10 14:11:50

Easy hand shower,Simple style But the function is not simple!

For the lotion, we use the most frequent or hand-held drinking function.,So how do you choose a simple two-functional shower??

First look at the main body of the faucet,It is recommended to choose brass main body,Explosion-proof corrosion Firm and firm,long lasting

antique brass wall mount tub fill and hand shower(antique brass wall mount tub fill and hand shower)

Second look at the spool,Compared to lower ceramic valve core seals better,High temperature,preservative,The faucet is not easy to leak

Third look surface work clothes,Multi-layer electric plating shower and faucet surface will shine,Like a mirror,High temperature,preservative,Not easy to fade,Long-term use is not peeled off, not bursting, still in the new。

Fourth to see the water,A good shower is large and temperature,Not easily blocked,drainage

antique brass wall mount tub fill and hand shower

To cleanse,Usually gently rub the water hole It is best to shower and row to adjust the rod.,Suitable for a variety of needs,Stainless steel knitting hose explosion-proof anti-crack,Use more assured。

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