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antique brass tube fittings

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antique brass tube fittings

  sometimesCopper waste will appear at our home。For example, the copper wire is not used.,For example, the generator on the tractor is not,These copper waste will be sold by us。

  But when sold,People who collect waste,Black bronze,Anyway, the price of brass is expensive.,Brass is cheap。

(antique brass tube fittings)  One bronze classification,He is not annoying,We are in trouble。Give money,Don't be classified here.,Get headache。

(antique brass tube fittings)  Why is copper divided into brass and brass??What is the difference between these two copper??Only these two categories have copper??If there are only two categories,So what is the bronze of ancient unearthed??

antique brass tube fittings

Plant copper wire for recycling。copper wire from factory used for

(antique brass tube fittings)  Black 嫂 I have contacted a lot of waste copper,At the beginning, I just simply distinguished brass and brass.。Looking at red is brass,Very expensive,Looking at Huang is brass,The price is cheaper than brass。

  But,People are most afraid of being curious。For example, I personally curiosity,Much more interest,And most of the rare weird interest。Sometimes it's okay.,I will think of any red bronze is more than yellow.?Not all copper??But it is expensive,I must have expensive truth,What is the truth in this??

  Let's talk about the difference between brass and brass today.,Let's talk about what ancient bronze is。

antique brass tube fittings(antique brass tube fittings)Copper on the door,Totem for traditional culture

  Ⅰ:What is the difference between brass and brass??

  How red bronze is more than yellow?Is it noble because it's color??

  Of course not this,The metal itself will not be rich or poor,Their value is given by people,And the fundamentality of their value depends on their process complexity and their role.。So,What is the difference between brass and brass??

  First come, bronze,From the angle of metal,Only red copper is true copper,Means of,Bronze is pure copper。

(antique brass tube fittings)  Red copper melting point is1083Spend,When the copper ore attached to the copper element is mined up,Will be refined in vulcanized cave。

  The refining process of copper is almost almost,But what we said is almost the step procedure,The raw materials and methods used in both are completely different.。

antique brass tube fittings

Brass profileBrass Profiles

  For example, the cast iron needs to enter after secondary constraints into iron water.“Converter”Medium blowing oxygen removal part impurities。The high-quality copper mine is smelted after the fire is fired.,Produce melting(Ice bronze)It is also necessary to be sent into the converter for blowing.。

  Both are actually similar here.。but,The furnace of the refined copper mine is divided into many,Reverse furnace、Electric furnace, etc.。The crude copper from the converter will be sent to another furnace to remove impurities and refinement,Get purity of almost 100 pure copper。

  This is the most traditional abundry method,It is called fire-making copper,It is the most widely used refining process.。

  One of its first requirements is to take the temperature to melt,In the past handmade era,And the past,It is not easy to think about such copper.。

  but,The value of copper is never distinguished by melting point.。

  So,Is the brass melting point??Not low!Its melting point1193Spend,It's more pure copper than red copper.。so,Not to determine their value with high melting point。

(antique brass tube fittings)  Brass is actually doped with alloy copper of other metals.,It will be doped with many other metals to achieve the purpose of users.。The simplest, most common brass is doped with zinc,This type is called ordinary brass。When more than two metal elements are above,Special brass。

  So,We can also call brass copper alloy。

antique brass tube fittings


  Summary,:Bronze is pure copper,Due to a layer of oxide film due to surface,So it is also called purple copper。

  Pay attention to it here,Bronze and copper and pure copper are copper,The most common call is brass,Its purity can reach 99%.,It's not a bit of pure copper.。

  And brass is a copper alloy,It is doped with other metal refining,Its purity and brass are not more than。

  For example, we add other metal elements after the waste red copper is refined.。Bronze if you want to make red copper,First, you have to remove other metals inside.。

  Ordinary brass needs to remove zinc,Special brass needs to remove more,So the resulting brass can only be less。

  Now you know why people who go to your household waste, why should you say that red copper is expensive and brass is cheap??

antique brass tube fittings

饕餮 饕餮 鬲 Merchant

  Ⅱ:What is the copper in ancient bronze??

  You can't imagine how smart,Because I don't understand how they think of smelt bronze。Means of,This cognition,How is this idea??How do they know bronze smelting?This is amazing!

  Bronze is the earliest alloy in the history of metal smelting。

  See alloy,Everyone may understand,Isn't we said above?,In the refining of copper,Add another metal,So it became brass,The bronze is actually like this。

  Not like this,Because the melting point is high,the most important is,Its texture does not meet the cast requirements,For example, it is melted after melting fluid fluidity,Ancient artificial artwork,Need good flowability。

  have to be aware of is,The presence of bronze is convenient for casting,Bronze smelting melting point can be achieved at that time,But it is not in line with their casting requirements.,Therefore, you have to seek a requirement to achieve casting.。

  Means of,one day,Ancient craftsmen stay in pure copper,Suddenly I thought that the metal inserted into other metals to reduce its melting point.,Can also increase its castability。He really made this,He really got a suitable metal,That is bronze。

  Is this not magical??Don't this be shocked??

(antique brass tube fittings)antique brass tube fittings

  Universal,Bronze is not red copper,Because it is not pure copper。Bronze is not brass,Because it is put into the solution metal is different。For example, brass joins zinc and other metal,And bronze is added to lead or tin。

  Why is modern refining brass join zinc?,And the ancient people have to join lead or tin?Is the color of Huang Can not behave still represent the royal majesty??

  Not ancient people don't add such something,But after adding,It doesn't reach the casting requirements they want.,It doesn't make them more smoothly finished casting.,Lead and tin energy。As for the addition of the rear melting point,It is just that the attached effect is compliant with the casting requirements.,Not too important。

  so,Most of the ancient bronze is copper and tin or lead alloys。In accordance with a certain proportion of doping,Reduce the melting point and stronger plasticity,The intensity is also higher。The strength of bronze is high.。

(antique brass tube fittings)antique brass tube fittings

Taiwan Taipei Palace Museum

  For example, add 25 percent of tin,It was originally1083The melting point of the degree will be lowered800Spend,After plasticity is enhanced,Bry bronze is a special alloy that is existing for casting。

  This is amazing,I don't know how many generations of workers' research and improvement,This is running from zero to one place,Is a great pioneer。

  Summary,:Bronze is not red copper,Nor brass。It is an ancient craftsman to seek a strong strength.,But the method of summing up when the copper plasticity is strong,And putting a cast copper alloy obtained after practicing。

(antique brass tube fittings)antique brass tube fittings

  Ⅲ:Brass and red copper are widely used in modernity。Such as brass casting、valve、What to do,Mainly brass has wear resistance。

  Bronze is industrial pure copper,Due to good conductivity and thermal conductivity,So being widely used in the wire、cable、Electrical spark, etc.。

(antique brass tube fittings)  Bronze as a cast copper alloy,It seems that there is no longer existence in modern times.。

  But,Black is still to say,Bronze most important metallurgical invention,The emergence of bronze represents cultural development to a splendid extent。my country is the earliest use of bronze,And in ancient ancient,Casting with bronze has made various complex artworks that make modern people。

(antique brass tube fittings)  What we are talking about today is the difference between copper?,In fact, it is also saying the heritage.。What is the heritage?What is inventions and inheritance?Isn't this??

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