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antique brass tube container

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(antique brass tube container)
antique brass tube container

Xuandeh Of Porcelain Identification Zhen Tang:

The reason for saying this question is the cultural relics identification of Xuande furnace.!Xuande furnace cultural relics real material is a copper alloy,Or brass,Many collectors are unclear。General folk collectors believe that brass is the authentic cultural relic character of Xuande furnace.。actually,Copper furnaces with brass as Xuande furnace are generally the imitation after Ming Jiajing.,The imitation of the Qing Dynasty is almost all brass。

The copper is seriously lacking during the Yongzheng period.,Chart, casting coins,There is an endCopper six lead four or copper four lead sixArgument,In the endCopper four lead sixMetal ratio as a legal currency。Lead here is not lead,WhyLead,That is, the lead in Japan imported in the origin。Of course,The lead in the Qing Dynasty is already homemade.。Qing Yongzheng Yungui Governor、There have been a large number of people in the production of lead in two provinces in the paging of Guizhou governor.,When Yongzheng, Yunzheng, Yunnan Province, transported a lead to Guizhou for casting a coin.50Tenure。

This kind of lead is the metal zinc we said today.。

(antique brass tube container)antique brass tube container(antique brass tube container)So142780 Lion Ear Ear Furnace Bright Secondary B44centimeter,long21.6centimeter,width17.3centimeter

Xuandeh Of Porcelain Identification Zhen Tang:

Brass is alloyed by copper and zinc。Zinc content35%The following brass,Be calledαbrass;Zinc content36%~46%Brass within the range,Be called(α+β)brass(Two-phase brass);Zinc contains more than46%~50%Brass,Be calledβbrass。

(antique brass tube container)αSingle-phase brass(fromH96toH65)Good plasticity,Can withstand hot and cold processing。Zinc content is greater than46%~50%ofβBrass is hard,Pressure processing。

After reading this chemical professional explanation,We can know why Yongzheng casts money to argue, how many copper is。Copper,Less20%Copper,but2Money3Money!But copper is less40%back,This brass is based on zinc60%Inferior brass。I fell to the ground, I broke into a few pieces.!Therefore, the court official,Currency relationship,Copper four lead six。

antique brass tube container

Qingguang Tibet(Leave58149 Antiquity display of cultural relics)

Xuandeh Of Porcelain Identification Zhen Tang:

(antique brass tube container)The price of the current metal tin is about14.5Wan RMB 1 ton,Pure copper price is close5In case,Metal zinc price2More than one ton。Ancient early copper tin alloy bronze,Later, it was replaced by copper zinc alloy brass,The root cause is because tin metal is extremely expensive.,Rare reasons for mineral storage。This also reveals a most critical for the new imitation bronzeArguemethod。New imitation is generally brass,And belonging to a low copper content brass。If you can follow the ancient bronze25%about,New imitation two-phase brass zinc35%Left and right,Bronze7.4In case,Brass is3.9One ton of 10,000 yuan,I believe that no one will use bronze to do a fake bronze。

But brass this later relatively cheap copper alloy,But until the late Ming Dynasty is really popular。Brass is extremely expensive in the Ming Dynasty,is called“Bamboo〔tousteal〕stone”or“Copper”,The price is second only to silver!Until the Ming Dynasty“brass”Specially referring to copper zinc alloy(Before“brass”Another other meaning)。

antique brass tube container(antique brass tube container)So142713 Fish Bright Secondary A high7.2centimeter,caliber,9.7centimeter,Heavy468gram

Xuandeh Of Porcelain Identification Zhen Tang

"brass"The word is the earliest seen in Dongfangqi, Western Han Dynasty《Expose·Chinese waste》:"Northwest palace,Brass,Japanese Emperor Palace。"This"brass"What kind of copper alloy is referred to?,wait for verification。

According to existing ancient books,The first reliable record of the stone should be countedNort-North Dynasties(Song Qi Liang Chen)Liang Zongzhen wrote《Jing Chuji》,Among them, on the evening of July 7th.,local(Hunan、Hubei)Women in each household,usegold、silver、RockNeedle needle,Weaver“Hurt”。

Sui Dynasty SquareWritten《Treasure》There are people who have been artificially made by artificial agents.“gold”,There is鍮 鍮 金。So the latest to the Sui Dynasty, my country has copper zinc alloy.。

antique brass tube container

Qingguang Tibet(Leave58170 Antiquity display of cultural relics)

Xuandeh Of Porcelain Identification Zhen Tang:

Tang Dynasty,Regulation鍮 copper production eight、Jiufang Juni。Its price is lower than silver than bronze。The folk does not know the goods is also a gold,April Fools!。In the Song Dynasty,Lying stone,In turn“Medicine”(Probably 即 即 石)mixed in copper coins,point intoBronze,This alloy is still relatively rare at this time.,Used on the emperor's daily utensils as a substitute for gold。

After Jiajing in Ming Dynasty,Brass smelting technology is more popular,The stone is no longer a precious metal,A lot of brass is smelted into currency,Since then, my country's metal coins will no longer see bronze,All brass,until the Qing Dynasty perished。It is recorded in《Ming Hui Dian》:

"Jiajing Chinese rule,Tongbao money six million yuan,Combined use of two fire brass forty-seven thousand two hundred and seventy-two catties……。"

antique brass tube container

Therefore142757 Elephant ear ring foot stove Ming secondary high school5.8Centimeter diameter10.5centimeter,Heavy571gram

Xuande Furnace Porcelain Identification Zhenzhitang:

Brass was very precious before Ming Dynasty,It's because brass-like gold!And smelting brass requires metal zinc,The smelting technology of metal zinc is mastered relatively late in my country。It was difficult to obtain metallic zinc before Jiajing in Ming Dynasty。

(antique brass tube container)Zinc oxide in950℃one1000℃It can be quickly reduced to metallic zinc at high temperature,while liquid zinc is906℃already boiling,Therefore, the metal zinc obtained by reduction exists in the form of vapor.。Reaction reverses on cooling,Steam zinc is carbon dioxide in the furnace and re-oxidized to zinc oxide,Therefore, to obtain metallic zinc, a special condensing device must be used.。This is the use of metal zinc over copper、lead、tin、Reasons for iron use much later,It is also one of the reasons why brass coinage appeared relatively late.。

antique brass tube container

Qing Palace Collection(stay flat58196 It is a flat cultural relic left for the exhibition of antiquities)

(antique brass tube container)Xuande Furnace Porcelain Identification Zhenzhitang:

Brass smelting technology,Foreign countries are more advanced than my country。A.D.45Year and AD79Brass coins were issued in ancient Rome(Zinc is27.6%and15.9%);Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang《The Story of the Western Regions of the Tang Dynasty》mentioned in the book,He saw in the Western Regions and India the height of several feet or even a hundred feetThe stone Buddha statue,such as Brahma

“There is a stone statue of Sakyamuni Buddha,Hundreds of feet high,do not cast,The total was established”;

(antique brass tube container)It is also highly regarded in the alchemy works of the Tang Dynasty in China.Persian Bronze。It can be seen that before the Tang Dynasty,This kind of stone copper has been spread to our country,but did not master the refining technology。

《Xuande Ding Yi score》record:Xuande three years(A.D.1428year)The Ministry of Industry was ordered to cast Xuande furnace。In the material“Wayuan white water lead”17000catty。“Japanese lead”is zinc。

“There is no such thing as any ancient books of Japanese lead,It is the name established in modern times。。。。fierce as lead,Hence the name Japanese lead”(《Heavenly Creation》)。

What is wind milled copper,The author will talk about!

antique brass tube container

Therefore142768 Drum type three-legged furnace Level 3 Ming Gao10.1centimeter caliber12.8cm weight960gram

(antique brass tube container)Xuande Furnace Porcelain Identification Zhenzhitang:

Existing written records on the zinc smelting process,Both Chinese and foreign scholars admit that the earliest one was seen in the ten years of Song Yingxing and Chongzhen in the late Ming Dynasty.(A.D.1637year)Author《Heavenly Creation》:

“There is no such thing as any ancient books of Japanese lead,It is the name established in modern times。Ten jins per calamine,Loaded into a clay pot,encapsulated clay,gradually dry,Do not let the fire break down。Then layer by layer with coal cake pads。its base salary,Burning red,Calamine melted in a jar。Cold Destroyed Cans Removed。Two for every ten,Japanese lead。This thing is copper free,Into the fire, the smoke flies away。fierce as lead,Hence the name Japanese lead”

visible,After Jiajing,Chongzhen time,The smelting of metal zinc is no longer difficult,So brass is popularized into currency,Bronze withdraws from the historical stage of coinage。That is to say,from Jiajing,scorpion gold(Bronze,i.e. brass)no longer valuable,to be easily accessible to the public。

antique brass tube container

Qing Palace Collection(Lu five three five Original Tibetan Mental Cultivation Hall)

(antique brass tube container)Xuande Furnace Porcelain Identification Zhenzhitang:

so,Brass instead of bronze,It was after the Jiajing period in the late Ming Dynasty.。Foundry Bronze Furnace in Xuande Period of Early Ming Dynasty,The smelting technology of zinc in brass has not been fully mastered。after twelve,Copper is getting purer,Twelve are all made of copper。Made of copper,Add small amounts of other metals,Then make the Tibetan scripture paper color on the tire,chestnut color,Wax brown and other leather shells,It may be the bronze of the authentic Xuande furnace relics in the early Ming Dynasty(This is the research result of Xuande furnace porcelain identification Zhenzhitang,do not plagiarize)。

Coins were cast in the Jiajing period of the Ming DynastyTwo fire brass,That is, copper that has been refined twice.,The golden back of the Wanli period,already usedFour Fire Brassspan,That is, copper that has been refined four times.。《Xuande Ding Yi score》It is said that the wind-milled copper needs to be refined six times,Just now jewels,means thatSix Fire Brass。At this time, if it is directly smelted into the brass of later generations,must be calledBronze or Bronze,It can be seen from this,The copper tire material of the authentic Xuande furnace cultural relics may not really be the brass of later generations!However, the imitation Xuande furnace in the Qing Dynasty was almost all brass.。As shown below;

(antique brass tube container)antique brass tube container

Therefore142930 Halberd ear ring foot stove clear three-level high6.3centimeter,caliber9.4centimeter,Heavy275gram

share true knowledge,Transfer positive energy!If you also like to collect,不限于瓷器,Not limited to porcelain!谢谢你的收藏和转发!Welcome to porcelain identification,可百度瓷器鉴定真知堂去笔者博客下载。

antique brass tube container

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