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Fastener common material classification

At present, standard parts in the market have carbon steels.、Stainless steel、brass、Aluminum alloy four materials。

1. Carbon steel。We divide low carbon steel in carbon steel content in carbon steel,Chinese carbon steel and high carbon steel and alloy steel。

1.1Low-carbon steelC%≤0.25% Domestic is often referred to asA3steel。Foreign countries are basically called1008,1015,1018,1022 Wait。Mainly used4.8Level bolt and4Grade nut、Products such as small screws such as small screws。(Note:Drill nail is mainly used1022Material。)

1.2Carbon steel0.25%<C%≤0.60% Domestic is often referred to as35No、45Steel,Foreign countries are basically called1035, CH38F,1039Wait。Mainly used8Grade nut、8.8Level bolt and8.8Level hexagonal products。 

1.3High-carbon steelC%>0.60%。Currently, there is basically no use in the market.

1.4alloy steel:Add alloying elements in Pu carbone steel,Some special properties of steel:Such as35、40Chromed molybdenum、 SCM435,10B38。Fang12.9Level screw main useSCM435Chromium molybdenum alloy steel,Main ingredientsC、Si、Mn、P、S、Cr、Mo。

brass tube fasteners(brass tube fasteners)

2. Stainless steel。Performance level:45,50,60,70,80Austenite(18%Cr、8%Ni)Good heat resistance,Good corrosion resistance,Good weldability。A1,A2,A4Mark body(13%Cr)Poor corrosion resistance,high strength,Wear resistance。C1,C2,C4Ferrite stainless steel。18%CrBe better upset ,Strong corrosion resistance, martensite。At present, import materials on the market are mainly Japanese products.。LevelSUS302、SUS304、SUS316。 

3. copper。Common materials for brass、Zinc copper alloy。Main useH62、H65、H68Copper is standard。 

4. Aluminum alloy density,But the strength is relatively high,Close or exceed quality steel,Good plasticity,Can be processed into various profiles,Excellent conductivity、Heat resistance and corrosion,Widely used in industrial,The amount of use is second only to steel。

5. alloy steel(Also narrowly refers to chrome-molybdenum alloy steel,Such asSCM435Wait) 

Fastener common materials

(one)Carbon steel、alloy steel、Special steel

1、bolt、Screw、Pocker3.6class、4.6class、4.8class、5.6class、5.8class、6.8Class generally use carbon steel,No need to heat treatment;8.8class、9.8Levels generally use low carbon alloy steel or medium carbon steel,Quench and temper;10.9Level generally selected low、Medium carbon alloy steel or alloy steel,Quench and temper;12.9Level generally selected alloy steel,Quench and temper。 

2、Nut 4class、5class、6Class generally use carbon steel,Can also be manufactured by Easy Steel,No need to heat treatment;8class、9class、Generally selected carbon steel,Quench and temper;10class、12Level for improved mechanical properties,when necessary,Adding alloy elements,Quench and temper。 

3、Tight screw 14HGenerally selected carbon steel,No need to heat treatment;22H、33HGenerally selected carbon steel,Quench and temper;45HGenerally selected alloy steel,Quench and temper。 

4、Self-tapping screw/Drill staple Generally selected carbon steel such asSWRCH22A,Surface needosal carbon treatment。 

5、Flat Washers HV140Generally selected low carbon steel;HV300Generally selected carbon steel,Need heat treatment。 

6、Elastic washer Spring steel is generally selected70/65Mn/60Si2Mn,Quench and temper。 

7、Tooth shape、Seam lock,Saddle、Waveform elastic gasket General selection65Mn 

(brass tube fasteners)8、Pins can generally use carbon steel steel35#,Quench and temperHRC28-38,45#,Quench and temperHRC38-46;alloy steel30CrMnSiA,Quench and temperHRC35-41;Special steel1Cr13/2Cr13、Cr17.i2、1Cr18.I9Ti

brass tube fasteners(brass tube fasteners)

Billion Da Run with stable quality and cost-effective,It has been widely used in fasteners manufacturing in China's metalworking industry、Stainless steel tableware、Battery shell manufacturing、Auto parts manufacturing and other high-end areas。For cold port、stamping、extrusion、Rolling、Honing、Deep hole drill、High-difficult metal processing technology such as rolling tooth has extremely excellent applicability,Get full recognition and praise from customers in practical applications。