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1 8 tube ferrule brass

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3.2 Brass set

Brass set of brass ring parts completed in this example,Figure3-18Shown。

1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-18 Brass set ring parts

Knowledge point:Rotating tool、Chamfering tool、Array tool。

The specific steps are as follows:

step1:〖New parts file〗

1)Click on the toolbar"New construction"Button,pop up"New construction"Dialog。

2)exist"Types of"Select in the option group"Components"Single option,exist"Subtype"Select in the option group"entity"Single option;exist"name"Text box,enterTSM_3_2;Click"Use the default template"Comparative option,To cancel the use of default templates。

(1 8 tube ferrule brass)3)exist"New construction"On the dialog,Click"Sure"Button,pop up"New file options"Dialog。

4)exist"template"Option group,choosemmns_part_solidOption。

(1 8 tube ferrule brass)5)Click"Sure"Button,Enter part design mode。

step2:〖Create a rotation feature〗

1)Click"Rotating tool"Button,Open a rotary control board。

(1 8 tube ferrule brass)2)On the rotary control board,Specify the model to be created as"entity"。

3)Enter"Location"Sliding panel,Click"definition"Button,pop up"Sketch"Dialog。

4)chooseTOPBenchmark plane as a sketch plane,byRIGHTBenchmark plane"right"Direction reference,Click"Sketch"Button。

5)Sketch3-19Rotary section shown,Be sure to add a rotating shaft to a rotary profile。

1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-19 Grass painted rotary section

6)Click"Continue the current part"Button,Complete profile。

7)Accept the default rotation angle360°。

8)On the rotary control board,Click"Finish"Button。At this time<Ctrl+D>Key combination,The rotation feature created is as shown3-20Shown。

1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-20 Created rotation feature

step3:〖Create chamfer characteristics〗

1)Click"Chamfering tool"Button,Or choose from the menu bar"insert"→"Chamfer"→"Edge chamfer"Order,Open a chamfer control board。

2)On the chamfer control board,Select edge chamfer labeling45×D,InDInput in the size box0.2,That is, set the size of the current chamfer set to45º×0.2,Figure3-21Shown。

1 8 tube ferrule brass(1 8 tube ferrule brass)picture3-21 Chandered control board

3)Press and hold<Ctrl>Key selection is as shown3-22Shown3Silhouette。Selected3The strip edge will be used as a reference element in the current chamfer。

1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-22 Select edge

4)Click"Finish"Button,The completed parts are as shown3-23Shown。

1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-23 Chamfer

(1 8 tube ferrule brass)step4:〖Resection material in stretching〗

1)Click"Stretching tool"Button,Open the tensile control panel。

2)Specify the model to be created on the stretching control board"entity",Click"Removal material"Button。

3)Open"place"Sliding panel,Click"definition"Button,appear"Sketch"Dialog。

(1 8 tube ferrule brass)4)chooseFRONTBenchmark plane as a sketch plane,byRIGHTBenchmark plane"right"Direction reference,Click"Sketch"Button。

(1 8 tube ferrule brass)5)Drawing as shown3-24Profile,in,The right picture is partial details on the left.。Draw the cross section,Click"Continue the current part"Button。

1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-24 Sketch open section

6)On the tensile control board,Select the depth option to"Stretching to the next surface",Figure3-25Shown。

1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-25 Select depth option

7)Click"Finish"Button,At this time, the part model is shown.3-26Shown。

1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-26 Removal material


1)Click"Array tool"Button。

2)Select from the list box on the array control panel"axis"Option。

3)Select the center feature axis in the modelA_1。

4)On the array control board,Click"Angle range"Button,Accept the default angle range360°,Enter the number of array members within this angle24,Figure3-27Shown。

1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-27 Set array parameters

5)Click"Finish"Button,At this time, the brass set is like a picture.3-28Shown。

1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-28 Brass set after array

step6:〖Create a chamfer feature of the hole〗

(1 8 tube ferrule brass)1)Click"Chamfering tool"Button,Open a chamfer control board。

2)On the chamfer control board,Select edge chamfer labeling45×D,InDInput in the size box0.2。

3)Press and hold<Ctrl>Key selection is as shown3-29Shown2Bar edge edge。

(1 8 tube ferrule brass)1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-29 Select the side reference to chamfer

(1 8 tube ferrule brass)
1 8 tube ferrule brass

picture3-30 Completed brass set

-This example ends-

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