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brass firewood tub

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-10 12:16:41

author:Wei Leping,Weinan Daxie Hakka。

(brass firewood tub)National Day goes home to see the hot bucket used by the child,Hooked a childhood memories。

brass firewood tub

  Country old home in the 1970s,Everyone is very poor,Conditional buyer bathroom warm winter warm,Otherwise a single shirt。At that time, there was no electricity in the village.,The weather is cold,Especially snowing,Take warmer is often everyone to take care of the firewood in the ancestral hall。

(brass firewood tub)

brass firewood tub(brass firewood tub)

Usually basically, adult children with a flare。In the hot bucket, it is a mud.,refractory。Fire charcoal in the stove during use,Use iron shovel,Gray。Gating is for letting fire, the carbon does not burn out due to air,Generally available4Hour,When calorie is insufficient,Use a stick stick,Warm and long time。

Estimated wooden barrels for picking water due to its outer,Be a fire,So named a bucket。People with a fluckker make the grill or tap,Put it on the bed in bed when you sleep,Because the winter is used in winter,No cloth sheet。Many old people,Fell asleep,Rushing,Fire accident。

(brass firewood tub)brass firewood tub(brass firewood tub)

  Fire bucket is generally sold,But I have to spend money。So a fire drunk for many years,Everyone has a good new hot bucket very difficult,Children are more fighting for new boins。

(brass firewood tub)

I'm here12When you are old, you will learn to do a fire barrel.。Bamboo(Different year)The inner wall is boiled with hot water and flip over,Make a bucket wall,Sometimes weaving the bamboo wire,Bottom plate with wooden board or wooden strips to make a bucket mud。The screw cap is also weaving from the small wire.,Solve your family's hot bucket problem ,I haven't done it again after leaving my hometown.。

brass firewood tub

Now there is electricity,Everyone uses heater,Hot water bag or charcoal heating,Electric blanket hot bed,The condition has been greatly improved,But still have a hot tub to warm,I saw it today.,It seems very kind,Therefore。(This article is written in this article2016year10moon3day)

brass firewood tub

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