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brass bathroom faucets widespread and roman tub

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The distinction between faucet materials,4Analysis of common materials,Choose a good faucet,drink healthy water

The faucet is very important for the decoration of our home,After all, after we check in,is inseparable from water resources,In this situation,We need to learn to choose a good faucet to install at home,So that we can drink healthy water every day,So now the material of the faucet is also more,Which is better?After reading these analysis,I believe that everyone will understand。

brass bathroom faucets widespread and roman tub(brass bathroom faucets widespread and roman tub)

the first1:stainless steel

Today our faucet stainless steel material is the most widely used,Stainless steel is now an internationally recognized healthy material for plants and humans,Therefore, many people are more inclined to choose this material when purchasing faucets.,Among them, the most suitable material for our household drinking water is304stainless steel,truly304Stainless steel is actually more expensive than copper faucets。

(brass bathroom faucets widespread and roman tub)brass bathroom faucets widespread and roman tub

the first2:brass

(brass bathroom faucets widespread and roman tub)Brass faucets are also a common material for faucet manufacturing.,This material adopts international standardH59/H62made of copper,Has no rust,anti-oxidation,It also has a certain bactericidal effect on water,very durable。But there are also some disadvantages,That is, if some inferior copper material is used,then it may contain lead, which is harmful to the body,Lead in the international standard copper content does not exceed2.5%。

brass bathroom faucets widespread and roman tub

the first3:Zinc alloy

Zinc alloy is also a material for making faucets,Chinese materials are relatively low-grade,And zinc alloy is less dense than copper,also lighter,and its surface is particularly susceptible to oxidation,not long service life,And lead content may be higher than copper,However, the material of zinc alloy is used to make the handle of the faucet,The price is still relatively high。

(brass bathroom faucets widespread and roman tub)brass bathroom faucets widespread and roman tub

the first4:Engineering plastics

engineering plasticsABSplastic faucet,The faucet of this material is corrosion-resistant,Anti-aging,No rust, no lead and other advantages,And also lighter,Construction is also very convenient,The price is also relatively high,It is a new type of green product,And it can also make the water quality without the risk of rust pollution。There will be more and more faucet applications in the future。

brass bathroom faucets widespread and roman tub

About the choice of faucet material,You can choose the faucet of the right material according to the decoration style and preferences of your home.,But at the same time don't be greedy,Otherwise, select materials with excessive toxic substances,It is also very harmful to our health。

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