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25 mm id brass tube

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Water pipe as basic building materials,Is urban construction、Home decoration is indispensable“Blood vessel”,Closely related to the quality of life living。According to the statistics,6The case where the consumer is bursting or leaking。

Be careful when buying a water pipe,Be sure to choose health、Environmental friendly、Safety、Guaranteed product。therefore,How to pick the importance of the water pipe is self-evident。We will mainlyWater tube type、Hydropower specifications and brand recommendationsWaiting for several aspects to teach you to choose the right water pipe。

one、Selection type:Family is most commonPPRTube

A wide variety of water pipes,Most main points are the following:

25 mm id brass tube

Generally used in the water pipe,It is often used in the market.PPRWater pipe,Because the water pipe involves environmental protection、Resistance、Hot melt,So for the choice of water pipe,Be sure to pay attention to indicators in this area。

(25 mm id brass tube)two、Specification:6Branch?Red line tube?Double tube?


Home decoration water pipe should pay attention to the diameter and wall thickness,I often hear someone20water pipe、25water pipe,Also listen4Minute、6Minute。What do they point??4Branch、6Branch,The corresponding outer diameter is20 mmand25 mm,That is, usually20Tube、25Tube。Family usually use these two specifications。

General Manager6Branch,Persons can be used4Branch,In order to ensure water consumption,Persons can also be used6Branch,Specifically, according to the account caliber and demand according to the home.。

25 mm id brass tube

2、Pipeline color

(25 mm id brass tube)in addition,Water pipes also have a cold and hot water pipe,The thickness of the cold and hot water pipe is different.,That is, the inner diameter is different.。

25 mm id brass tube(25 mm id brass tube)

Water pipes are usedblue、Red lineIdentify cold water pipes and hot water tubes。And hot water pipe can be used as cold、Hot water pipe。

3、Water level

When buying a water pipe,Everyone wants to buy the quality of the water pipe material.。And the water pipe is divided intoSingle layerandDouble layer。What is the difference between them??

Single-layer water pipe:

1、General thickness can withstand85Degree or even short time90Degree water temperature。

2、Easy to blast in thermal expansion。

3、OrdinaryPPRWater pipe。

25 mm id brass tube(25 mm id brass tube)

Double-layer water pipe:

1、High resistance,Can guarantee better healthy water quality。

2、Inland fiberglassPPR,Durable performance,long lasting;

3、Pipe resistance,Water,Energy consumption。

4、Corrosion resistance,Environmentally friendly pollution。

(25 mm id brass tube)PPRThe structure of the double-layer water pipe is generally:Outer layerPPRwater pipe+Combination of inner antibacterial tube,Strong sterilization。However, the heat resistance of the double water pipe is much lower than the single layer of water pipe.。It's just a maximum of water temperature.75℃When the left and right, the water pipe could not stand it.。

4、Water pipe fittings

In addition to pipe,A large material that is also used by the waterway transformation is the fitting。Pipe is a water route、Increasing outlet、Accessible accessories required when connecting interfaces,various kinds,Name is not uniform。

25 mm id brass tube

90%The above running water、Leak events are related to the pipe fittings at the interface,Therefore, consumers can not be sloppy when purchasing.。

three、Brand:Big brand worth buying

Usually when you choose a water pipe,Be sure to find a good brand,This is able to use it with confidence。

25 mm id brass tube

High qualityPPRwater pipe,Not only smooth appearance,Full-scale,Even if there will be a brand name on the fitting,And inferior products cannot be compared to it,Most inferior qualityPPRRough tubing。

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