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(1 32 brass tube)A lot of things look unremarkable,However, it reflects the true power of an economy's manufacturing industry.。air conditioner、Copper pipes commonly used in refrigerators,It is a window to see this kind of power.,It also reflects the current vitality of Chinese SMEs in market segments。

When the reporter came to Ningbo Jintian Copper(group)In the factory area of a limited company,A picture of modern metal processing industry production is presented:A production line is neatly arranged,Copper alloy strip、Copper alloy pipe rod、Cathode copper、Various products such as NdFeB magnetic materials are produced in bundles and boxes after being processed by highly automated machines。Inside the huge factory,Can't see a few workers,Can't smell any odor。If no one reminds,Many people find it hard to believe that this is something an emerging private manufacturing company can pull out.“stance”。

It is understood,“copper”Has good thermal conductivity、Conductivity and ductility,Widely used in electrical、light industry、new energy、Machine made、construction industry、Defense industry and other fields,Also cable and electrical、The most commonly used materials for electronic components。Although the copper products made on the production line are not large,But the knowledge is not small。Take a small copper pipe,disc tube、Internal thread pipe、water pipe、Insulation Pipe、Bellows、capillary、Various types of copper tubes such as outer finned tubes,is the air conditioner、water heater、solar energy、medical、high speed rail、motor、ship、desalination、Important basic components in many fields such as electronics。

“The metal processing industry is in the middle of the industrial chain,relatively low profit margins。If your own technical and management level is not strong,difficult to survive and develop。”Zheng Dundun, vice president of Jintian Copper, told reporters,Jintian female threaded copper pipe has uniform dimensional tolerance、High organizational performance consistency、High inner cleanliness、High pressure、Corrosion resistance and other characteristics,Energy efficient in performance、Features of low gram weight,Currently these copper pipes areLG、Samsung、Carrier、beautiful、Oaks、High-quality materials required by a large number of world-renowned enterprises such as Haier。Overall,Jintian Copper undertakes national science and technology support and national torch project13item,A number of copper metal processing and manufacturing technologies independently developed by the company have filled the gap in the domestic and foreign markets。

In the context of the relative scarcity of domestic copper resources,If there are not enough raw materials and markets,It is impossible to bring out the advantages of technology and production capacity.。According to reports,For a manufacturing industry like Jintian Copper in the midstream,On the one hand, scrap copper products imported from abroad account for 30% to 40% of copper raw materials.,On the other hand, actively expanding overseas markets also needs to simultaneously increase direct foreign investment。These all put the test to this private enterprise。

The export credit insurance provided by China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation has become the private enterprise to deal with“go out”The important magic weapon of the test。“There was once a foreign company that had already agreed with us to pay on the day of delivery,But when we ship the goods to each other's ports,However, they refused to send someone to pick up the goods because of insufficient funds.。We told the other party that the business had been underwritten by China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation.,If the counterparty defaults, it may affect its creditworthiness in future business dealings with all Chinese companies。After learning about this,For convenience, the goods were handed over and payment was made as originally planned。at the same time,We have also received guidance and assistance from government departments and China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation in the process of overseas investment and establishment of factories.。”Zheng Dundun says。

now,Conspicuous position in the exhibition hall of Jintian Copper,There is an interesting sign,middle is“welcome”four Chinese characters,surrounded by english、German、French、Japanese、Korean、Thai、Arabic and other foreign languages。In fact,These foreign languages are actually“welcome”the meaning of。The good news is,With the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises,The words on this sign are becoming more and more。