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brass deck mount tub faucet

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brass deck mount tub faucetbrass deck mount tub faucet

Water Head Buying Guide:Handle

(brass deck mount tub faucet)The faucet control handle has a single handle and double handle。The characteristics of the single handle are controlled convenience,Simple structure,The double hand is adjusted to adjust the water temperature.,But the style can be suitable for more occasions(Baddy head,Massage cylinder bond faucet, etc.),And the double-handle faucet adjustment water temperature is smoother than the single handle,Suitable consumers who are more sensitive to temperature。Single handle faucet in an instant on and off,Water pressure will rise rapidly,If the copper content of the product is not high,Confluence of water pressure,It is easy to damage,So the single handle faucet is in use.,Turn slowly and close。Double-handle faucet pressure range,Water pressure is slowly released,So there is no such problem。But the double-handle faucet can't be too dead.,Otherwise, the hydrogen plug will fall off,Can't get it、Can't stop water。

Traditional spiral rose rubber sealed faucet,Due to its large water,The price is relatively low,And easy repair,Still being welcomed by some consumers。

brass deck mount tub faucet(brass deck mount tub faucet)From the way to open mode,Mainly have the following:

Spiral handle is turned on,To rotate a lot of circles,Basically have been eliminated;Wrench handle is generally rotated90Spend;The raised handle only needs to be lifted up.;Inductive faucet, as long as the hand is extended to the faucet,Will automatically go out。in addition,There is also a delay close-up faucet,After the switch is closed,Water will still stop in a few seconds,In this way, the dirty thing in your hand in your hand is still a clean.。Consumers can choose the right handle according to their own needs or refer to our single shopping guide.。

Water Head Buying Guide Points:Use function

1、Basin faucet

It is installed on the washing basin,For refrigeration、Hot water or hot and cold mixed water。Brass with brass,The appearance has chrome plated、Gold plating and metal dressing,Multiple models,Handle has single handle and double handle, etc.。The basin faucet is equipped with a rod,Can be directly tied to open the water drown in the wash basin,Sewage。This faucet and bathroom basin match,Is used to laundry、Ash。So select the short and low faucets of the water junction.,But pay attention to stay in sufficient washing space。After locking this type of faucet,First of all, the faucet mounting hole to be seen is a single hole or a three-hole,Then choose the faucet according to the actual situation。

2、Kitchen faucet

If you have a hot water pipeline in your kitchen,This faucet should also be double。exception,The sweater of the kitchen faucet is higher、Longer,Some hose design,For you to wash food。Water mouth is also very long,It is best to stretch to the drain.,And you can't splash。

3、Bathtub faucet

It is installed above the bathtub,Used to open cold and cold mixed water。Currently, there are more ceramic cord-type single handle bath taps.。It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature,Easy to use;Ceramic spool makes the faucet more durable、Not leak。Bathtub faucet valve body multi-use brass,The appearance has chrome plated、Gold plating and various metal bakes, etc.。This faucet must have two outlets,The following is water injection,Another connection to the shower。After the recognition, you should pay attention to the length of the faucet outlet, which is slightly longer than the marginal width of the bathtub.,In this way, the water will not flow outside when water is injected.。

Faucet purchase guide points three:Faucet material

(brass deck mount tub faucet)1、All-copper faucet

(brass deck mount tub faucet)Pure copper faucet uses all copper purification,Surface chrome-plated treatment,High gloss,Higher anti-wear resistance resistance。It mainly distinguishes the quality of quality in its own copper content and processes.。The copper materials used in the hydroacende are mainly59copper。。(littleTIP:When you get up every morning, you can open the faucet for half a minute.,Let's put it in the water.,Avoid intake overhead。)

2、 Zinc alloy faucet

The main added elements of zinc alloy have aluminum,Copper and magnesium, etc..Zinc alloy can be divided into two categories of deformation and casting zinc alloy according to the processing process..Cast zinc alloy fluidity and corrosion resistance are better,Secondly,The price of zinc alloy will also be cheap,Suitable for large quantities of production,Widely received consumers。