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1 4 x 1 4 tube brass union fitting push

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1.Brass air welding method

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass union fitting push) Due to the low temperature of the gas welding flame,The evaporation of zinc in brass is less than electric welding,So in the brass,Air welding is the most common way。

The welding wire used when carrying brass gas welding:Wire221、Wire222Welding wire224Wait。These wires contain silicon inside、tin、Element of iron,It is possible to effectively prevent and reduce the evaporation and combustion of zinc in the molten pool.。Help to ensure the performance of the weld,And prevent the appearance of the air hole。Welding of gas-weld brass is a solid powder and gas flux。

1 4 x 1 4 tube brass union fitting push

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass union fitting push)2.Brass manual arc welding

When we use brass electric arc welding,Need connection method for DC power supply。Before welding, clean the surface of the welded。And the angle of the groove should not be less than60〜70º。In order to improve the formation of welds,Welding should be150〜250℃Preheating first。During operation,Short arc welding should be used,Not horizontal and rising swing,Can only move straight,And the welding speed is high。Brass welded with corrosive medium, remember to anneae after welding,To eliminate welding stress。

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass union fitting push)3.Brass handmade argon arc welding

Brass hand-made argon arc welding can use standard brass wire:Wire221、Wire222Welding wire224,Or can use the same composition as the substrate as a filler material。

Welding apron-free method、Handmade carbon arc welding、Handmade arc welding and handmade argon arc welding these,Large structure can also be automatically welded。

1 4 x 1 4 tube brass union fitting push

①Copper gas welding

The most commonly used copper welding method is the docking joint,Ding word joints and tower connections should be used as little as possible。Welding can be used in two wires,One is a welding wire containing deoxidation elements,For example wire201and202。The other is ordinary purple copper wire,Aerosol301Use as a flux。Neutral flames should be used when gas welding pan。

②Handmade arc welding pan

In handmade arc welding,Use a copper electrode107,Welding core is copper(T2,T3)。Before carrying welding,Need to clean the edge of the weld。When the thickness of the solder is greater than4 mmTime,Be sure to preheat it before welding。Preheating temperature is generally controlled400〜500℃about。Copper107Welding rod welding,The power supply should be connected in reverse DC connection。

Short arcs should be used during welding,Welding rods should not be horizontally swing。Welded line movement,This improves the forming of welds。Long weld should be adopted。Welding speed needs to be fast,Multi-layer welding,Need to remove slag。Welding should be carried out in a good ventilation,To prevent copper poisoning。Welding application flat hammer tap weld,Eliminate stress and improve weld quality。 

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass union fitting push)③Handmade copper argon arc welding

Handmade argon arc welding in copper,The welding wire used is a wire201and202。

Before welding,Need to clean the edge of the workpiece and the oxide film and oil surface of the welding surface of the workpiece,To avoid some of the air holes and clamping。Cleaning methods include mechanical cleaning methods and chemical cleaning methods。