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brass excerpts tuba

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(brass excerpts tuba)

Spicy incense with diamond mercenary,Recently, you have an unusually diligent,Although his large number has not been played for a long time,Just a brass,But he still did not give up,I want to prove myself。However, although the number of the incense is brass, But hidden points are high,Matching all diamond players,But the incense can still be in this segment.,Show us a lot of Sao。

Wild gun king——Jess

The celebrities have seen the emperor,Directly locked Jess Wilderness,Leading the barcings a string question mark,I don't know at all, I am playing.。Although Jess can take three ways,But very little see Jess to play wild。However, there is a bamboo in the chest to take this hero.,And confident,“Familiar with my audience know,I have a hand of Jess。”

brass excerpts tuba

Jess of the pot, there is something,Wilder2Level Jess encounters grabs the river crab to rise3Level of the emperor,Panasonic is not true,Directly meet hard steel,Both parties are quite thrilling,However, incense pot is still winning,Layed advantage。

brass excerpts tuba

Since then, the aroma is killing the quartet., Three way swims,Put the opponent directly。The final record of incense pot is15kill3die,Very strong。The incense in the live broadcast is also talking,He called his homes Jess as a wild gun,When he broke down Victs's demon with Jess's artillery,He called it a fire。It can be hammered,Pottery is pornon anchor。

brass excerpts tuba

The upset route of the incense is the warrior.、Quiet dream、Twilight、Night blade,This set of clothing is very high,And his rune dark cut plus precision,Very violent。

brass excerpts tuba

White robbery——Robbery

Subsequent, the cooker is observed.,Suddenly in chat bar and teammates interact,“White robbery。”Then he explained himself.,White clothes robbery,Be called white robbery,Burst should be pure。

(brass excerpts tuba)brass excerpts tuba

However, this kind of teacher is not going well.,Although I got two heads in the previous period,ButADCDead four times,I also sent the head in my fight.,The other party's three-line advantage,Then, the other part of the big worm stared at the white robbery,Made incense pot,The pot teacher has completely blown away,Finally lost the game,It seems that the teacher's understanding is still deep enough.。

Iron boxing warning——Lambo

This bureau is chosen because of the final selection time of the incense.,Panic in the incense pot is in Lambo,However, he will move,Immediately thought of Lambo's Sao,Tiequan warned to play wild Lambo。His cornerstone,Dotted a fatal rhythm of precision,Sub-departmental。The celestial teacher explained this Lambo's power during the game.,Mainly in the red temperature,Hello hurt,As long as the opposite leopard dare to jump,hebiss。

(brass excerpts tuba)brass excerpts tuba

However, reality is ruthless,The first wave of incense potgankBecause you have a fatal rhythm, it is not enough.,Did not kill the other party,Instead, he and his own order to the opposite double kill。

brass excerpts tuba

But when the cooker is out of the teeth、After the echo and the Morreo secret,Injury is still quite horrible,He can do instantly spike wild blame。However, the opposite has not given him a chance to show it.,In addition, the other party has dropped one,Take a look at the game,But the incense is still not given us the power of this set of runes.,But the end of the game,He still ushered in a chance to show yourself.,The other party assistant hammer tower,The incense pot must be the top tooth tower to eat!

brass excerpts tuba(brass excerpts tuba)

Pan or that stasis,A flash in spring water directly and hammer,Hammer is also unyielding,Big trick+ESkills return,Panasonic blood volume instantly,Panasonic,Frizzli, a lot of flashes, flashing,However, hammer is a hook,Ended a lifetime,Also draw a satisfactory date for the cooker this deadly rhythm。

brass excerpts tuba

Settlement,Still a pot。

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