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brass tube melbourne

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brass tube melbourne

Wang Weixian and his bicycle line。 Tao Shuilan Take a photo

China New Network Sydney7moon7Sun question:Melbourne Cable Dawang Wang Weiyu:Constantly witnessing the progress of China's manufacturing

(brass tube melbourne)China new network reporter Tao Shuilan

Depart from Melbourne Airport,Wang Weimen will think of,Cable on the big airplane runway,It's him10Previously provided。These cables come from China,Reach international first-class standard。This makes him feel proud。from23Beginning in the cable business,From only one coaxial cable,To operate now5Category4Hundreds of cables for various specifications of a directory,Wang Wei's step, one step, witnessing the progress of China's manufacturing。

2013year,Australian Iron Mine Sand King Investment in Western Australia,Among them, from the mine to the port one way400Kilometer freight railway,Using unmanned truck。This is the world's first column unmanned truck,Italian company design,US company is responsible for installation,South Korea Samsung participates。And the control cable,Using Wang Weixian's products。

brass tube melbourne

Wang Weizhi uses the use of each cable、Performance, such as digital。 Tao Shuilan Take a photo

In order to strive for this project,Wang Wei's flowers、Three years,We have experienced all kinds of thrilling,Finally in the bidding of the whole world like a forest,“We have”。This is one of the most proud projects of Wang Weixian.。He laughs:“I can say,Whether it is any standard cable,We all have the ability to make。”

but,Before the swan,Wang Weimian is also a ugly duck。1987year,He abandoned Shanghai stable work,Studying in Vizhou University,Trade for goods in international trade。Still reading graduate students,He found a job,The boss is a Jew,Do some easy trade with the Soviet Union。This is just in line with Wang Wei's profession.。then,He applies theory to practice,Bear。

1993year,getMBAWang Weili, a master's degree in business, established his company,Continue to make trading trade。Two years later,by chance,He is running a container cable from Sichuan。I didn't even think of himself.,China products at that time,Packaging is very simple,Open the door to the container,“Cable cable,Silk like water”。However,More difficult is not packaging,But the market is completely no concept of Chinese products.。then,He is a professional knowledge of the cable,Side market sales。A product manual was turned to him.,The market also ran almost a year,He only got the first order。

I am not too happy.,The problem is coming again.。customer's demand100Miyi Cable,And his goods are500米 盘,There is no disc line。Seeing the delivery date,Urgent life,Wang Weixian thought of the bicycle bought when you bought it.。then,He took the bicycle before,I bought a motor and counter,Soil,Less than two days,Made a wire machine。A try,Good effect。that's it,Wang Weixian completed the first order in life.。Now,This bicycle line machine is placed in his company.,Being a testimony of hard work,And incentives for employees。

This container cable,Wang Weijian has sold for half a year.,I didn't even think of himself.,Since then,Cable business has become his main business,One is23year。He frank,Cable originally imported from China,Although the packaging is slightly simple、Rough,Quality is still good。To convince local users to understand、Accepting China's products,Quality is the most important。

“Chinese survival in Western society,Need to know、Comply with the rules of the Western society。As long as you can prove that you are right,They will accept you,I admire you。I called this‘Dance with wolf’,This way you can become more powerful.。”Wang Weixian said。

brass tube melbourne

Wang Weixian and Luo Yishan cable acceptance unit test cable pass qualified。 Return Take a photo

these years,Wang Weizhi experienced too many users of the discerning or even all kinds of people.,every time,He is all in the face,And his business team and manufacturers do our best,Let high quality products come。20For many years,The cable he provides is not once because the product does not meet the standard.。Now,Sydney International Exhibition Entertainment Center、Melbourne cancer hospital、Perth Children Medical Center、Brisbane hospital, etc.,Have Wang Weixian's cable。In his warehouse,Use of each cable、performance,He is all right to chest,Several families。

(brass tube melbourne)First saw Wang Weiyu,Feeling that he is more like an artist。He told reporters,He intends to set up a Kunqu Research Association,Let Kunqu in the University Campus,Let China and Australia students share Chinese drama culture。(over)