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brass or pvc tub drain

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-10 10:58:16

PVCWhat are the characteristics of the drain pipe,How to install?Pipe manufacturers tell you

PVCI believe many people are familiar with drain pipes,due toPVCThe advantages of the drain itself,make it widely used。So,PVCWhat are the performance characteristics of the drain pipe??BuyPVCafter the drain,How should we install it?To solve these problems,The editor of Jieerkang Building Materials specially summarizes it for youPVCPerformance characteristics and installation methods of drainage pipes,Hope it will help you understand betterPVCdrain pipe。

brass or pvc tub drain

PVCDrain pipe features:

1. Excellent surface hardness and tensile strength of pipes,High pipeline safety factor。

2. Good anti-aging,Normal service life up to50more than a year。

3. Pipe to Mineral Acids、base、Excellent salt corrosion resistance,Suitable for industrial sewage discharge and transportation。

4. Pipeline friction coefficient is small,smooth water flow,Not easy to block,Less maintenance work。

5. Material with high oxygen index,self-extinguishing。

6. Small linear expansion coefficient of pipeline,for0.07mm/℃,Small amount of deformation affected by temperature。guide Small thermal coefficient and elastic modulus,Excellent freeze resistance compared to cast iron drain pipes。

7. pipe、Pipe connection can be glued,Simple construction method,Easy to operate,Efficient installation。

8. Has good water tightness:PVC-UInstallation of pipes,Whether using adhesive or rubber ring connection,Both have good water tightness。

brass or pvc tub drain

PVCHow the pipe is installed:

1.Saw pipe and beveling:

(brass or pvc tub drain)Saw pipe length according to actual measurement,And combined with the size of each connecting pipe is determined layer by layer。Fine-tooth saws should be used for pipe sawing tools、Tools such as cutters and pipe cutters。The fracture should be flat,There must be no deformation in the section。The part of the socket to be bonded can be filed with a medium board file15o~30obevel。The groove length is generally not less than3mm,The groove thickness should be equal to the thickness of the pipe wall.1/3~1/2。After the groove is completed,Debris should be removed。

2.Protection of sockets and sockets:

After the socket interface is connected,The extruded adhesive should be dipped in cotton yarn or dry cloth with a little acetone, etc. cleanser。Depending on the properties of the adhesive and climatic conditions, wait until the joint is cured。The curing time should be appropriately extended during winter construction。

PVCThe pipe drain is made of sanitary PVC(PVC)Resin as the main raw material,Add appropriate amount of stabilizer、lubricant、filler、Toners, etc. are extruded by plastic extruders and injection molded by injection molding machines,by cooling、curing、stereotype、test、Packaging and other processes to complete the tube、Production of pipe fittings。

brass or pvc tub drain

The above isPVCThe performance characteristics of the drain pipe,as well asPVCHow to install the drain pipe,I believe that after reading,should be rightPVCDrainpipes have a deeper understanding。If you want to know more aboutPVCInformation about drain pipes,I recommend everyone to read《PVCdrainpipe5big advantage》