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brass tube ebay uk

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brass tube ebay uk

U.K,is the third largest e-commerce market in the world,E-commerce in the UK is vibrant,and a fairly large、“There are plans”online shopping market。The UK's Internet and e-commerce fields have strengths comparable to those of the US。The following editor will introduce you to the top ten cross-border e-commerce companies in the UK,want to know in detail,Please see the details below。

The following rankings are in no particular order:

Amazon UK

Amazon is the largest online e-commerce company in the United States,Seattle, Washington。Amazon UK is one of the earliest marketplaces developed by Amazon,At1998Acquired UK online bookstore retailerBookpages.co.ukPost-launch。

eBayUK station

(brass tube ebay uk)ebayAt1995year9moon4DayuPierre OmidyarbyAuctionwebwas founded in San Jose, California。people canebaysell goods online。eBay.co.ukis the second largest e-commerce site in the UK,Following the UK's largest e-commerce siteAmazon.ukOne year after launch1999Year online。


Gumtree.com,is calledGumtree,is a UK online classifieds and community website。By product category and geographic market,Classified ads can be free or paid。as of2010year11moon,It is the UK's largest local community classifieds site,and top in the UK30one of the bit sites,according to2010annual flow audit,The number of visits received per month is1480Ten thousand。


ASOSwas created on2000year,It is a global online retailer of fashion apparel and beauty products,ASOSof monthly unique visits reached1980million times,have more than1115million registered users,Active users have reached602Ten thousand,Its product types cover fashionable womenswear、Men's、skin care、Makeup、hair care、Men's skin care products and other categories。


is a UK catalog retailer operating in the UK and Ireland,TooSainsbury'ssubsidiary。it is named after a greek cityArgosname。The company trades through brick-and-mortar stores and online,Every year there are more than845retail store,2900Wannian shop customers and recent10billion online visitors,making it one of the UK's largest high street retailers。It also franchises overseas in countries such as China。


OnBuyis an online retail marketplace,At2016year11Official launch of the month。OnBuy 82.3%of traffic comes from the UK。


Ocadois a British online supermarket,claiming to be“The world's largest specialty online grocery retailer”。compared to its main competitors,The company has no chain stores,and make all home deliveries from the warehouse。The company was2010year7moon21Listed on the London Stock Exchange,and is FTSE100member of the index。

(brass tube ebay uk)Asda

Asdais a UK retail company,owned by Walmart。In addition to owning the sale of groceries and various consumer goods、Outside supermarkets for clothing and household goods,AsdaAlso a financial services and mobile phone provider。


Tescois the third largest retailer in the world,Operating hypermarkets and convenience stores。Sell groceries through its brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce platforms、Household and Hygiene Products and Apparel、Financial and Telecommunications Services。

The Hut Group

(brass tube ebay uk)The Hut GroupAt2004Year established,The largest e-commerce platform in the UK,Its retail tentacles have penetrated into all areas of British life,Like Alibaba is to China,Amazon is like America,2011acquired and launchedLookfantastic、Mankind、My Bagtotal12home platform,Including beauty、sports nutrition、healthy、clothing、accessories、creative furniture、Digital electronics and other fields total18home e-commerce site。

(brass tube ebay uk)The emergence of cross-border e-commerce platforms,Fully meet the various needs of consumers,Loved and welcomed by consumers,Investment and development prospects are very broad。