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Performing magic and miscellaneous skills have a good companionship,Big face cat and blue mouse decide yourself。Blue mouse bought a bright yellow brass,The big face cat bought two round rolling small drums.,One back to the second floor of the hotel,Just practicing happily。



I have been practicing from the morning.,Dynamic to the middle of the night,The two people have eaten,Last exercise,

Hey,Please quietly,Everyone is sleeping,A gentleman downstairs explored the head to shout。

Blow speaker is my freedom,You can't control!Blue mouse smiles。

(brass tube drum lugs)If you are willing, you can knock.!The big face is also smiling.。

Be too university!The gentleman is angry with a face.。



Blue mouse and big face still do your own,The gentleman did not come to the management。

the next morning,Red sun like a fireball hanging on the treetops,Big face cat opens the window,Eating shocking:The house downstairs is not,There is only their second floor trembling in half air.。Oops!They moved the house downstairs.。Big face cat tells blue mice。

Quasi-to-have!Blue mouse probe looks down,Sure enough, there is a trace of wheels。

What should we do??Big face cat can't go downstairs,Then I said the cafeteria on the first floor.,Where can we go to eat??

How good is this scenery here?,Why do you want to move??Blue rats screw the eyebrows natural self-language。

Neighborhood encounters such noisy,Still far from a good。The crow on the treetop said,He is also moving———I don't know where to find a red balloon,Ready to make his nest to other trees。Blue mouse and big face is embarrassed,They worried,The people around them have left,Who is also playing acrobatics??