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Electric spark processing,How to select electrode materials?Is it directly looking for a tungsten copper composite material??first,We have to know what the main parts of the electric spark processing electrode material can continue to be deep.。Next,Let's look for answers together。

(brass edm tubes)brass edm tubes

Electric spark processing

What are the main components of electric spark processing electrode materials??

Electric spark-processed electrode materials mainly have graphite、Purple copper and tungsten copper composite materials, etc.。I believe that the master engaged in machining is also known.,In electric spark processing,Physical properties of electrode materials to disconnect、Electrode loss、Machining speed、The impact of machining accuracy and the stability of processing,Under the conditions selected by parameters,Different electrode materials will directly affect the quality of processing。So,Let's first understand the purple copper electrode、The physical properties of the graphite electrode and the tungsten copper alloy electrode!

(brass edm tubes)Physical properties of a copper electrode:Amuropon is highly corrosion resistance due to thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficients。so,Ultraviolet electrode often serves as a small and medium-sized cavity mold part machining electrode material,And its electrode loss is small。

Physical properties of graphite electrodes:Melting point of graphite、High boiling temperature is high,Therefore, its corrosion resistance is high。and,Graphite's thermal capacity is very large,Cumulative carbon that can be adsorbed when the wide pulse is coarse processed to compensate for the loss of the electrode,Lower relative loss for this。Graphite also has a consumption、High temperature、Small deformation、light in mass、Higher processing efficiency。but,Graphite has a disadvantage,That is the difference in material rigidity,Acacia。

brass edm tubes(brass edm tubes)Electric sparks

Physical properties of tungsten copper alloy electrodes:Tungsten content50%~90%(Mass fraction)Tungsten copper composite materials have integrated tungsten and copper,High strength and hardness,Good conductivity and thermal conductivity,Low thermal expansion coefficient,Good arc erosion,High temperature oxidation resistance and fusion welding。However,Tungsten copper is a preferred electrode material in metal,But it is expensive,Generally used in small precision machining。Tungsten copper is also consumed,And the machining acute angle is easy。actually,In earlier,Researchers found that tungsten copper composites have special advantages as electric spark processing electrode materials。

brass edm tubes

Tungsten copper alloy electrode

How to choose electric spark processing electrode materials?

In electric spark processing,Reasonable choice of good electrode materials is to ensure processing quality,An important factor in improving productivity。at the same time,Due to the different cavities processed during use,Tool electrode is difficult to achieve standardization,Various differences in size or shape,so,The following principles should be followed when selecting the electrode material:

1.0 Characteristics and technical requirements in analyzing workpieces(Surface roughness、size、Tolerance accuracy)Waitage on the basis of process technical indicators,The electrode material is selected according to the workpiece material and technical requirements.。

2.0 First, consider choosing to select thermal conductivity.、Material having a high melting point as an electrode material。

3.0 Easy to make the electrode molding and good workability,To obtain a good electric spark processing effect。although,The electrode material used in the electric spark processing is mainly a puriform、Graphite and tungsten copper electrodes,However, some properties of high performance electrodes themselves such as purity、Viscosity、Structural density、Uniformity and physical and chemical,Make it to treat different machining objects、Different machining requirements,The electrodes selected and the processing parameters are completely different.。

(brass edm tubes)brass edm tubes

Tungsten copper electronic packaging tablets

After reading how to select the electrode material,I know you also know:Electrical sparks are not directly looking for tungsten copper composites.OKLa。in,Need to consider the factors,Masters have to operate according to the actual situation。

brass edm tubes


Actually,I want to say,The application of the tungsten copper composite material is not only used as an electrode to electric spark processing.,It is in the defense military、Aerospace、Electronic package(CPUWait)And related applications in high cutting-edge technology in integrated circuits,Such as electromagnet、Rocket nozzle lingering and gas rudder parts、Electronic packaging tablets、Hot material, etc.,Even a vacuum switch appliance、Laser device、Communication device、Office equipment and sports equipment have their own figure。Of course,Application of copper and graphite is definitely not only used as electrode materials.,It will not be described here.。

brass edm tubes(brass edm tubes)Electromagnetic artillery rail equipment destroyer?

anyway,With the increasing amount of mold precision and many difficult-processing parts, the increasing maturity of electric spark processing technology,Tungsten copper composite electric spark processing electrode is getting more common。even so,In electric spark processing,Still reasonably select electrode materials,Because this is an important guarantee for ensuring the quality of processing。therefore,In-depth understanding of the performance of electric spark processing electrode materials,Is every technician engaged in electric sparks must do。

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