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1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

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(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)Introduction:Pipe is a necessary material for home decoration,There are many types of pipes in the market,In our eyes, the pipes that are needed for decoration include cold water pipes、hot water pipe、heating pipe、gas pipeline、sewer pipes, etc.,In the eyes of the decoration company, the pipelines required for decoration are divided into:Galvanized Pipe、UPVCTube,Aluminum plastic pipe、PPRTube、Copper pipes and stainless steel pipes, etc.。The former is divided by function,The latter is divided according to the material。What are the classifications of pipes?What kind of pipe is good for pipe decoration?Which pipe brand is good??This issue introduces the classification and purchase strategy of pipes for you。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)
Non-metallic pipes
(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)Non-metallic pipes include various common plastic pipes(Including rigid PVC pipes for water supply、ABSEngineering plastic pipes、PP-REngineering plastic pipes, etc.)、Composite pipe(Aluminum-plastic composite pipe、Steel-plastic composite pipes, etc.)、concrete pipe、rubber tube、Fiberglass, etc.。

one、plastic pipe

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)concept:Plastic pipes are generally made of synthetic resin,That is, polyester as raw material、Add stabilizer、lubricant、Plasticizers, etc.,by“plastic”The method is extruded in a pipe making machine.。

advantage:Lightweight、preservative、nice appearance、No bad smell、easy to process、Construction convenience, etc.。

shortcoming:lower strength,Poor heat resistance。

use:Mainly used as piping for tap water supply system in housing construction、drain、Exhaust and sewage sanitary pipes、Underground Drainage System、Rainwater pipes and threading pipes for wire installation, etc.。

Classification:According to different pipe material:Plastic pipes for construction mainly include polyvinyl chloride pipes、Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe、Polyethylene pipe、Cross-linked polyethylene pipe, etc.。

(one)Rigid PVC Pipe(PVC-U)

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)use:for water supply(non-potable water)、drain pipe、storm drain。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)advantage:preservative,smooth inner wall,Not easy to scale,good hydraulic condition,Lightweight and easy to install,Not easy to age、low thermal strength,hard texture,cheap,easy to bond,flame retardant。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)shortcoming:Not impact resistant,poor durability,High requirements for joint bonding technology,longer curing time。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)Connection method:Socket bonding,plastic welding,Special accessories flange connection,threaded connection。

(two)Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe(PVC-C)

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)use:Mostly used as a hot water pipe abroad、Waste and sewage pipes,Mostly used for power cable sheathing in China。

advantage:Best temperature resistance,Good anti-aging performance,Good flame retardant line。

shortcoming:high price。

Connection method:Socket bonding,plastic welding,Flange connection for special accessories,threaded connection。

(three)Polyethylene pipe(PE)

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:abroadHDPEandMDPEPipe is widely used as city gas pipeline、city water pipeline。Currently,domesticHDPEtube andMDPEThe pipe is mainly used as a city gas pipeline,A small amount is used as a city water supply pipeline,LDPEA large number of pipes are used as agricultural irrigation and drainage pipes。

Classification:Divided into high-density polyethylene pipes according to their different densities(HDPE)、Medium Density Polyethylene Pipe(MDPE)and low density polyethylene pipes(LDPE)。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)Features:HDPETubes have high strength and stiffness;MDPEIn addition to havingHDPEThe compressive strength of the tube,Also has good flexibility and creep resistance;LDPEtube flexibility、Elongation、Good impact resistance,Especially good chemical stability and high frequency insulation。

Connection method:Electrothermal fusion,hot melt butt connection,flange、Thread, etc.。

(Four)Cross-linked polyethylene pipe(PE-X)

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:Mainly used for building indoor cold and hot water supply and ground radiant heating。Cross-linked polyethylene pipePEXTubes generally havea、b、cthree。PE-XaPipes for hot and cold water pipes、Oil pipeline、tank、Chemical pipeline, etc.;PE-Xbpipe for floor heating(Toxic fades out of the market);PE-XcPipe is currently the most environmentally friendly floor heating pipe。

advantage:Good temperature resistance,Good creep resistance,good memory line,easy to correct。

shortcoming:Only connect with metal parts,Cannot be recycled。

Connection method:ferrule type of special metal connector,Clamp connection and thread connection。

(Fives)Heat-resistant polyethylene pipe(PE-RT)

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)use:indoor cold、hot water pipe,especially hot water systems。Ideal for radiant heating applications。

advantage:Excellent temperature resistance,use as-70℃~90℃;Excellent thermal insulation properties,low thermal conductivity;Longer service life,Safe use safely50Year-old;Chemical corrosion resistance;Good recovery shape memory performance;Anti-vibration,Shock proof;Excellent hydraulic characteristics。

shortcoming:Cannot be recycled;Pipeline overhead span,Mounting support;Due to the impact of complexity and other complexities in the construction process,PE-RTTube is easy to be tied,The reserved tube end portion is smashed, etc.,There have been many reprinting and rework phenomena.。

Connection method:Hot melt connector、Three categories of electric fuse connections and mechanical connectors。

(six)Triple polypropylene tube (PP-R)

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)use:Mainly applied to life hot and cold water supply and ground radiation heating。

advantage:Good temperature resistance,Reclaimed reuse,Green environmental products,Health performance is suitable for pure water delivery。

shortcoming:Under the conditions of equivalent pressure and medium temperature,Tube wall thickness,Flammable。

Connection method:Main electric hot melt、Hot melt docking,There is also a flange connection for special accessories,Silk buckle connection。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)(seven)Pyrene tube(PB)

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:Mainly used in tap water、Hot water and heating heat pipe。

advantage:Good temperature resistance,Good tale、Pressure intensity,Shock proof,Low creep,Flexibility,Under the conditions of equivalent pressure and medium temperature,Tube wall,Green product。

shortcoming:Dependence on import,High price,Flammable。

Connection method:Main electric hot melt、Hot melt docking,Can also use a film seal docking。

(Eight)ABSEngineering plastic tube(ABS)

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:It is often used as a sanitary ware in foreign countries.、Gas pipe、High corrosion industrial pipeline,Domestic use in indoor cold and hot water pipes and water treatment、Corrosive industrial pipeline。

advantage:Strength,Shock proof,Direct set,Health performance is suitable for pure water delivery。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)shortcoming:Long bond is longer,Flammable。

Connection method:Mainly inserted,There is also a flange connection for special accessories,Thread connection。

two、Composite pipe

concept:Composite pipe is based on metal pipes , Inside、External weld polyethylene、Crosslinked polyethylene and other non-metallic materials,Advantages with metal pipes and non-metal pipes。

advantage:Light weight、Inner wall smooth、Small resistance、Good corrosion resistance。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)shortcoming:It is easy to damage the external force impact,And this damaged repair,Is an inevitable waste。

use:Drainage pipeline。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)Classification:Aluminum-plastic composite tube、Steel-plastic composite tube、Copper-plastic composite tube、Coated composite tube、Steel skeletonPETube。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)(one)Aluminum-plastic composite tube

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:Cold、Hot water pipe。The internal and external plastic layer uses a crosslinked polyethylene composite tube,Can be used in hot water tubes,Operating temperature90℃。

structure:The basic composition should be five layers,That is, it is plastic from the outside.、Hot melt glue、Aluminum alloy、Hot melt glue、plastic。

Classification:Divided according to polyethylene materials into two:Crosslinked polyethylene aluminum-plastic composite tubes suitable for hot water and high density polyethylene aluminum-plastic composite tubes suitable for cold water。

advantage:Pipe with a flexible,Insulation、preservative,Not penetrate、Well-confidential,Inner wall smooth、Light weight、Convenient installation。

shortcoming:More expensive,Strength limited,Damage,More support,Aesthetic,Will uneven wall。

Connection method:Aluminum alloy self-locking tube parts。When using a plastic seal,Water temperature does not exceed60℃;When using an aluminum seal,Water temperature does not exceed100℃。

(two)Steel-plastic composite tube

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:Not only can be used for water,And can transport corrosive liquidity;S/PPproper temperature:-25~ 100℃;S/PEproper temperature:-25~ 70℃;S/PVCproper temperature:-25~ 65℃。

advantage:High performance anti-corrosion pipeline,Strong resistance wear resistance,There is a good strength and anti-aging performance。

shortcoming:Tube wall,Be under pressure,Machining installation has certain special requirements。

Connection method:Dedicated pipe thread link、Flange connection。

(three)Aluminum alloy lining composite tube

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:There is special application to life hot and cold water pipes。

structure:Outer tube is an aluminum alloy tube,Inner tube is a thermoplastic tube,The outer aluminum alloy not only has a hydraulic effect,More importantly, structural carrier。

advantage:Appearance beauty、Insulation、preservative、Not penetrate、Well-confidential、Inner wall smooth、Light weight、Convenient installation。

shortcoming:Outer afraid of acid and alkali corrosion,Pipe fitting,Be unfavorable。

Connection method:Special card set、Flange disc connection。

three、FRP tube

concept:The glass steel tube is used to use a variety of different nature resins as the inner lining.,Made with glass fiber reinforced layers。

advantage:Insulation、preservative、Inner wall smooth。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)shortcoming:Interface requirements,Easy to leak,Not easy to construct,Proud。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)use:Suitable for large and medium-sized outdoor feed water delivery pipes for geological corrosive。

Connection method:Ordinary sandwich glass steel pipe adopted connection connection。

Four、rubber tube

concept:rubber products。The internal and outer surface material of the general hose uses natural rubber、Butyl rubber or tenth rubber;Nikano rubber、Nitrile rubber;Acid-resistant,High temperature hose adopts a compound of EPA、Fluoro rubber or silicone rubber, etc.。

advantage:preservative、Vibration、Anti-noise、Convenient interface。

shortcoming:Water flow resistance,Low withstand voltage。

use:Water pipe、Hot water pipe、Steam pipe、Hay tube、Food beverage tube、oxygen tube、Welding tube、Gas pipe、Ventilation duct、Material tube、Oil pipe、Chemistry、High pressure tube, etc.。

Connection method:Flange connection、Tie connection。

Fives、Concrete tube

concept:It is material with cement with steel bars.,A preset pipe manufactured by the principle of using the electric wire lever。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)use:Large and medium outdoor water delivery pipeline,Water conservancy project。

advantage:cheap price,After processing, the corrosion resistance is better.。

shortcoming:Weight,Construction difficult fittings are easy to damage。

Connection method:Concrete pipe adopts a film、Wipe,Reinforced concrete pipe adopts a film interface。

Metal pipe

(one)Ordinary steel pipe

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:Production and fire water supply pipeline、Non-corrosive productive drainage branch of sanitary equipment drainage branch and production equipment、Industrial plant rainwater pipeline。

advantage:high strength,Convenient interface,Bear the internal pressure,Inner surface smooth,Hydraulic conditions。

shortcoming:Erodes,Costly cost。

Connection method:welding,Flange connection。

(two)Galvanized steel(Hot dip)

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:The diameter is less than and equal to150mmFire protection system and production water supply。

advantage:Convenient high interface,Bear the internal pressure,Inner surface smooth,Hydraulic conditions。

shortcoming:Erodes、Costly cost。

Connection method:Thread link、Flange connection。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)(three)Copper tube(Copper、brass)

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:Hot water pipeline。

advantage:Good corrosion resistance to fresh water,High mechanical strength,Flexibility,Easy-to-process,Inner surface smooth,Not easy to jade,Beautiful。

shortcoming:Tube wall,Easy and bad。

Connection method:Thread link、Flange connection、welding、Special pipe。

(Four)stainless steel pipe

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:Conveying pure water、Corrosive production sewage。

advantage:preservative、Not penetrate、Airtight piece、Inner wall smooth、Light weight、Convenient installation、High pressure、Vibration。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)shortcoming:Not easy to construct、Proud。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)Connection method:Compression、Pressing、Propulsion(Flexible)、Cone thread、Quickly flyland、Flange、Snail、Insert。

(Fives)Cast iron pipe

1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass

use:More to give water、Drainage and gas and other pipeline projects。

Classification:According to its manufacturing method, it can be divided into:Sand type centrifugal insert straight tube、Continuous cast iron straight tube and sand iron pipe。According to the material used, it can be divided into:Gray iron tube、Ductile iron pipe and high silicon iron tube。

advantage:high strength、Toughness、Wall、Light weight、 Shock proof、Bending function、Convenient installation。

shortcoming:Ageing、Thermal expansion and contraction,Do not expose to sunlight for a long time、Poor compression performance,Poor construction can easily lead to deformation。

Connection method:Flexible interface、Flange interface、self-anchored interface、rigid interface。

Water pipe material selection
  • one、Water pipe

  • Points to consider:High-quality water supply pipes should be able to withstand vibration and shock、Water hammer and thermal expansion and contraction, etc.,and can withstand the test for a long time,will not leak、not burst;When selecting water supply pipes, it is necessary to focus on whether the pipes will cause damage to human health.。

    PPRTube is mainstream:At present, the widely used home improvement water supply pipes arePPRTube。When purchasing, it is necessary to distinguish between hot and cold water pipes,When purchasing, you can choose all hot water pipes,Cold water pipes also use hot water pipes,However, cold water pipes cannot be used as hot water delivery pipes.。

    High-end users of copper pipes:It occupies a monopoly position in the water supply and drainage system of developed countries or regions。such as Hong Kong,Copper pipes dominate the market70%about,Domestic water systems in residential buildings are required to use copper pipes。The penetration rate of copper pipes in established developed countries such as the United Kingdom is higher。At present, copper pipes are mainly concentrated in high-end users。

  • two、drain pipe

  • (1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)Specification:There are various specifications of drainage pipes,usually divided into40mm、50mm、75mm、110mmWait。40mmof is generally used for sink water、Floor drain and balcony water;50mmof is generally used for kitchen drainage;75mmof are generally used in the kitchen、balcony、Total drainage of basins etc.;110mmof are generally used for toilet flushing、exterior wall launching。

    material:Stainless steel:304、306;Copper pipes:all bronze、brass;Composite pipes:Steel-plastic composite、Aluminum-plastic composite、Copper-plastic composite, etc.;carbon steel:hot dip galvanized、Cold galvanized materials, etc.;plastic pipe:ppr/abs/pvc/peother materials。

    Shop:Carbon steel sewer pipes and plastic sewer pipes are low-grade materials,It is also more common to use,Plastics have a shorter lifespan;Copper pipes and composites are mid-range sewer materials;Stainless steel sewer pipes are high-grade materials,But there will be rust,Affect the appearance。

  • (1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)three、water pipe fittings

  • (1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)Points to consider:When selecting fittings,To choose the fittings that match the water pipes,It is best to choose matching pipe fittings of the same brand and material;When buying pipe fittings,Look at the color first、Whether the gloss is uniform;Check whether the wall thickness of the pipe fittings is uniform,Whether the pipe wall is smooth;Pipe fittings with threads should also pay attention to whether the threads are evenly distributed, etc.。Commonly used water pipe fittings are as follows:

directalso called pass-through、Casing joint,Mainly acts as a straight line connection
TeeDivided into same diameter tee and reducing tee,It is used to connect water pipes in three different directions,Used when a water path is to be drawn from a water pipe
elbowIt's for turning the hose,Because the pipe itself is straight,cannot bend,To change the direction of the water pipe,Can only be achieved with elbows。conventionally divided into45degree and90elbow
winding tubealso called crossing the bridge,When two water pipes intersect in the same plane without butting,In order to ensure the normal use of water pipes,transition with winding,like an arch bridge,Avoid direct intersection of water pipes by plane avoidance
valvethe switch,There are two kinds of ball valve and angle valve,The opening and closing of the two valves is slightly different,but the same
Tube cardalso called wall card,pipe fittings for fixing pipes
capalso called plug,Use it when closing unused water pipes
AdapterIf the original water pipes of the house arePETube,Conversion joints are used when decorating,Because it is basically not used in the home improvement processPETube,One end of the adapter isPEmaterial,one end isPPRmaterial,Can realize the conversion of two materials
raw tapeThe metal interface is prone to loosening,when picking up,Use raw tape to make the interface more airtight,Reduce the chance of leakage
(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)
Circuit Tube Material Selection
  • one、plastic conduit

  • PVCTubeis mainstream:Plastic threading pipes are cheaper due to the price、Easy to construct、No rust and other advantages,It is more commonly used in home improvement circuit renovation。The most common plastic pipes arePVCTube,Its main ingredient is polyvinyl chloride,Additional ingredients are added to enhance its heat resistance,toughness,Extensibility, etc.。

    buy tips:choosePVCWhen threading pipes,Need to pay attention to check the quality of the tube,Make sure that the protective tube does not collapse at a bend,Cracks on impact。First check whether the outer wall of the pipe has the manufacturer's mark and flame retardant mark;also,Can be ignited by fire,Then remove it from the fire,Look30sIs it self-extinguishing;third,Bend the tube90Spend,After bending, see if the appearance is smooth;fourth,Can be hit with a hammer until the tube is deformed,No cracks are qualified for impact test。

  • two、metal conduit

  • application:In addition to the use of flame-retardant plastic pipes to cover the protective wires in the family,Metal wire protection tube is also available(metal conduit)。If there are residential buildings, the power cords are protected by flame retardant plastic pipes,while the phone、Cable TV adopts galvanized metal thin-walled tube(can act as a shield)。The metal protection tube of the telephone and cable TV transmission line does not need to be equipped with jumper wires,The galvanized pipe connected by wire or sleeve can meet the shielding requirements。

    Common metal pipes are galvanized steel pipes,Heat-resistant and pressure-resistant fire-resistant。metal conduit、Galvanized line pipe is only suitable for high-rise buildings,Although the cost is higher,But it is not easy to bend and deform。

    buy tips:When purchasing metal conduit,Pay attention that the tube should not have flattening and cracks,There should be no burrs in the tube,The outer diameter and wall thickness of the steel pipe shall comply with the relevant national standards,If rotten teeth or brittle fracture of the steel pipe occur when the steel pipe is twisted,Indicates that the quality of the steel pipe does not meet the requirements。

Other tube options
  • gas pipe

  • Aluminum plastic pipeMaterial:Now use of hoses are not rubber hoses,But an orange aluminum plastic tube,Also a dedicated indoor gas pipe。The inner and outer layers of the aluminum-plastic tube are special polyethylene materials,Non-toxic and environmentally friendly and the quality is light,That“Canada”The nature is very suitable for applications in home decoration。

    Purchase skills:Owners use aluminum plastic tubes as home gas delivery routes are safe and reliable,But carefully avoid buying inferior aluminum plastic tubes,Because the inferior aluminum plastic tube in the market is collided,It's easy to be bending、Deformation,Even rupture,Threat the lives and property of the owners。

  • Floor heating

  • (1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)Material:Several tubes used for the floor heating system are:Peroxide crosslinked polyethylene tube(PE-Xa)、Silane crosslinked polyethylene tube(PE-Xb)、Silicon copolymerized polypropylene tube(PP-R)、Pyrene tube(PB)、Non-crosslinking heat-resistant polyethylene tube(PE-RT)etc。These various pipes have used in engineering practice.,Also have their own advantages and disadvantages,Select the specific situation when selecting the pipe。

    PE-XTube:Good mechanical performance、High temperature resistance and low temperature resistance,Is a better floor heating pipe,But its thermally buried performance is not obvious,Especially after-sales maintenance is very inconvenient;

    PP-RTube:andPE-XCompared,PP-RHigh temperature resistance and mechanical properties、Good thermoplastic,But low temperature resistance is lower;

    (1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)PBTube:Superior mechanical performance,But its price is the highest year-on-year;

    PE-RTTube:Is a medium-density polyethylene tube with a mechanical performance stable,Toughness,Hot melt connection and repair,construction、Soldering is convenient。

    So nowPP-RTube andPE-RTMany cases of the floor heating pipe。

(1 4 fitting tube 90 degree brass)Conclusion:Hydropower hidden project is unpackable project,To pass this,First choose a good quality hydropower pipe,I would rather spend less elsewhere,It also ignores the safety and reliability of hidden projects。

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