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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-10 10:51:17

Waterway installation is homedecorationProcess in the forefront,If the water pipe is installed,So other decoration work will also be difficult。To do a good job in waterway construction,Will material、The problem of water pipe joints and other issues are clearly understood in advance.,Eliminate the possibility of mistakes。

To understand the pipe joint specification,Everyone must first know what is a water pipe joint。pipe connector,Simply speaking, it is actually a small part for connecting two water pipes.。but,Although this part is small,But play a very critical role。Follow their way,The water pipe joint can be divided into external threaded end water pipe joints、Case water pipe joint、Self-solid water pipe joints these three major categories;If you make materials according to their production,It can be divided into two major categories of metal water pipe joints and plastic water pipe joints.,Since the metal water pipe is now used very much,Therefore, people mainly use plastic water pipe joints。

Water pipe、length、Different installation position,This also determines that there is a lot of water pipe joints.。The following will be in the form of a table,Detailed the water pipe joint specification,For your reference to study。

(1 4 brass tube fittings)in,LBend,Is the ratio between the inner and outer diameters of the water pipe。If people sayL20Water pipe,Then refers to an inner diameter16㎜,Outer diameter20㎜Water pipe,Generally, the pipe joint specification is written on the pipe.1620。Actual life,People's most commonly used the inner diameter of the water pipes12㎜、14㎜、16㎜、20㎜and26㎜These kinds。

(1 4 brass tube fittings)The use of water pipes is closely related to people's daily lives.,It can not only be used in the family,Other fields in society,Water pipes are also widely used。Different water pipes and water pipelines,The price also has a certain difference。Water pipe joints in general washing machine,Applicable water pipe inner diameter12㎜,Priority is probably10Yuan or so;Household water pipe joint,General inner diameter14㎜,A price18Yuan。

If the construction of the waterway renovation,Did not use the water pipe joint specification to use correct,May lead to water pipes in the house,Affect people's normal work and life。in addition,Inappropriate water pipe joint,It is also possible to destroy the water pipe,Will also cause serious waste of water resources。therefore,Only to find a suitable water pipe joint specification,Can you use it more assured。