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brass tube drawing machine

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(brass tube drawing machine)Foreword:Non-excavation tube refers to the use of various geotechnical drilling equipment and technical means,By guiding、Directional drilling and other means in the case where the surface is very small(Generally referring to inlet and export small area excavation),Lay、Replace and repair new construction technologies for various underground pipelines,Will not hinder traffic,Will not destroy the green space、vegetation,Will not affect store,Hospital,Normal life and work order of schools and residents,Solved the interference of traditional excavation construction to residents,Traffic,environment,Destruction and adverse effects of surrounding building foundation。

1、Non-drilling rig system

Take a guided hole with a slightly larger-larger than the diamond rod,Drill rod drill from the ground,Ground instruments accept messages issued by the transmitter within the underground drill,Control the direction and depth of the drill bit,Drilling into accurate positioning guide holes。Rehabilitate,Reverse retransmission,Blend the primary soil in the design aperture during echoes。Finally, the dirt in the hole is removed by cleales.,Access to the channel。Including:Horizontal directional rig、Locator、Guide、detector、Drill rod and drill bit。

(brass tube drawing machine)brass tube drawing machine

Horizontal directional rig

brass tube drawing machine


brass tube drawing machine


brass tube drawing machine

Drill pipe

(brass tube drawing machine)brass tube drawing machine


2、Hot melt machine

The hot melt machine is transmitted to the heat of the heating plate to the upper and lower plastic heating members by the electric heating method.,Make it surface,Then quickly exit the heating plate,After heating up and down heaters, the melt surface is fused.、Solidify、Integrated instrument。Commonly used in electric power constructionPEHot melt machine。

brass tube drawing machine

Hot melt machine

brass tube drawing machine

Hot melt machine on-site construction

3、Non-open excavation tube pipe

Usually non-excavated modified polypropylene plastic cable catheter,Also known asMPPTube,According to the inner diameter and nominal wall thickness of different nominals, it is divided into three ring rigid levels.。Excellent electrical insulation;High thermal deformation temperature and low temperature impact performance;pull、Compressive performance ratioHDPEhigh;light、smooth、Write resistance、Heterogeneous fiber,Applies in power construction。

brass tube drawing machine


4、Cable hoist

The hoist is used to support the cable tray,Metall with the lamination、Traction head, etc.。

brass tube drawing machine(brass tube drawing machine)Cable hoist

5、Cable pulley

The pulley is used for cable during the laying process.,Support cable and reduce traction(Transforming the cable and supporting sliding friction into rolling friction)Machine。

brass tube drawing machine

Cable pulley

6、Cable school straight machine

Divided into mechanical school straight and heating school straight machine;Heating school direct machine is the use of heating,Calving cables re-cooling;Mechanical school straight machine is a construction tool that needs to be colleged or curved when a cable is used.。

brass tube drawing machine(brass tube drawing machine)Heating school straight machine

brass tube drawing machine

Mechanical school

7、Hydraulic crimping pliers

(brass tube drawing machine)Hydraulic press clamp is a special tool for cable cold press connection,Suitable for installation of cable terminals and intermediate connections,Not limited by explosion-proof requirements,Especially suitable for the installation of heat-harvest contraction accessories and preforms。

(brass tube drawing machine)brass tube drawing machine

Hydraulic crimping pliers

8、Mechanical pixel

Mechanical splice is a special tool for wire and cable cold press connection,Suitable for installation of terminals and intermediate connections。This pixel is not explosive、Fire prevention installation requirements limit;Reliable work、high pressure、Easy to operate、Excellent performance。

brass tube drawing machine

Mechanical pixel

9、Insulation exploitation tool

Cable insulation exploitation is a new type,For cable insulating layer exploitation、Stripped construction tool。This tool is light、Convenience、High exploitation efficiency。Cold in depth adjustment,Do not damage the cable core。

brass tube drawing machine(brass tube drawing machine)Insulation exploitation tool

10、Electric cable grinding machine

Electric cable grinding machine is suitable for polishing of power cable insulation,Be a convenient、Fast、Mini construction tool。This tool is most suitable for the main insulating layer of the high voltage cable.。

brass tube drawing machine

Electric cable grinding machine

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