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brake tee brass 1 8 npt 1 8 tube

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(brake tee brass 1 8 npt 1 8 tube)
brake tee brass 1 8 npt 1 8 tube

There are three openings of pipe joints called a three-way tube。Three-way tube is widely used in transporting liquid、Gas network。Different from the delivery medium,The material of the three-way tube is divided into:cast iron、Cast steel、Cast copper、Cast aluminum、plastic、Glass, etc.。The application of the three-way tube is also very extensive.。

(brake tee brass 1 8 npt 1 8 tube)The picture below shows the three-way manual map:

brake tee brass 1 8 npt 1 8 tube


As the name suggests, there are three mouths.,That is to say an import,Two exports;Or two imports,An exit。Chemical pipe fittings,haveTShapeYshape,Isometric tube,There is also a weapon,For three identical or different pipeline collection。Its main role is to change the direction of the fluid direction.。

(brake tee brass 1 8 npt 1 8 tube)type

Three-way can be divided into metal materials and non-metallic materials。Three-way carbon steel、Stainless steel、Alloy steel, etc.,Silk buckle three-way is Ma Steel standard production,The national standard of execution isGB/12459-2005。Non-metallic three-wayPVC、UPVC、PPRWait。

According to the connection method, it can be divided into two kinds of snaps and threads.。

Division according to shape、Character type。


Metal Material Three-way With the supervisor and the branch of the supervisor side perpendicular to the supervisor and communicating with the supervisor,Set the valve at the intersection direction of the supervisor export direction and the intersection direction,Round valve on the valve,The valve sheet is closed in the lumen closure as a structure that is sealed with the inner wall of the lumen.。The utility model simplifies pipeline settings,Save the amount of pipe components,Convenient,Easily facilitate pipeline transfer and various roads supply。The utility model has except for the role of traditional three-way tube.,Simultaneous role of the two-station valve,That is, one of the leading and branch output can be selected.、Another unblocked working condition;The utility model can also arbitrarily adjust the traffic ratio of the supervisor and branch output.,As long as the adjustment valve can be realized in the angle of the lumen。

brake tee brass 1 8 npt 1 8 tube


National standard、Scalar、Chemize、Water standard、American Standard、Devotezate、Daily label、Russian standard, etc.,details as follows:GB/T12459-2005,GB/T13401-2005,ASME B16.9,SH3408,SH3409-96,SH3410-96,HG/T21635,DL/T 695,SY/T 0510,DIN 2615。


Used to change fluid direction,Can be used for water pipelines、Transfer pipeline and various liquid chemical material delivery pipelines。Mainly used in medicine、Water conservancy(Water Saving Irrigation、Water Supply and Sewerage)、energy(oil、natural gas、Nuclear Industry)、Construction and other engineering fields。

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