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Speaking of travel,We have to talk about the temple。Everyone knows that Buddhism is very popular in our country。Although Buddhism did not originate in our country,But the influence on our country is very large。In recent years, with the rise of tourism,Temples have also become very popular tourist attractions。Many temples are now rated5AThe name of the scenic spot。So today, the editor will introduce to you a temple in Hubei.。This temple is very complicated.!

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This temple is called Hongshan Temple。The historical name of the upper house on the top of Baozhu Peak in Changgang Town, Suizhou City, Hubei Province“Youji Temple”、“Lingji Temple”。This monastery is divided into upper and lower houses,The Upper House was built in the Tang Dynasty AD826year。The lower house was built during the Shaosheng period of the Northern Song Dynasty.(A.D.1094year—1097year。Because this temple is located in Dahongshan Scenic Area,Therefore, there are still a lot of tourists who come here to worship Buddha.。It is reported that the most famous monk here is the one with“Tang Xuanzang second”The monk Shanhong once practiced here.。

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People who come to travel here not only want to see the natural beauty here,I just want to come to this temple to worship Buddha.。Many people may not know yet,This temple has another name“golden dome”。Because the temple was destroyed during the war,exist2009It was rebuilt in the year。When it was built, it cost2.4100 million,Most of that amount was spent on top of the golden top。

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Those who have been there should know,All the tile columns and doors and windows of Jinding are made of brass,It was used in total during the construction300tons of brass,Building height has15.9Meter。in a Chinese temple,It's number one here。Most people who come here to worship Buddha will come to Jinding for a walk.。Because it's so bright。Besides,There are other buildings in the Daxiong Palace here.,Although very grand,But it looks a little underwhelming in comparison.。The whole temple is built on the top of the mountain,All the houses are built in a patchwork,very beautiful。

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as a temple,There may be no Shaolin Temple here,Hanging Temple is famous for these places,But the grandeur of this temple is no less.。Dotted with monasteries in Dahongshan,A steady stream of pilgrims,Morning bells and evening drums rise and fall,No. 1 in Hubei,Compete with Wudang Mountain, a Taoist holy place in the northwest of Hubei Province。As for the tickets here as attractions,It has not lost its original purpose as a temple because it has become a tourist attraction.。So far it is free to the public,This is very gratifying。

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All right,Let me introduce so much to you today.。Although there are many temples in our country,But as a tourist attraction,Most temples have already started to collect tickets,There are even some other fees,This disappointed many tourists。Many temples have also been completely reduced to making money because of the rise of tourism.,Strong business atmosphere,I hope that the temple administrators will not forget the original intention of their practice.,practice well,Don't be blinded by money。

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