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7mm brass pen tubes uk

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7mm brass pen tubes uk

7mm brass pen tubes uk

Kaikui cooking classroom also meets you.!

last term,Xiaoni introduced everyone to eight4Classic practice:Onion、Sauce explosion eight、Eight-strap stewed tofu、Leek fried eight。For the previous cooking class,Many netizens reflected to the little fire,Eight bands are not the best ingredients of stewed tofu,Person stewed tofu is the best match,Xiaoni thank you for your enthusiastic support and feedback.。

Cooking class,Kaiki will introduce you to the pen tube.3Classic practice,Of course, I will not have the netizen stewed tofu.,I like friends, I will pay attention to us.!

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)Pay attention to our cooking class on time,Said to make your cooking!

Person nutrition value:

Pen tube fish,We are commonly known as pen tube。Experts say that although the pen is called“fish”,But it is not fish,But a mollussel。Some people also call it“Sea rabbit”。This stripe fish escape is fast,It is, it is, it is as quiet as a rabbit。

Sea rabbit is very nutritious,Inclinity32%,Fat9%,Also contain vitaminsA、DAnd nutrients such as minerals,It is the wait for seafood supplements,Sea rabbit also has anti-inflammatory antipyretics、Lung、Nourishing yin。

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(7mm brass pen tubes uk)7mm brass pen tubes uk

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)7mm brass pen tubes uk

Classic practice1:Tofu

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)one、Dish characteristics

Person stewed tofu is a specialty of Qingdao,It is also one of Qingdao home,Do not add other tasks when cooking,Original flavor。

two、Dish preparation

Person's right amount、Tofu、onion、ginger、Nice amount

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)three、Dish practitioner

1. Tofu cutting block。Brine tofu、Seawater tofu,It is best to be seaweed;

2. Person fish wash the cutting section,Remember to take a plastic thing from the belly(left);

3. onion、ginger、Coriander;

4. Inside the pot into a small amount of oil,Lower onion ginger;

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)5. Add tofu to stir fry for a while,Turn the pan to ensure that you can stick to the pan.,Don't break tofu;

6. Add appropriate water、Salt,Stewed tofu,15-20Minute;

7. Tofu is stewed and put on the top.,Don't flip,Put it on top.;

8. The pen tube fish color is okay.,like this,Don't be well,Affected taste;

9. Add MSG、coriander,Make a pan。

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)Four、Tips

1. Coriander, please add according to your personal favorite,Can you not add。

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)2. If you want the soup pure white,You can take the pen tube fish out of skin。

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)7mm brass pen tubes uk

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)7mm brass pen tubes uk

Classic practice2:Cold pen tube

Simple cooking,Keep the original and taste of seafood。

Peniren500g,Oil、Salt、Ginger、Garlic、sugar、soy sauce、Monosodium gluate、Vinegar、Red peaked oil

1. Pick the debris in the pen;

2. Wash the clean water,Control water;

3. Water in the pot boil,Pierce;

4. Tube to be stronger,Take out the drain;

5. Pour the adjusted sauce。Sauce:Ginger、Garlic、Salt、sugar、soy sauce、Monosodium gluate、Vinegar、Hot red pepper oil splash

1. Wide water in the pot,This stripe is familiar,great taste;

2. The length of the water time can be different according to the personal preferences,Freedom;

3. The modulation of sauce can be based on its own hook,You can also use it for dining;

4. Can also add salt when it is tube water,Directly。

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)7mm brass pen tubes uk


7mm brass pen tubes uk

Classic practice3:Pen tube stewed cabbage

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)Cabbage stewed pen fish is a special dish of Qingdao,It is also home cooking,Each households will often do in winter.,First stir the cabbage first,Penny,I will have a lot of water for a while.,So this dish is basically soup vegetables.。

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)Pen tube fish10only、Cabbage a pound、Little mushroom、Little crab、Little green onion ginger、Cooking wine1Spoon、Oyster sauce1Spoon、Sesame oil a few drops、Salt1Spoon

1. Person fish removes the viscerals and eyes,Take a transparent cartilage,Wash back;

2. Cabbage Wash Sliced Section,Golden mushroom crabs mushroom wash spare;

3. Pour the oil in the pan6Mature,Add onion ginger,Pour in cabbage and stir fry a few,Add a mushroom crab mushroom to stir fry for a minute;

(7mm brass pen tubes uk)4. Salt,Cooking wine,Oyster sauce,This dish can not add soy sauce,Otherwise very dark,比较难看;

5. ugly,基本就熟了,Add the pen tube fish and stir fry until the curling edge turns slightly red2分钟关火即可,basically familiar。

1. 这道菜不需要加水,Cover and simmer。

2. 不要加味精。