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brass square tube south africa

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(China-Non-Trade Research Centerwww.afrindex.comNews)now,plasticIt is obviously no longer a cheap alternative material or foreign material in the African market.,Although it took a long time in the past,It is considered a cheap alternative material。Plastic pipes are almost used in all areas of modern life,Especially in the pipeline system, it is absolutely critical.。It is estimated,arrive2017End of the year,The global plastic pipe market is about300One hundred million U.S. dollars。2016-2024Years,Comprehensive annual growth rate is5.5%,arrive2024End of the year,Market value is about440One hundred million U.S. dollars。

brass square tube south africa

(brass square tube south africa)In the field of pipeline,It is estimated,More than50%Pipeline is plastic。South Africa,A recent market survey shows,About60%Pressure pipeline market application plastic pipe,Diameter length500mmThe non-pressure plastic pipeline market accounts for approximately75%。

South Africa is realizing that water resources are rapidly become a serious problem,The rapid growth of demand and huge loss of distribution exacerbates quantity and quality serious pressure。Currently,South African water pipeline market focuses on non-leaking and durable pipeline systems and the repair of old pipelines。HDPEandPVCOccupation of the South African market, respectively。

Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association(SAPPMA)It is the most important industry association in the South African plastic pipe market,It is established2004year,Commercial interests from the development of good plastic pipe manufacturers on behalf of South Africa and surrounding countries。According to the China-Non-Trade Research Center,SAPPMAMember companies represent the South African plastic pipe production market80%above。

Although the current scale of plastic pipe industry in South Africa is relatively small,But it is extremely important to the development of the South African infrastructure industry.。But given that plastic pipes are compared to steel pipes、More comparative advantages of asbestos or cement tubes,Therefore, plastic pipes are widely used in South African mining.、Water supply、agriculture/irrigation、High temperature liquid and gas、Hydraulic transportation and pipe repair and more areas,It is expected that the South African plastic pipe market will continue to grow in the future.。(compile:China-Non-Trade Research Center)

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