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brass drop tube

Legend Legend Lu Dongbin see a person is very poor,Just use your finger to point the stone in his yard.,The stone immediately became a glimmer of gold。Lu Shenxian asked,Want??That person said。Lu Shenxian Daxi,I don't have a selfishness,Want to teach him a big road。The man rooks his head,I just want you this finger head!

(brass drop tube)This story is called point stone.,Many people are familiar,It can be seen that gold in people's minds。From ancient times,Countless people dream to turn other substances into gold,However, no one has succeeded until now.。But many foreign media reports yesterday,A group of scientists in China on Saturday《Scientific progress》A paper published in the magazine,Copper has become copper into“gold”,What exactly is this matter about?

brass drop tube(brass drop tube)

It turned out that this is a good drama of Sun Jian, the Grandian Chemical Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.,They bombard the copper target with ionized red argon flow,Fry the copper atom from the target,Condensate after condensed on the surface of the collection device,Form a thin layer of sand。This kind of sand diameter is only a few nano,One thousandth of the bacterial size,But don't look at these little“Sand”,They are scientists with modern scientific methods.“Refine”of“Gold”!

Of course,These gold cannot be used to make gold coins,Because their density is still the same as copper,Not turned into a real gold。But the researchers confirmed,These copper nanoparticles have an attribute that is extremely similar to gold and silver,Can resist high temperatures、Oxidation and erosion,Just like the warrior on the battlefield,Can withstand any enemy attack。

brass drop tube(brass drop tube)

(brass drop tube)Researchers have used this copper nanoparticles as catalysts,Add a reactor,Transform coal into alcohol——This is a complex and difficult chemical process.,You must use your precious metal to effectively。Researchers believe,This result turns copper into a replacement of precious metals,May bring rich profits,And greatly boost China's industrial production。

Precious metal is the core of the modern economy,For example, gold and silver platinum is a necessity for electronic equipment,Every40Gold in the smartphone,Just need a ton of ore to refine,If you can develop materials for replacement precious metals,Will have an extremely significant impact on the modern economy。Research on Chinese Scientists,In order to use cheap metal to replace precious metals“Lying stone”Indicate the way out,The future or will greatly reduce the demand for industrial manufacturers on precious metals。