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braising brass tubes

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-10 10:44:07

braising brass tubes
(braising brass tubes)【Cuisine】 Vegetable

【type】 Meat

【Characteristic】"Halogen"Is a traditional cooking technique。Cooking dishes in this way,Must use a bean 豉 or watermelon bean paste to taste。

Porn,Alias Huangzang tube、Tube、Pig tube,It is a rocking tube in the hard ribs of pigs.。According to the Qing dynasty《Dingding》Incigesting the roar of pig tube、Five-flavored pipe、Fried pig tube、Pig tube。Its method is to put the pig tube inch,Crosshal three-five knife,Direct, two open like a,Add group,Fry。

(braising brass tubes)Kaifeng City is also a new hotel special cooking teacher called cuisine"Boiled yellow tube"Unique,Soft felt,Sauce with sauce。

【raw material】 Designer:Porn16root。

Ingredient:Bean20gram,Halan film15gram,Water happiness10gram。

seasoning:Salt2gram,Monosodium gluate5gram,Wet starch5gram,Shao wine3gram,Green onion5gram,Ginger5gram,broth

100gram,Sesame oil8gram,Ripe lard50gram。


【Production process】 (1)Wash the yellow tube,Select grease and debris,Use chopsticks to turn over,Cook in the soup pot,Crane with a fire knife,Cut5Centimeter,Put into a bowl,Add onions、ginger,Add to Qing Decoction,Steaming out of the cage。

(2)Put on the fire,Add to cooked lard,After the oil is 70% heat,Put the beans、Onion ginger,Flavor。Add to Qing Decoction,Salt salt(2gram)、Monosodium gluate(5gram)、Shao wine(3gram)、Overlay(15gram)、fungus(10gram)、Porn。Tangshuo,Wet starch,Juice,Top sesame oil。