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brass tuba jokes

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1、I13Isn't a woman??Last a person who doesn't know, I am looking for me on WeChat.,Ask me how big,I say13,Then ask me to be a woman.?I said it is not,Then he starts to say what I am00Along the brain disabled,So don't cherish your body,How to explain with parents,How to talk to your husband, say a lot,Then I pulled him directly.。I think,I13Isn't a woman??I am not a woman.?

brass tuba jokes

2、There is a small hot pot at the door,I have a time to pull once.,Try not try,I didn't endure yesterday.,Eat the most happy,A clerk left me to steal the small voice.:“Eating my family, is it a total telle??”I am shocked.,Conscience clerk, this is to expose the rhythm of the insider insider.:“How did you know?”“Your things are not cooked, I am eating.,Can you pull??!!!”


(brass tuba jokes)3、School class in class,Slightly make a madman,We are all wondering why only him is!Later, I realized that the original class teacher is fuck.!Once you have a honest, the principal is just passing through the corridor.,He grabs the principal's arm,As a result, the principal did not hesitate to have a violent!I am surprised by my friends.!The class teacher said weakly.“dad,To class!Go home at night!
brass tuba jokes​​

(brass tuba jokes)4、Suddenly I think of a bad classmate, I always took my hand to my girl's chest.、Then get legs and run、Girls are going to chase him, I am alone.。。Later。。I want to say friends, where are you??I miss you.,Go back and continue to play, good!!!

5、My friend's wife is playing with brick ring every day.,Downtown,So I took out me.lolBronze give her,Have a wife:Can you hit this number to that?,I will give you a ring of that.!Now my wife is facing the computer every day.,I didn't give me a trouble.!

(brass tuba jokes)Later hit the king!I heard that I have to be old king.!!!

6、Spring Festival to eat,Finish,I shouted a boss:Big sister,Bill, please! That“Big sister”Laugh,Refers to a 20-year-old girl,Tell me:My daughter is so big.,Do you think you have to call me?? I suspicious:mom?
brass tuba jokes

7、A few days ago variant group group found me,Said that Hong Kong has a rich second generation,To intermire me for a month,I immediately refused.,The reason is that the second generation experiences my bitter days, I can go back.,I went to experience the young man's life back to face this face of the face.,The column group is saying,Silently left。

8、The coach of a driving school often said to his students.“In the future, you will drive thousands of cars.,For example, Mercedes,BMW,You can't afford to pay。”One day, his student asked him.“coach,What is your most afraid??”The coach saw him,Point a smoke,God is lonely“Wuling Hongguang”“why?Wulinghong is not expensive。”Coach smoking hand,Say“Because you never know there will be a few people to hit you.。”

9、Today at noon,Suddenly,A military off-road vehicle stops in front of me,The window is shaken.,Dressed in camouflage,Military people in sunglasses,He smiled coldly。I was very nervous at the time.,Instant,Countless novel movies have emerged in my mind,I thought that the country would give me what important tasks.,Or let me go to work socialist career!I saw that the soldiers will follow:“friend,Do you want to?”

Remember!This is a liar!

Count down12sky!Pay your own finance on the way home!All the way safe!
brass tuba jokes