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brass tub filler

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(brass tub filler)

brass tub filler(brass tub filler)

According to its structure, it can be divided into cotton、Molded、rolled、overlay、twist、Braided and other forming fillers。

Soft fillers are classified according to their materials、Semi-metal fillers and metal fillers, etc.。

The following describes the use conditions of the compressed packing according to the materials composed of the compressed packing.。

(1)vegetable fiber filler

Impregnating oil with hemp or cotton、Made of wax or other impermeable material,used for100℃on low pressure valves below。suitable for water、ammonia、acetic acid、Caustic soda and other media。

(2)asbestos fiber filler

Asbestos fibers have better heat resistance,Weak acid resistance、strong base,high strength,Good adsorption performance, etc.。Add some acid resistance、Alkali material,Impregnated with materials with low coefficient of friction,Add metal material with good thermal conductivity,Can improve the properties of asbestos fillers,make it corrosion resistant、Abrasion resistance、heat resistance、Strength, etc. have been improved to varying degrees。There are two types of asbestos fillers with and without metal wire.。Currently commonly used asbestos fillers areJB1712-91choose。Among them, oil-impregnated asbestos packing(JC68-82)asbestos thread(or metal asbestos wire)Impregnated oil and graphite braided or twisted seal material,Oil-impregnated asbestos packing、Three kinds of round and round twist;And rubber asbestos packing(JC67-82),asbestos cloth、asbestos thread(or asbestos metal cloth、String)with rubber adhesive,Rolled or braided sealing material,Rubber asbestos packing is pressed into square,Coated with high carbon graphite。

(3)Plastic and plastic impregnated fillers

YABType Nylon Asbestos Filler ,Suitable for corrosive media,medium temperature≤100℃ pressure≤32MPa

PTFE Emulsion Impregnated Asbestos Filler,Suitable for strong corrosive media,medium temperature-200~200℃ pressure≤35MPa

NFSType PTFE Braided Packing ,for chemicals,The medium temperature is -200~260 ℃ pressure≤35MPa

(4)rubber filler

With rubber cloth、rubber stick、Ring rubber packing,for temperature≤140℃of ammonia、In concentrated sulfuric acid and other media。

(brass tub filler)(5)carbon fiber filler

(brass tub filler)

(6)Flexible graphite packing

brass tub filler

(brass tub filler)

① Unique flexibility and resilience,Making notch fillers can be freely bent in the axial direction90°above,It will not change due to temperature and pressure during use,Leakage caused by vibration and other factors,thus safe and reliable,is the ideal sealing material。

② Good temperature resistance。Low temperature can be applied to-200℃,Available in high temperature oxidizing media500℃,Can be used in non-oxidizing media2000℃,And can maintain excellent sealing。

③ Strong corrosion resistance。acid、bases、Organic solvents、Good corrosion resistance to organic gases and steam。not aging,not spoiled,In addition to strong oxidizing media(Nitric acid)、Oleum、Chromic acid、halogen, etc.,Corrosion resistant to all media。

④ Low coefficient of friction,Good self-lubrication。

⑤ Excellent impermeability to gases and liquids。

⑥ long lasting,reusable。

Flexible graphite in petroleum、chemical、power generation、fertilizer、medicine、papermaking、mechanical、metallurgy、Widely used in industries such as aerospace and atomic energy,Flexible graphite fillers can generally be press-molded。Applicable nominal pressure≤32MPa。

(7)Expanded PTFE

Expanded PTFE,Overcome the disadvantage of poor elasticity,Elasticity of rubber,without losing its original characteristics,Performance is greatly improved,with a100%Expanded Teflon Braided Filler,Mainly used on valves,proper temperature-268~288℃,Good sealing effect on worn stem。Filler braided by blending yarn with certain graphite and high temperature lubricant in expanded polytetrafluoroethylene,Line speed available21.8m/sof pump packing。

(brass tub filler)(8) Ceramic fiber filler

Model isNGWtype,The main raw materials are ceramic fibers and metal alloy wires,Then add graphite talc powder to make,It has excellent temperature resistance,Resistant to cryogenic and ultra-high temperature media;good corrosion resistance。At present, there are few domestic applications。The service temperature of ceramic fiber fillers made abroad can reach1480℃。

(brass tub filler)(9)metal filler

(brass tub filler)

Metal Foil Tape Wrap Filler and Metal Foil Crepe Laminate Filler,Its advantage is high temperature resistance、Erosion resistance、durable、high strength、good thermal conductivity。But the sealing performance is poor,Requires more pressing force,Must be used with plastic filler。its use temperature、pressure、Corrosion resistance depends on metal material。 Metal Wave Packing:Model isBSP-600type,The material of the wave plate is1Cr18Ni9Ti,Operating temperature≤600℃,pressure≤20MPa,is a better filler。

Lead wire twisted filler is mainly used in temperature≤90℃in concentrated sulfuric acid and other media。

Lead ring filler is a filler that melts lead and casts it into a square section,Interleaved with asbestos filler for use。at temperature≤500℃used in oil media。

two、Vtype packing

VType packing from top packing、medium filler、lower filler composition。superior、The middle packing is made of teflon or nylon,The lower filler is1Cr13,1Cr18Ni9,A3made of steel。Teflon temperature resistant232℃,Nylon temperature resistant93℃,normal pressure32MPa,Often used in corrosive media。

(brass tub filler)three、ORing packing

(brass tub filler)


Rings are the most versatile,可节省填料,The maximum operating pressure of the ring can reach。它呈皱叠形圆管体,Four,另一端固定在阀盖上,Bellows packing,阀杆可作上下运动。bellows for sealing。波纹管用1Cr18Ni9Ti、can save on packing,用于毒性介质和密封面要求较高的场合。Therefore, the bellows is called a packingless seal0.6MPa,使用温度≤150℃。

It has a wrinkled round tube body、液体填料

One end is fixed on the valve stem。

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