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brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg

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First explain what kind of water pipes and drains in the market,Several grades。

1. Monochrome,Common green tube,Yellow tube,White,grey,Market price30arrive42Unequal,Thickness2.8to3.5Thick。 Figure01:Material adds,Impurities,Not environmentally friendly。 picture02:Import raw materials,Raw materials only contain carbon,Hydrohydrogen,Legal gas and water after full burning,Safe and healthy,The original colors is very environmentally friendlyPPRMaterial97%

brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg


brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg


(brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg)2. Two-color tube,Common:Yellow tube,Blue tube,White tube,Market price48arrive78Unequal thickness3.5arrive4.2Thick and so on。 Figure03:Advantages of double tube: 1.Intermediate layer adopts fiber reinforcementPP-RMaterial,Performance upgrade has high strength,High stiffness,High temperature,Low linear expansion coefficient advantage。Finished12Kilogram。Check if you leak。

(brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg)

brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg


Drainage pipe division two materials

The first:Be a common.PVCDrainage material water glue,Long-term long-term joint leakage phenomenon。Found it before the decoration of the old community10The old community has a main drainage phenomenon,mainPVCThe water pipe is flexible, and there is no hammer.,There is no adhesive time for a long time.,Will there be a phenomenon。Figure04:Interface does not strengthen gluten

brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg(brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg)04

Second:NewSPMDrainage material special fusion agent,Heat is not separated by the combination。SPMThe flexibility of the pipe is very good.,Use a hammer to fight。Figure05:Have video experiment explanation

brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg


third:Two drainage pipes are completely different。Figure06:Blue tube is clearly reinforced,Interface is different

brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg(brass drain tube inside dia 1 12 lg)06

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