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brass tube cylinder down light

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one、How is the home barrel lamp??

Household base light is an embedded lighting tool,Generally installed in the bedroom、living room、Bathroom chandelier,Can keep the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration,Will not destroy the perfect unity of ceiling art due to the setting of lamps。

(brass tube cylinder down light)Household base lights belong to oriented lighting,Light is more concentrated,Ming and dark are more strong,Can be more highlighting the area,Do not occupy space,Can increase the soft atmosphere of space,Lining environment。

two、Classification of household base lights

1、According to the installation method:Embedded cartridge lamp。

(brass tube cylinder down light)2、Press tube installation method:Spiral lamp head and plugging strip、Vertical cartridge lamp with horizontal lamp。

3、According to the relevant standards of US Energy Star Certification,The aperture size of the lamp light refers to the largest distance between the two points in the optical port in the light.。

4、According to the source type:Ordinary cartridge lamp andLEDCartridge lamp。

three、How to choose a home barrel lamp?

(brass tube cylinder down light)1、Home cartridge lamp products designed with non-toxic materials are relatively safe and environmentally friendly,It is not recommended to choose a heavy weight of the odor,Therefore, the discriminant method can be used directly with the nose.。

2、Choose the size of the home cartridge based on the specific decoration situation、Lighthead and lighting size,If the top space is large enough at home,Can be used directly,If the top space is small,Not a distance,Can consider horizontally。

brass tube cylinder down light

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